Twitter Rallies to Help Find Beloved Discontinued Dress for a Little Girl with Autism

Twitter Rallies to Help Find Beloved Discontinued Dress for a Little Girl with Autism

Oftentimes the internet is used for nefarious purposes like cyberbullying and scamming. But sometimes the internet shines a torchlight on the very best of human behaviour. And when it does, oh, it’s so very wonderful!!

Over the weekend a woman named Deborah Price went viral on Twitter after sending out a plea for help finding an item of clothing for a young girl with autism.

She claims her friend’s daughter will only wear one specific item of clothing every day, a long grey dress with a rainbow heart on the front, and as such her mum was hoping to get hold of a few more of them so her daughter never has to be without one.

The response she received was overwhelming, to say the least!

Thousands of people liked and shared the post, with many offering to help in any way they could.

Several mums raided their children’s wardrobes to find their old dresses to donate, while others volunteered to make similar style outfits and hunted down links to the dress on eBay.

The manufacturer even got involved in the search, offering to contact their suppliers to run another batch of the dress.

Even people who didn’t know where to find the dress still shared their support. “I have 4 autistic kids, I absolutely know the horror of growing/wearing out favoured clothes. Good luck with the search,” one parent tweeted.

The little girl’s mother Kate added to the conversation with a photo of her daughter Elise in her favourite dress, expressing her gratitude for the outpouring of kindness.

After seeing all the positive feedback, Deborah admitted she was “absolutely bowled over by the kindness of strangers” and said it had helped restore her faith in human nature.

She added: “You’ve made a little girl really happy to continue to be in her favourite dress.”


Source: Twitter/Kate Bell


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