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Back to School: Win an ASUS EeeBook X205


Win an ASUS EeeBook X205 for Back to School

If you have kids at school, you might’ve noticed that there’s now an extra item on the ‘back to school’ lists: a computer. Many schools now implement a BYOD technology policy – a necessity which can add a fairly hefty load on top of the stationary list.

So what makes a good laptop for school?

We’ve compiled a list of features to check off when you’re at the checkout…

  • Check with the school for their minimum and recommended configurations and decide what is essential. No point paying for a supercharged graphics card if it’s not needed!
  • Consider other features – battery life, weight and thickness. Especially if your child needs to carry the computer to and from school.
  • Kids will be kids. Consider investing in protective carry cases, or accidental damage warranties.
  • Shop around – the smaller computer stores may have good deals.
  • Go with a brand name, if possible and check service availability/turnaround and warranty terms.
  • If shopping in-store, don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. It never hurts to ask. At the least, you may be able to negotiate accessories or software into the asking price.
  • Software can be very expensive – check if there are any machines that come bundled with education software, such as Microsoft Office Home & Student.

ASUS has a just launched a perfect back-to-school laptop in the Eeebook X205. This 11.6 inch notebook is one of the lightest on the market, weighing less than 1kg. The Intel quad-core processor means your child can easily transition from one task to the next. With up to 12 hours of battery life there’s no need to plug in and charge up during class. Stylish and unique the Eeebook comes in a choice of black and white, plus a full one year’s subscription to Microsoft Office 360. Best of all, the Eeebook X205 is a steal at only RRP$329.

asus eeebook x205 laptop back to school

We have an EeeBook X205 for one lucky reader to win – simply tell us in 25 words or less why your child needs one of these to take to school.
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Jolene enjoys writing, sharing and connecting with other like-minded women online – it also gives her the perfect excuse to ignore Mount-Washmore until it threatens to bury her family in an avalanche of Skylander T-shirts and Frozen Pyjama pants. (No one ever knows where the matching top is!) Likes: Reading, cooking, sketching, dancing (preferably with a Sav Blanc in one hand), social media, and sitting down on a toilet seat that one of her children hasn’t dripped, splashed or sprayed on. Dislikes: Writing pretentious crap about herself in online bio’s and refereeing arguments amongst her offspring.


  1. starting year 9 high school is all about using a laptop at school and homework so daughter needs the best to get the best grades

  2. To be able to embrace technology to acheive the education that it is required. Plus its a very cool and awesome notebook

  3. My son keeps using mine and thats not good for school or my work sharing is caring however not on this school schedule.

  4. daughter starting year 12 this would help her greatly with her work and much better than what i could afford to buy

  5. High school is a whole new can of worms I found out my Miss staring year 7 last year. The work load is crazy, my daughter had 10 projects in one year! She is in the GATS class but took me by surprise for sure. A laptop is a necessity for kids today. Thanks for the chance… Happy holidays and a safe new year 🙂

  6. For work and play. To get the schoolwork done and well, then for some game time during his down time.

  7. Needs an ASUS x205 Eeebook to take to school so he’s not the only one without one. Don’t want him being teased, picked on or bullied because something required these days is out of our budget at the moment.

  8. At only 1kg it weighs less than some school books. He’ll be able to make a start on his homework on the afternoons he’s at school until 330pm.

  9. “Receive emails on the go
    Create projects – Get ‘the know’
    The ASUS EeeBook’s oh so small
    But at highschool it’ll do it ALL!”

  10. my child loves to learn and i believe that the internet can be a really useful learning tool 🙂

  11. Everything is technology these days, starting her work then bringing it home without having to carry heavy books is ideal for her mind and health

  12. Our son is advancing in years and so are his skills and requirements for technology with learning and homework. Such a needed item nowadays.

  13. My child needs an ASUS x205 Eeebook for school,
    The only notebook that’s cool,
    It’s got everything,
    The one her teacher told her to bring!

