Boredom Buster Craft Activity for Kids – How to Make a Button Ring

This craft is so easy and fun to make. Best of all the kids can do it and it doesn’t create a big mess – although you may want to protect your surfaces from glue spillage! Button Rings are super cute and you can be as creative as you want with your design. You will need to go to a local craft shop to buy different size buttons and ring backings. Or alternatively, this craft can make use of your button stash!

How to make a button ring

Here is what you will need:

1 Ice Cream Lid

3 Sets of buttons that are different in size – they need to be able to stack up on each other

Ring Backings

Paddle Pop Stick

Araldite Glue that sets within 5 minutes (you could also use craft glue but the buttons do have a habit of sliding off each other or drying unevenly). Adult supervision will be needed if using Araldite.

You will need
Gather your supplies together

1. Squeeze the Araldite onto the ice cream container and use the paddle pot stick to evenly mix. The glue will become a cloudy colour.


2. Apply the glue to the largest button first and attach the medium sized button.

Applying glue


Add button

3. Add the smallest button on top of the medium sized button and allow to set

add glue to button


Add flower button


Complete button

4. Add the button design to your ring backing and hold it until it sets.

Attach button to ring

ring attached

Button Ring on finger

Button Ring1

Here is your new Button Ring!

These rings can make great presents and you’re only limited by your creativity.

What craft activities do your kids enjoy doing on school holidays?





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