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Woman Shares the Mortifying Accident She Had in the Shower Involving the Shower Head and It’s Hilarious!

Woman Shares the Mortifying Accident She Had in the Shower Involving the Shower Head and It’s Hilarious!

If you’ve ever suffered a sex injury due to over eager shenanigans, you’ll know, that after the initial pain has eased, and the embarrassment cooled,  they can often make for an hilarious story! This was most definitely the case in a story recently shared to popular subreddit TIFU (standing for ‘today I fucked up), in which one woman decided to try out a newly discovered masturbation technique involving the shower head.

Alrighty it’s now the morning after; I am so embarrassed with myself and my hubby won’t stop laughing at me.

Last night hubby & I had our first child free night in over 6 months (thanks for baby sitting grandma) & headed over to a friends place for a bbq & drinks around the bonfire.

As usual, as the night progresses the conversation turns to the topic of sex & masturbation. One of my girls friends starts talking about using the shower head to… you know 😉

As a 35 year old woman I had literally never thought to use the shower head for any other pleasure than washing my body. Sure, I have toys (I’m no prude) but I had never thought about using an everyday home appliance for my own pleasure down there.

The night ended and we went home. Smelling of the bonfire I tell hubby I’m having a shower & he says he doesn’t care, he’s going to bed.

And this gentle reader is, as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, is where the decision is made that will send her hurtling to its inevitable conclusion!

I should admit I was pretty tipsy by the time we got home (we took an Uber in case anyone’s concerned we drove under the influence).

I’m washing myself and my hair and the thought hits me. Ok, imma try the shower head…

Ok feels good but need more pressure..

Ok feels better but I could still use more pressure..

Ohh ok that’s just right. Yeah that’s the spot… oh YEAH THAT’S THE SPOT!!!!!

…Screaming: Ahhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuccckkkk!

Just as I was having a mind blowing orgasm, my leg jerked and gave way. I slid to the left and went crash right into the shower screen, smashing it as I managed to land out of the shower holding myself planking on the toilet.

Hubby came running in and I’m telling you it was a fucking sight.

I’m planked from the shower across the toilet (In like a stiff leaning position), glass everywhere, a bit of blood and a shower head just dangling from the wall going at full speed while I’m crying from the pain and laughing from the embarrassment.

I fucked up y’all.

It takes hubby a few seconds to compose himself because he thinks this is the funniest shit that’s ever happened.

I managed only a few cuts to my left arm from basically flying with the glass onto the toilet and a few cuts on my feet. Lucky.

Anyway we went to the ED because I did have a few decent cuts but I only ended up needing 2 stitches in my arm and 3 on the side of my foot from where some glass got stuck. Again, lucky.

I told the nurse & doctor that I slipped while cleaning the shower. You know, because most people clean their shower at 1am.

I’ll be telling our landlord the same thing today.

What becomes clear from the comments section of OP’s confession, is that the shower head masturbation method is hugely popular amongst women. So, it should come as no shock to some of us that there is indeed a sex toy for that!

Lovehoney Launch the Womanizer Wave Shower Head

Today popular sex toy company Lovehoney have launched the Womanizer Wave Shower Head – a first-of-its-kind innovative shower head for a unique self-pleasure experience.

The sleek and stylish Wave has been expertly engineered for your most intimate self-care regime. Boasting a lightweight ergonomic shape for comfortable, one-handed control, it is effortless to explore the deeply-gratifying sensations of water stimulation.


Awaken your clitoris to a plethora of pleasure and choose from three different settings:
PowderRain – a fine mist spray that treats your whole body to a relaxing and pampering experience. PleasureWhirl – optimised for moving, and surprising stimulation with a featherlight touch.
PleasureJet – a stronger, steadier, pulsating jet for more direct, targeted stimulation.
Sensitivity and pressure settings can be easily adjusted using a discreet, movable slider that lets you play to your preferred intensity.
With a universal, simple screw-on design, Wave is easy to install and fits all standard shower hoses. Using up to 60% less water than regular shower heads, Wave benefits from sustainably-good technologies for guilt-free pleasure.


We can’t wait to hear the reviews on this! But maybe install a slip proof mat or a shower rail before you try this at home folks! 

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps to pay the running costs for our website and the wages of our work-from-home writers, who are parents, just like you.

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