  14. Devon has Cerebral Palsy and needs a computer for all his work as they can be set up to deal with his difficulties with fine motor skills. Handwriting is not an option due to tremors and muscle fatigue.

    1. Fingers crossed for you and Devon, Tina. Happy New Year to you and yours. Regards, Chris.

  15. Would enable my son to access everything he would need for his school work, allowing him to achieve all that is necessary for a greater education. Easy , reliable , all at his fingertips , an Asus Notebook would be perfect.

  16. With both boys now in High School one in Year 10 the other starting Year 7 and they both need one. Year 7 orientation basically told us they need one from 1st day.

  17. Perfect for my daughter a laptop is on the school list for next year so this would be a great help to our family budget and this laptop has a great battery life Asus has a great reputation for reliability and features

  18. I would love an ASUS Eeebook for my daughter her current computer don’t have a disc drive in it.

  19. My daughter would love to Win an ASUS EeeBook Her current computers don’t have. Disc drive.

    1. And my daughters starting school next year so what a perfect addition to her academic learning.

  20. Zale has had a tough time. As he enters high school, his learning challenges could be eased with the ASUS X205.

  21. My daughter is starting Year 7 in February. Big step going to high school. A notebook would be a great companion!

  22. My son would find the ASUS notebook helpful for school as he has learning difficulties & struggles to keep up with his Year 8 peers .

  23. My boy is year 4 now and dose not own a computer a ASUS EeeBook would sure help him with daily study and learning computers.

  24. The Asus Eeebook has everything my child will need for school, small and compact, easy to carry around and easy on the pocket too.

  25. The ASUS Eebook will be fantastic for my ASD/ADHD daughter at school, this will make subject transitioning a so much easier to manage

  26. My son now in high school and everything is run through a laptop computer no more books. So this would help him leap bounds!!

  27. My daughter goes to a ‘progressive’ primary and unfortunately a result of this means I’m supposed to be able to afford to buy her a swanky computer!

  28. An ASUS EeeBook is the go,
    For projects, diaries and the powerpoint show,
    For work at school and homework fun,
    Technology is for everyone!

  29. Stylish, compact and lightweight too
    Only ASUS Eeebook will do
    Perfect for my eldest boy
    To encourage learning on this study toy!

  30. I got the note, went to the meeting, trying to look at the research as we need our “own device” for Miss 13!

  31. My son must be the only one without access to a tablet. An Asus Eeebook would put the E back into Education.

  32. It’d enrich their learning experience and encourages the development of 21st century skills and its long battery life would ensure it lasted the school day.

  33. Winning an ASUS x205 Eeebook
    Would certainly get me off the hook!
    My Daughter will complete assignments with ease,
    School will be an absolute breeze!

  34. He needs the lightest there is as I know I will probably end up carrying it most of the way to school.

  35. It will save him having to get a smartphone, because the laptop can do what a smartphone can and more

  36. My daughter is very creative and technolgically minded but needs things to keep her interest, a lightweight computer she could take to school would be great for that, not to mention one less thing to lighten the load on our already stretched budget

  37. My daughter keeps using mine which means I have nothing to use during the day! Having one is a normal way of life now, and will be a wonderful opportunity for her learning

    1. My son could definitely use an Asus Eeebook X205 for school. Would make a big difference!

  38. This is a gift for learning and growing to be independent people after school. I am very delight to win this Notebook for my two autistic kids. The main reason is that they cannot live without technology.

  39. It is a gift for learning and growing to be independent people after school. I would be delight to win this ASUS Notebook for my two autistic kids. Technology is one of the best thing to help them for be part of society.

  40. My fourth baby is heading to school,
    Though I’d prefer holding him tight…
    At least with the ASUS Eeebook X205,
    I’d be starting him right…

  41. It helps brush up on his studies so certainly having one of his own to take to school would certainly instil a good homework habit.

  42. Reading, writing and school are hard when dyslexia slows you down.
    A laptop helps a kid keep up and feel less like a clown.

