Wife of Australian Boxing Champion Billy Dib Passes Away From Leukaemia 8 Weeks After Her Diagnosis

Australian Boxing Champion Billy Dib has spoken out about his heartache of losing his wife Sara Selim Dib to Leukaemia.

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Image from Billy Dib’s Facebook Page

21 year old Sara was diagnosed just 8 weeks ago and passed away following complications with her treatment.  Following the news of Sara’s diagnosis, the couple bought forward their wedding plans and got married six weeks ago.

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Image from Billy Dib’s Facebook Page

Billy shared the news of Sara’s death on Facebook stating:

“To God we belong and to God we shall return. At 11.30 last night, my heart passed away. Sara Selim Dib, my best friend, my soul, my everything, my angel forever.’

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Image from Billy Dib’s Facebook Page

Billy spent the final days of Sara’s life by her side, sleeping on the floor of her hospital room.

A funeral service was held for Sara on Sunday and Billy was comforted by close family and friends, unable to speak.  His brother Jihad – the New South Wales Member for Lakemba, took to Facebook to thank everyone for their support:

“We have been so touched and overwhelmed with the well wishes we’ve received since Sara’s tragic passing.”

Our thoughts are with Billy and Sara’s family and friends.


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