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Knack 2 Launches in Time for the School Holidays: Win Knack 2 and a PlayStation 4 valued at $496.90

Knack 2 Launches in Time for the School Holidays: Win Knack 2 and a PlayStation 4 valued at $496.90

Can you believe it’s almost time for the school holidays soon…again?

Whether you are busy planning day trips to local attractions, or looking forward to a break from making school lunches and hanging out at home you’ll LOVE this new giveaway!

Family friendly action game, Knack 2, launches on PlayStation today and we have 1 copy PLUS a PlayStation 4 to giveaway. Can you imagine? There is the possibility that you won’t have to endure those two dreaded words, “I’m bored” these school holidays!


Knack 2 features Knack, a big hearted guy with surprising moves and the ability to grow to the size of a building or shrink down to just two feet tall. As you can see from the trailer, the world of Knack is visually stunning and packed with adventure. Gameplay involves solving puzzles, controlling robots and collecting relics as Knack 2 saves the world from a villain who’s reviving ancient gadgets and enormous titans. Sounds like a great way for kids to spend some much needed down-time.

If your home is anything like mine, school holidays often means a house full of kids, with friends coming over for playdates or (as the older kids prefer to say) to hangout. Fortunately, Knack 2 has a dual player mode allowing those with a second DUALSHOCK 4 controller to jump in on the action and play too. There’s also plenty of special co-op moves and challenges that encourage players to work together to find solutions.

Knack 2 is exclusive to PlayStation 4 and is available now for $54.95 from PlayStation Store. It is also available from all major retailers across the country.

For further information on PlayStation and its products, visit, or check out the PlayStation Australia Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channels.

For your chance to win a copy of Knack 2 and a PlayStation 4 console (valued at $496.90) complete the entry form below. Good luck!

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  1. I would love to win a Play station 4 as we do not have any games or consoles like this it would be a first time for everything for us.

  2. My son loves gaming with his friends and especially with his dad. He would really enjoy playing this.

  3. It’s been a rough year and the way the kids would light up if they got something like this.

  4. Omg my kids have been wanting a PS4 for so long. Would be so amazing for them. Early Christmas present. ??

  5. Would love to win for my daughter it’s her birthday soon but out of my price range unfortunately

  6. This game would be awesome for our family games night with me and my 3 kidlets! Nothing better than spending quality time as a family.

  7. Like Krank my almost 13 year old has the Biggest heart and is always my superhero. Would be a lovely way to Thank him.

  8. This would be great fun for my two boys, especially school holiday is coming up in a few weeks time. Awesome indoor activity, encourage thinking skill and team player

  9. I’d love to win the PlayStation4 because it would open up the internet world of gaming for my family.

  10. My daughter so wants one so that she can play games like she does at her friend’s home. This would also be fun for my husband too to play with her.

  11. I would love to win this for my nephew Master H because he is the middle child and often gets left out of things. I know I shouldn’t have favourites but he is so cute

  12. This would be an awesome gift for the kids these holidays. We were due to leave for USA yesterday but my hubby has been diagnosed with cancer…so had to cancel. This would take their mind off it!

  13. I’d love to win a PS4 and Knack,
    For my son really doesn’t show tack,
    He really wants Santa to bring him it,
    To see his face on Christmas morning all lit,
    Knowing Santa will always have his back.

  14. I’d be thrilled to win a PlayStation 4 console and a copy of Knack II because it is an endless source of entertainment for my children on weekends and they can share their favourite hobby together with friends because of its online connectivity.

  15. This prize pack boredom buster , sure beats the old school nick KNACK patty wack!
    Knack 2 sounds like a gentle guy doing good deeds and so much more …
    this would be so AH-amazing with the PlayStation 4

  16. I would love to win this to help create many more memories with our niece and nephew.
    With a second niece on the way it is even more important now to nurture the bond with the older two and when kids these days love gaming winning this PLAYSTATION would make it all the more easier.

  17. This would be awesome brownie points and some mum hasn’t forgot how to game son bonding time with my boy!! It would be so great!!