  43. My boy would cheer up for his very own notebook to learn more the knowledge and catch up with the new technology.

  44. He’s just reached year six and he’s struggling, the rest of his class have laptops and I think this would help him ten fold.

  45. My daughter is starting year 7 this year and misses alot of school due to illness this would help her keep up as she also has learning difficulties

  46. Reliability. I know teachers have a lot of problems with students not backing up their data…losing weeks of hard work. Disappointing for the student.

  47. Technology has made it’s way into the classroom kids need to have a reliable ASUS notebook, easy to use, long battery and not heavy.

  48. Have you ever seen how many text books are required for mathematics alone?!
    One laptop vs a bag of books? I know what I would choose!

  49. I have a 14 year old daughter who Is in advance intermediate mathematics I had the same notebook for her she loved it till my 15 year old son moey broke and damaged its unfortunate

  50. He could create and submit projects that support his way of learning, visual, audio, multimodal….. possibilities are endless!

  51. The less stuff in her backpack will mean less back problems later. A laptop allows less paperwork and can store books on it

  52. Crippling school fees leave nothing left for the apparent “non essential” items, an ASUS EeeBook X205 would make schooling in 2015 a bit easier.

  53. Classroom blogging and across curriculum research
    My 11 year old knows more about using a laptop than me!

  54. This notebook could be like a new friend for my daughter, helping her to learn, stay up to date and be informed. Thanks for such a great prize!

  55. My son needs an ASUS Eeebook to learn the 2015 way, and continue to say “That’s not how we do it now Mum! How embarrassing!!”

  56. My 7year old daughter has been writing her own e-book “Why Dogs are Better”.
    This prize would be her ultimate encouragement reward and inspire classmates.

  57. A laptop is an essential for an education and an education is a must have. An Asus Eeebook X205 wont weigh nor let them down .

  58. An ASUS x205 Eeebook would give my son some independence in learning what he needs to know to ensure he glides through school stress free.

  59. Back to school back to school
    A new laptop would be cool
    Live and learn
    O later they can earn

  60. With everything moving in such a rapid technological direction, ASUS will help keep education up to date, fun & knowledge is essential.

  61. My 10 year old son is dyslexic and he is struggling to keep up with the class after moving to a new school. Having a laptop would allow him to do his work without wrestling with writing and the teacher can send him the instructions for each activity.

  62. Getting good grades, keeping up in class
    The ASUS Eeebook would ensure a pass.
    For school, homework as well
    Owning this notbook would be swell!

  63. My son is Autistic and has trouble communicating verbally, however, on a ipad or computer etc he just breezes through communication and once people understand what he is trying to say he can then verbalize the word.

  64. My Autistic son finds it hard to verbally communicate and that generally sets off his meltdowns. However, give him an electronic device and he’s off! Then once people know what he is trying convey he can then learn how to verbalize what he is trying to say.

  65. This would be a godsend for my son who is in Year 12 this year. A home desktop computer does not cut it anymore and this ASUS EeeBook X205 would really provide him with the convenience and accessibility he needs to complete his assignments along with his Certificate III Voluntary Placement. There is so much he could do with this little beauty, plus the 12hr battery life and lightweight features is a welcome bonus.

  66. This would be a godsend for my son who is in Year 12 this year. A home desktop computer does not cut it anymore. The ASUS EeeBook is a little beauty and would provide him with the convenience and accessibility he needs to complete his assignments along with his Certificate III Voluntary Placement requirements. It would enable him to do so much, plus the 12hr battery life and lightweight features are a bonus!

  67. Our computer is over 10 years old, weighs a ton and runs really, really slow. No good for school!

  68. my daughter is really getting into writing stories, this would save paper as well as ink from her pens, and allow her to add sections without having to start all over again.

