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Seedling…….Design Your own Coat of Arms & Sheild!

Design your own Wooden Shield

Seedling is very well know for its fantastic products that it creates for children. Kids can go wild and use their imaginations.  There is a wonderful array of of things for you to select from, ranging anywhere from make your own pencil cases, create your own designer cami top, or your own designer tutu, design and paint your own photo frame, create your own wooden puzzles, design your own dinner Set, design your own birds house, the creature creator kit and the the mini bead kit to name a some of out of literally 100’s.  It’s all so exciting, colourful and fun filled.  The choices you have you will be sifting through their site for a while, so make sure you leave your self some time to have a good look through it.

The actual kit comes with comes with a brilliant wooden shield, paint, brush and inspirational instructions to give you plenty of ideas about what you could do with your shield….such as dragons you will do battle with or things to with your house and school, your pets or your secret numbers and symbols.  It is best to design your shield in pencil first then paint it on so that we don’t have a flood of tears and no mistakes are made!!  The instructions also give you great tips on mixing your paint colours and what colours you will get when you mix say red with blue- PURPLE!!An Awesome Collage Kit

Design your Own Wooden Shield is one of Seedlings fabulous Kits that kept my two older children-(8 and 9 years old) really busy for about 3 hours or so, painting and selecting the colours, designing the patterns on the shield in its 4 designated areas what they wanted to paint.  Then they actually made a pact together on the shield by placing their hand prints on the back of the shield at the same time.  It was their special piece of artwork together, something they had created.  They also signed it with their names on one area at the front.  I thought this was wonderful. The Tutu Kit

After this shield was made, the children were ebullient and were very happy, so proud of their work.  You will find the Shield kit is a real winner.  Check out Seedling for their full range of kits and see what takes your fancy.  I am always happy with every kit the kids have had a go at…. Seedling deliver all over the world as well!! 

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