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Women Reveal the Weird Things That Have Given Them a Very Unexpected Happy Ending!

Women Reveal the Weird Things That Have Given Them a Very Unexpected Happy Ending!

Imagine just minding your own business one day, doing something mundane like washing your hair, or working out at the gym, when a big ol’ orgasm marches up to you and hits you straight between the legs! Well, apparently spontaneous orgasms are totally a thing! We’ve trawled the internet for more info on the weird and wonderful situations that are causing this envious predicament, so you don’t have to.

If anyone needs me, I’ve gone to look for a roller coaster!


Maybe like once a week I routinely orgasm in my sleep, and it’s so intense it wakes me up. The dream could be about anything, but mostly it’s just me talking to random handsome men and then BOOM I wake up shaking and covered in sweat and feeling very, very satisfied (it’s actually better than any other orgasms I have because I guess it happens without any external stimulation).

Asides from that there was a time I was in a bar talking to this really hot guy and maybe it was just the great balance of alcohol and female hormones (I orgasm very easily when I’m ovulating), but he said something to me and I just orgasmed out of nowhere straight on the spot. You cannot imagine how that looked to him. One minute we were having a great conversation, next minute I was doubled over the bar gasping and he was freaking out because he thought I was in pain. Had to make an excuse afterwards saying it was abdominal cramps, which he took as period cramps and didn’t bother having sex with me in the long run because of it. Ah well…


I am blessed/cursed with coregasms. I’m also an aerial acrobat. I have climaxed while practicing like 15-20 feet in the air.


Once on a very shaky roller coaster, in the middle of the huge descent. I wasn’t even turned on or anything, but I think the full body vibration just got me there.

Horrible headache afterwards though.


Almost did while I was getting my first tattoo. I had been almost two hours under the needle and I was exhausted, in pain, and the adrenaline/endorphins were wearing off. It was so weird. Thank god I didn’t, that would have been so awkward.


When I was much younger and used to go to the gym, there was this piece of gym equipment that would cause me to orgasm. It was just this tall metal stand with handles and a backboard and you climb up on it and hold your weigh on the arm rests and lift your legs up and down in a plank to work your abs. Something about the way I lifted my legs without bending my knees pulled my groin muscles in a wonderful way and I would begin to shake and orgasm. And even though my abs were sore and couldn’t do anymore lifts, I would keep trying to do more and more because it felt so good. I was always looking around the room to see if anyone noticed what was happening. To my knowledge no one noticed 🙂

Then 10 years later I started going back to the gym for a little while, and I found the machine again. But of course my out of shape ass couldn’t lift my legs up while holding all my body weight anymore 🙁



Don’t know if this counts, but it happened one time while riding a bike. I really don’t know why, it was out of nowhere, I was just ridding just like I always do and all of the sudden the feeling of an orgasm started happening.

It was probably the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me. Did anyone else ever have something like this happen to them?


Decided to go to a kettlebells class – literally the entire class I was building up to it – I think as someone said down below it was a ‘coregasm’ literally as soon as we sat down managed to tip myself over the edge at the end of the class. Keeping a straight face while everyone in an incredibly tiny room was stretching was a challenge, was pretty epic though!


Not me. But my good friend recently admitted drunkenly that one time she had to go to the bathroom so bad and for so long that when she finally went she had an anal orgasm. I laughed for about an hour and then got kind of jealous.


Lifting weights. I have no idea what happened, but I pulled down and felt a lightening bolt shoot straight to my clitoris. 10/10 would recommend.


Washing my hair. Sounds like those herbal essences ads but I swear that’s what happened. I’d tried some new antidepressants that made me way more touchy and massaging my head in the shower was so good. Out of nowhere BAM


Not my story but a friends who is a nurse. Younger lady needs to have a catheter put in. She’s tall, blonde. Good looking.

They’re struggling to get it in because she’s tightening up her muscles so much. Having to have one person pulling apart her legs and another trying to get the catheter in. Anyways after alot of struggling they finally get it in.

Couple days later the nurse is at Starbucks and is having coffee with her friend. Over her shoulder she hears two girls chit chatting and catches some of their conversation. One of the girls is talking about how she had a catheter put in the other day. But that she orgasmed 3 times while they were trying to put it in and it was the most awkward experience ever. Nursing friend turns around and low and behold it’s the girl from the other day.


A friend of mine was running a Spartan Race or one similar and said there was an electric field set up and when she ran through that she came almost instantly.


Was writing a test and I realised i missed a 25 mark question when they said 5min left, I went cold with fear, that spine chilling fear that went straight to my vjay jay. Had an orgasm but my friends didnt believe me, but I was vindicated when I found out fear could cause an orgasm


I was once seeing a dominant man who would edge me along and count down to when I was allowed to finally orgasm. Fast forward a few months later to the last day before Christmas break with my middle school students. It’s the final class on Friday, and they decide to count down the time left on the clock.

They started at 20…

15: I could feel myself being turned on

10: I thought ‘OH NO!’


5: ‘Is this really happening?’




0: Blastoff

I still feel pretty weird about it, but yeah…


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I’m a female (21) and ever since I was in junior high I discovered a place I can easily get an orgasm and it is all very strange to me as to how it can happen. It is between my right index and middle finger. The moment this is rubbed I get an almost instantaneous orgasm and I am not saying I hate it, but I wonder the logistics as to how this is possible. My boyfriend loves grabbing my hand in public and rubbing that area hoping I will climax in front of everyone. I am glad he loves this and doesn’t consider it so abnormal like I do. 


I have orgasmed simply from light touches on my spine. For example, an ex of mine from high school knew exactly where to touch my back. All he really did was take his fingertips and lightly move them up and down my spine and across my lower back right at the pants line. Only one other guy has been able to give me an orgasm this way.



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