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What is Clitoral Atrophy and What Can You Do to Avoid it?

What is Clitoral Atrophy and What Can You Do to Avoid it?

If there ever was a reason to give your pleasure nub a regular rub it’s this – clitoral atrophy. Now, we don’t mean to scare you, but clitoral atrophy is a very real medical condition whereby your clitoris can not only lose its function (become less responsive lose its ability to give you pleasure) but it can also shrink beneath the clitoral hood – effectively disappearing. Since the clitoris is where the majority of the magic happens, clitoral atrophy can make it difficult or even impossible for women to achieve orgasm.

What Causes Clitoral Atrophy

Clitoral atrophy can be the result of hormones or an inadequate blood flow, due simply to infrequent use.

Infrequent Clitoral Stimulation

As Dr Theresa Larkin, Senior Lecturer at the University of Wollongong explains “atrophy in general is where there is a decrease in size or wasting away of tissue or a body part…and this can happen to the clitoris as well.”[i]

Regular sex or masturbation increases the blood flow to the area, allowing it to become engorged and receptive to stimulation. On the flip side, as Dr Theresa explains “if you aren’t  stimulating it and increasing the blood supply to your clitoris, then those vessels become smaller.

The good news is that masturbation (particularly with a clitoral suction toy) can help restore blood flow to the clitoris, which can result in increased sensitivity and sensation again. The reason why clitoral suction toys are so well placed to treat or even help you avoid clitoral atrophy is due to their ability to send deep and resonant vibrations through your entire clitoral structure, most of which lies internally. The pea-sized bump you see (or maybe can’t, in the case of clitoral atrophy) is just the tip of the ice-berg. Clitoral suction toys can stimulate the clitoris even without direct contact, helping to restore blood flow and may help to make the tip of the clitoris reappear.

Our advice? Set aside some me-time with no distractions, a clitoral suction toy made from body safe silicone and use plenty of water-based lube.

Change in Hormones

Clitoral atrophy can be more common for women going through menopause or those who’ve had a hysterectomy, and those who take birth control pills as all are characterised by a drop in testosterone levels. Since your testosterone levels are directly linked to your libido and the ability of the clitoris to become aroused, a lack of this so called ‘sex hormone’ may eventually cause the clitoris to dry out and shrink.

Women who take estrogen supplements because their estrogen levels are low, due to menopause, are also susceptible to this condition. “Estrogen is a really important player in this,” explains Dr Theresa “and so this is something that can be fairly common in post-menopausal women because their estrogen is dropping.”

If you think you may be displaying any symptoms of hormone related clitoral atrophy, consult your local GP or professional health car provider.

But, the message is clear – when it comes to taking care of your clitoral health and sexual wellness, regular masturbation or a helping hand from your partner should be high on your priority list. As the saying goes – use it or lose it!



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