  69. This Mr ‘Mum’s’ child needs one as he is a clever kid that always shares and he’d use it completely.

  70. ASUS x205 Eeebook for school
    would make my child feel so cool
    back in trend
    making new friends
    and no longer the lonely poor fool

  71. When I was a kid, BYOD was a pen and book, if you were lucky, a scented pen; ASUS EeeBook is my daughter’s scented pen.

  72. Give Victor pen and paper; it’s a fail. Words blur, he’s in danger of transfer. With an ASUS, homework is a sail.

  73. If this ASUS Eeebook X205 computer was any smarter, and had arms and legs, it could go to school by itself instead of my son!

  74. My grandson, starts secondary college this year and one of the requirements at his new school is a lap top, this would be a great birthday gift for him and an enormous budget saving for his parents who have had to buy new school uniforms and all of his books

  75. My son has Asperger’s syndrome which makes it difficult for him to do handwriting. The laptop would help him keep up and not feel so dumb.

  76. I was shocked to see the amount of homework young kids get on the computer, maths, spelling… so really not equipped for my girls

  77. My teenaged lad needs an ASUS x205 Eeebook to VCE-proof him! Diaries, lost homework, cat-reviewed assignments(!) – curricular disasters, no more! He’ll now be rEeeady!

  78. Would help us alot to win this 1 laptop between 3 kids doesn’t work so another one would keep some peace ..for me!

  79. My daughter is in year 11 this year and really needs a notebook to keep all of her work on.

  80. because its now part of school policy this year for my daughter to have her own device

  81. Wanted: One Asus Exceptional Educational Electronic Book to help my daughter finally find homework and learning both eeexciting and Eeeasier!

  82. My son needs a ASUS x205 Eeebook to take to school so that he can communicate to the teachers much easier and move forward with the curriculum.

  83. We just had to get rid of our 5 year old laptop and my daughter really needs one for studying but we cant budget it.

  84. We have six children all at school and they all need something like this to all learn on and to do homework.

  85. My child doesn’t need one – he wants one:) Keeping up with the Joneses and all that!

  86. school has changed their technology policy and now they now needs kids to bring their own to school

  87. kids need to learn quick and easier have a chance at better jobs than us am told Asus notebook the best

  88. my disabled son seems to get more work done when he uses the school computers, and we dont have a laptop or computer that he can use at home so hes at a disadvantage there

  89. My daughter starts middle school this year and needs to take her own device, we can rent one from the school but they only have a limited number and I didn’t get in quick enough (bad mother)! Would be great for me as well to be able to keep track of the work she is actually doing at school 🙂

  90. My son would really like an Asus laptop to be just like his friends and keep up with technology. I think it’s great!

  91. Because today it’s a prerequisite to become successful to be computer literate.

  92. We only have one computer and the kids fight over it, so having a second would help my household immensely!

  93. So they can keep track of what & when things are due. Setting reminders are the best way to not miss things.

  94. It’s light. It wins the POWER race. It’s powerful enough for all DATA day work, so my son can be left to his own DEVICES!

  95. as i am not from the generation that used computer in school,i have noooo idea what they use it for..all i know better learn how to monitor and check what my kid is doing on computers ASAP.SPY CLASSES here i come.

  96. Textbooks and workbooks are bulky and heavy for growing shoulders. An ASUS x205 Eeebook is not! And it will never be eaten by the dog.

  97. It would help him learn and do his homework and school work more effectively,plus it is nice and light and looks good too 🙂

  98. Schools are so based with mobile technology that the ASUS EeeBook X205would truly give Natasha a really great start to her life within the educational system

  99. Technology based learning captures a new found desire to learn. 2015, bundled with an ASUS EeeBook X205 and my daughter…..together education is fun.

  100. Daughters starting yr10 this yr her laptop has died, with books and uniform replacing too hard be great to keep her on track

  101. My son is about to enter year 12 and having a laptop would greatly improve his chances of a high, rewarding ATAR result

  102. Starting Uni,
    Fees not Puny,
    No ASUS Notebook…Gloomy,
    12hr battery life …roomy,
    ASUS would help….truly,
    Got to try…Sue me. 🙂

  103. Starting prep – anew
    but technically minded “phew”
    Win ASUS-EeebookX205 – New
    he’d be the coolest, lead the few
    trying to get their hands on it too! :}

  104. My SON definitely needs one for a flying start to High-school and then maybe HE will stop pestering me for MY laptop!!

