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A Little Bit Of Cheek……….Lullaby songs with a Rock n Roll Edge

A Little Bit Of Cheek have found the ideal way to rock your baby to sleep.  Wow……What a different way to rock your baby to sleep……..literally!   I always thought of using the old lullaby music to settle your bubs, like the “Hush Little Baby” and to be honest I can’t think of any others right off the bat  BECAUSE I have been listening to these from A Little Bit Of Cheek.

These Rockabye Baby CD’s are very cool and extremely unique are just wonderful for you and your bub to listen to at anytime of the day or night.  These will definitely help to settle your baby off and to calm them as well.

It’s the ultimate way to share the coolest music you love with your tiny rock star. Rockabye Baby will rock your little rock star to sleep!   These CD’s are transformations of your favourite rock bands into amazing lullabies.  For example Nirvana: “These lullaby Baby renditions of Nirvana’s best-loved songs turn the volume way down while turning up the dreaminess of their pop hooks. In many ways, this album echoes the simple pleasures and innocence of infancy and childhood“.

I thought  The Smashing Pumpkins CD was just great.  Take it from me and from Raegan who owns A Little Bit Of Cheek, you are going to love them.  There are heaps of them…around 36 different Rockabye Baby CD’s to select from.  They are all terrific depending on what you like listening to and as there is so much choice you are bound to find something there.

I have to say my favourite is the Pink Floyd CD.  I Love Love this band and the music to listen to in the nursery would be just sensational.  I will have to get this one for myself.  Check these Rockabye Baby CD’s out From A Little Bit Of Cheek and really enjoy the nursery music for a change.

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