  18. Im entering this for my son, he is a huge gamer and is begging me for a ps4 for christmas. This is a wonderful prize

  19. I would love to win so I can make my son the happiest boy on Christmas Day. He’s been begging me for one and it’s making me stress as I simply cannot afford to buy on due to medical costs and specialist appointments. I just don’t want to break his heart ?

  20. I’d love to win this awesome PlayStation bundle as I have so many kids, pets and grandkids in my house we all need some timeout from the pressure of work, school and the everyday grind to come together and have good old family fun and laughter

  21. I would love to win this for my kids for Christmas. Mainly the two big kids being my eldest son and his dad. Haha. We have been wanting to get a PS4 for a while and knack is such an awesome game it would be a great surprise for them too.

  22. I got the Knack
    I got the knack 2
    We’d love to play with you
    Therefore need a Play station 4 too
    Perfect for some school holidays fun
    Entertainment for everyone

  23. My son would love his own gaming console. What a fantastic prize. The game looks child friendly and a perfect first game.

  24. Winning this prize would give my family hours of fun together on the school holidays on days that we’re not out and about! 😀

  25. Knack2, the perfect thing to do,
    for my teens and their little brother,
    Gaming over the holidays,
    Fun times bonding with each other!

  26. So my daughter & niece can make the same
    Memories I did when playing PlayStation with my cousins!! Knack 2 is such a fun & exciting 2 player game so would be amazing to win!!

  27. Would love to win a PlayStation and the game Knack 2. I can’t get my phone back from master 6 as he’s downloaded all these games so at least if we win I can have my phone back.

  28. Would love to win so the 6 grandkids can have something fun at Nanny’s house on those rainy or lazy days and I can get plenty of practice when I’m alone so I can keep up with them 🙂 this would put a smile on all there dials even the big kids will love

  29. I would love to win this bc we dont have a games console in our house & with school holidays coming up & being strapped for cash, this would be a life saver!

  30. I would like be to win the PS4 for my kids who were never allowed a console because their dad wouldn’t let them, as a single mum I can now make that decision

  31. I have one son and two daughters. The girls have each other and stay occupied together. My son NAGS me to play with him cause he doesn’t have another sibling. This would make my school holidays a LOT more enjoyable and keep him very entertained ????????????????????????

  32. I would love to win this PlayStation 4 for my 6yo son. He has learning difficulties and also fine motor delay. He plays the original k ack on the PS4 at a family members house and it is the only game he can manage on his own and really enjoys. It helps him with his fine mother skills and gives him confidence. Winning this pack would be the best 7th birthday present as it’s his only wish for his birthday ?

  33. I’d love to win so I could donate it to the children’s hospital, so the kids can have fun in a otherwise sad environment

  34. Would love this for our brand new family/games room. It will be the perfect addition to all our board games and puzzles.

  35. Id love to win. I sold my ps3 and phone ect to pay an emergency vet bill and now she’s back to full health I’d love another one.

  36. so my eldest will stop whining that mum wont let her have technology and so I can play games too!!

  37. I’d love to win Knack 2 and a Playstation 4 condsole to keep my Grandchildren HAPPY. 🙂

  38. Love to win this knack 2 and PlayStation 4 console for my son .
    And want to relive childhood with my little one once again .

  39. Omg the kids would go crazy they are begging for Santa to bring them a PlayStation I’d love to play against the kids see if I can beat them just to show them how mum can play too haha

  40. I have a Knack for taking on too much work and not leaving enough time for recreation. It’s time I argued with the kids for whose turn it is to play.

  41. With 6 kids the school holidays are either very boring or very expensive !!! A PS4 would keep them all entertained and not empty my bank account . Happy kids and happy mum !

  42. Gaming is life! A big part of life! It’s a way to bond, laugh and share simple pleasures! It’s fun on cold days, it’s a way to ramp up skills and build creativity and imagination. Basically… I’d love to spoil my family with a whole lotta fun!

  43. My son works really hard at school, he’d love to be able to kick back in the holidays with this!

  44. I’d love to win this to play together with my children, especially during school holiday, it’s gonna be exciting and fun!