  105. Homework on the go, the daily school commute is slow. No more wasted time on the bus, study now easy without fuss.

  106. To be a step above the rest and not waste any time when travelling on the train for an hour everyday

  107. I can’t believe that more schools are introducing iPad requirements in Primary school, it used to be a big thing that we needed a scientific calculator. Times are changing.

  108. It’s

    It’s stylish

    It’s light

    It’s fun

    It’s everything I deserve rolled into one

    Please put my name on the list of who’s won

  109. My Step son needs a laptop for after school projects and assignments to allow him to concentrate and do his best

  110. A-Assignments and learning, S-Sleek, slimline, U-Used to create and grow, S-Simply a must have for my little learner!

  111. He needs it because some of his homework has to be done with a laptop. Nowadays it’s so necessary to have more than one at home!

  112. My son is in year 12 this year and an ASUS Notebook would mean his study is more organised and more productive. He wants to be a federal police officer and I want him to realise his dream

  113. With Katie’s scholarship ambitions for secondary school to pursue her love of science, an EeeBook
    X205 could provide access to a world of learning.

  114. It’s compulsory to have a notebook for school of some description, I’d prefer to give him the Eeebook X205 for ongoing perfection.

  115. Kacey needs the same advantage as her peers to excel at school. While powerful the $329 ASUS EeeBook X205 is cheap to replace if misplaced.

  116. Taking on extra study at TAFE as a VET course want to keep up-to-date with Technology. ASUS has the power and tecnology.

  117. This notebook is a great tool for school. It will get anyone including kids to do their homework, keep their grades up, and get good grades. This notebook has all the tools to be a great student.

  118. My son’s new school has a BYOD technology policy, so we need to organise something for him asap, that will tick all the boxes for quality, battery life, weight and thickness.

  119. This notebook will help him with his new style of learning from teacher and notebook together we know he will succeed

  120. My daughter needs one to assist with her learning and projects but alas I cannot afford one.

  121. My daughter needs this notebook so that she’ll stops rolling her eyes at me when I offer her a paper notebook.

  122. My daughter needs this notebook so that she’ll stop rolling her eyes at me when I offer her a paper notebook.

  123. My son has dyspraxia, writing makes him queasy but with an Eebook it would be breesy and homework would be easy

  124. To be able to have all she needs right at her finger tips just like most the other students

  125. My son starts grade 5. We have been asked to purchase a laptop. But we are unable to afford it at the moment. This would be a great prize and help. All of their school work & homework will be on a laptop

  126. Our son is starting high school and needs to bring his own device this year; this must be what they meant by ‘leave them to their own devices’!

  127. My son has a disability that will be aided from not having to use his arm for writing as it easily tires.

  128. Starting High school with computers being his goal, a set up like this he would treat it like gold

  129. Our current laptop is missing the letter “B” and the Ctrl button doesn’t work (among others!)

  130. My son has a very old, slow laptop. A new one would be a great start for the new year at high school.

  131. He is a reluctant writer, saying it’s slow, painful and embarrassing (letters backwards) however I believe being able to use a computer he’d do more.

  132. This would be great for my daughter going to year 6 this year & needs her own computer she would be over the moon!

  133. 2014 my son fell behind and got teased. This would benefit him immensely from his school work, homework to the teasing and his self confidence 🙂

  134. Laptops are essential in school for children to keep up and gain an education. ASUS offer the lightest, best battery life to make learning easier.

  135. An Asus notebook would possibly make school more appealing and definitely homework interesting, unfortunately this technology is essential with todays education, the weight and battery life of this machine is amazing,

  136. Asus offers amazing laptop that are lightweight with longer battery lives, helping kids stay connected and cover a longer day to handle more homework.

  137. To be honest the whole family would benefit. Our very old (10 years)computer died, fingers crossed ALL the family photos can be saved!

  138. Our school are trialling classrooms using only laptops however you need to bring your own, and I’d love my child to get this modern teaching.

  139. so my son 8 doesn’t have to bury his head shamefully using a slow old hand me down and would be cool to be modern

  140. This would benefit my daughter so much as she has autism and struggles to keep up with her school work. Would make our life easier

  141. This amazing ASUS laptop would be a lifesaver for my daughter who is extremely in love with laptops and unfortunately we can’t afford buying one atm!

  142. My daughter could really use a laptop for schooling. We as a family could really use a laptop in general for everything.

  143. My daughter is about to embark on the most important time of her school years. Winning this would make all the difference for her formative years.

  144. An ASUS laptop would be a godsend for my son who is extremely in love with computers especially laptops and unfortunately we can’t afford to buy him one right now.

  145. I was horrified recently at the unbelievable weight of my 14 year-old grandson’s schoolbag. This lightweight laptop would significantly lighten the load!

  146. My son is moving to high school in 2015. he realluy needs a laptop. I broke my arm at the end of last year on holidqy so it is really out of our reach just now

  147. The ASUS x205 Eeebook is the perfect school companion, lightweight, long battery life and holds the keys to my child’s future learning.

  148. Never mind the kids, I’d love to undertake a Uni Course to better myself this year. This ASUS x205 Eeebook would be perfect being lightweight & with a long battery life. My old ASUS laptop has given up the ghost after many years of use & abuse from the kids doing school & Uni Work. So I’m desperate.

  149. my 16 year old daughter is doing year 11 this year and is using my old old old laptop with missing buttons and a SERIOUS overheating problem…this would be awesome for her to do her assignments on!! please please please!!!

  150. Why your child needs one an ASUS x205 Eeebook to take to school? Actually, I would love to win it for my daughter in law to use in her classroom with her students. I know she and her students would love it and put it to great use.

  151. A fantastic prize for my daughter it will make her life easier to have her own computer to research and work on projects.

  152. He doesn’t really “need” one, but he would love to have one! (And I could “borrow” it!)

  153. My son enjoys doing the educational games to help him with learning. He would be thrilled to have his own laptop to use.

  154. Taking the dullness out of study and into the courtyard at school, easing tension of exams. Research and play at a touch of a button!

  155. My son would love this to edit films for his school’s film club. This develops his skills in film making to become a film maker.

  156. My eldest is going into grade 5 and the demands are so much greater now with the move of grade 7 into high school here in QLD. She’d fly through her work with one of these babies on her desk!

  157. Would make life easier for my son who is Autistic to learn through educational games and allow him to communicate more effectively at school.

  158. since the schools have introduced BYO devices a lightweight solution that is up to the task is essential.

  159. My son would love this as hes starting to get very stressed with computer usage at home as 3 people work online here, and we have limited times to use it each. This would be fantastic for him to study in his room & have his own personal space to learn.

  160. My 9 yr old son has Aspergers and his fine motor skills make his handwriting atrocious and tiring and frustrating for him, a lap top for his own use would be so so so awesome

  161. My nephews have poor attention span but when they get behind a computer it seems to transfix them. So I would like to see them use it for learning

  162. my daughter always the last to get the most popular toys even her bike but she is bright really want her to have best laptop

  163. My son is entering his last year of Primary School and his education will really benefit by having a ASUS EeeBook X205 Notebook!

  164. my sister needs a laptop for school as part of the bring-your-own-device scheme, and i know that winning this laptop would make it easier for my parents, especially on their wallets

  165. It’s imperative for them to use a laptop for school, so this would be the perfect one. As it has everything they’d need.

  166. My son is starting high school this year (eeek) I am going to uni (double eek) and we don’t have a laptop!

  167. Sleek, portable and having a son moving to middle school, a god send!! ASUS EeeBook X205 , a great educational tool.

  168. Light, Stylish, and long battery life! What more could a mother ask for for her son? Perfect!

  169. ASUS (Astounding Superior Ultimate Sensation) would be perfection plus for the whipper snappers.

  170. It’s a great way to explore the world – visually and in the written word. It’s a fantastic learning tool.

  171. As these days the only way for them to get ahead is to have a laptop to use on a daily basis.

  172. As a laptop is always needed for a kid to get through school, back in my day we had pens, paper and calculators.

  173. Son has mild learning
    difficulties, struggles with almost illegible writing, and is disheartened
    about school in general this year. An Acer
    EEEBook would definitely help.

  174. My daughter worked hard academically to be accepted into her school so this required Notebook would be FANTASTEEEK!

  175. OMG… I want one of these rippers too…:)
    My girl dropped her laptop just before Christmas and as im on disability I wouldn’t be able to afford one of these awesome Notebooks for her…ever!!
    We’re been looking at cheap second hands ones atm….
    but, winning this would be the bestest news she could get…
    to start school with a brand new notebook…woo hoo!!
    Actually it would be the first brand new notebook/laptop/computer she has ever had….
    I can picture the smile on her dial if I won it for her…. priceless!!!

  176. Id love to use this in my classroom for my special need students. Kids these days learn quicker and are more entertained when learning through technology. I can just imagine their delight because unfortunately we don’t have computers in the classroom.

  177. Eeebook, what a device!

    for my girl who is nice.

    need it for school, hole in my pocket

    can I win? my entry rocks it!

  178. To reward her for her hard studies and making it into the AVID program that prepares kids for university.

  179. purposely for her homework and learning to type in software program the computer teacher is teaching

  180. Because 1 is starting highschool & another is just starting to show interest in computers. This would be awesome

  181. My son is great on the iPad, this is the next step for him, learning to use the keyboard, his own EeeBook would be awesome!

  182. It’s important for my daughter have a quality notepad. We use ASUS in our business and
    know how reliable these are.

  183. My daughter starts high school this year and struggles with her schooling, so to have a notepad to assist with her learning would be wonderful.

  184. You are more productive when you have the right equipment like this ASUS Eeebook X205 notebook.

  185. Sitting at a desk all day is not fun, this amazing laptop with long life battery = freedom, comfort and extended learning opportunity.

  186. I volunteer at local schools in my area helping out in their special needs class rooms. I will donate the ASUS Laptop to the School for use in these class rooms. Very little funding is given to these children these day and we need to raise awareness of these kids thrive using technology as some don’t have great hand co-ordination for a pencil but a keyboard they shine!

  187. Both kids are using the computer more and more for homework (including reading eggs and mathletics). My own laptop is for my uni work and get worried they will accidentally do something to it, so I’d love them to have their own

  188. He’s clever and bright,
    But money has been tight.
    His mum would be so cool,
    If he had a new laptop for school!

  189. I’m an integration aide at a school,this computer would be great to share among the students I work with.

  190. I’m all for improvement in any child’s education especially mine, giving them an early start with technology such as this would be a bonus and a big plus

  191. This gives me the assurance that the battery life will last, and it will be easy to keep up to date with notes and class activities.

  192. It would be amazing to ensure that he’s more focused and organised with his learning. Useful information would be available with just a Google search!

  193. Asus I bought for my little one,
    Younger brother thought he’d have fun,
    Cracked screen. Keys, there’s none,
    Maybe she’ll forgive him if she won!

  194. This laptop is a precious gift of technology that keeps on giving! My daughter will have much more than just a keyboard at her fingertips!

  195. My son is tiny. Literally tiny. At less than 1kg, the ASUS Eeebook X205 Notebook is the only notebook he can carry.

  196. My young son can stop carrying his heavy school bag filled with books, and save his back with this ASUS EeeBook.

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