  45. My hubby and 2 sons can enjoy some father/son time playing this PlayStation together. They will love it!

  46. We lost fathers day this year – literally lost it! We were flying from the UK back to Australia, we boarded the flight on Saturday… We’re in the air for 22hrs and got to Australia on Monday – Sunday didn’t exist for us!!! So the kids and I didn’t get anything for our big hearted hubby / Dad. He has the knack of bringing us happiness so he deserves to get Knack 2 for a belated fathers day ?

  47. We would like to win as MH is being released only on PS4. My partner and I have played them together from the beginning of the series. We have all PS consoles, it would be as much a parents gift as for the kids!

  48. My son would love me forever if I won him this. Although maybe I’ll keep it for myself, I’ve never had my own console before

  49. With 6 kids ages from 20 down to 4 school holidays can be HECTIC! And finding piece to study is near impossible. If we win this prize maybe there can be small pockets of peace in the holidays where I can study uninterrupted without the cries of I’m bored on my ears

  50. Once upon a time, before kids, I loved playing PS games! Perhaps it’s time to shock my children and show them what Mum can do with a cool game & consol 😉

  51. Would love to win knack 2 and PlayStation 4 console for my son .
    And want to relive my childhood once again with my lil one .

  52. My partner is a big kid at heart and it helps her OCD and anxiety to escape into an exciting world

  53. Oh CRAP.. School Holidays!! ? (Inserts very descriptive, imaginative mummy & daddy words because mum has completely forgotten or secretly just hoped school holidays were still months away!!) Here’s my S.O.S ❤️

  54. Knack is supposed to be the best game, so for me a person who has no life Knack 2 will be my Life!!!!

  55. Ain’t no one got time for the “I’m bored” with the Knack 2 & Playstation! Saving mothers sanity everywhere!

  56. I would love to win as my sons birthday was last week and mine this week not only can we enjoy it together we can also use it to watch movies aa a famiky too

  57. I would love to win as my sons birthday was last week and mine this week not only can we enjoy it together we can also use it to watch movies as a famiy too

  58. This would be amazing for the holidays, as I’m studying, this would keep the kids busy while I get some of my studies done. And could have fun with them afterwards.

  59. i am a family of gamers and would love to have a new gaming rig such as the Playstation and we want to conquer Knack2

  60. I have five beautiful grandsons that stay at my house while mum and dad work, I know this PlayStation 4 and Knack 2 would be the bees knees to them and me also.

  61. I would love this for the kids, sadly our PS3 kicked the bucket so what a great way to replace it with a new console and Knack 2 to keep the out of trouble during the upcoming school holidays.

  62. I would love to win this as I don’t have alot of money to buy my son a Christmas present and this would be perfect for him. A wonderful boredom buster for a Rainy day

  63. I would love to win for the kids! They would think this prize it the ritz,
    They could play the PlayStation all day
    And stay out of my way
    So I could finally watch TV a bit!

  64. I’d love to win for my 4 young ones
    They love playing video games, it would give them good hand and eye coordination.

  65. Knack ll what a blast.
    My son and I
    Gaming fast!
    A playstation to share
    Quality family time
    Were there ????

  66. My husband has an old ps2 that barely works and refuses to update as he works so hard to provide for us and our two daughters. I’d love for him to be surprised by this so he can pass his love of gaming onto our girls and gain extra bonding time with them.

  67. My son is 8 years old he has Autism and really wants to be a gamer. His computer has broken and I cannot afford to fix it. He would probably cry if we won….

  68. I would love to win as it would be perfect as a way of rewarding and encouraging my children to finish homework and to put in their best efforts at school. Also it would save me having to come up with ideas for Christmas presents ?

  69. Would love to win this for my kids! So we can play Crash Bandicoot and get just as obsessed as their fatherand I are but unfortunately only have a ps2. Would love something newer!!

  70. My son has been at me for ages for a PS4, I could put this away until Christmas, he’d be over the moon.

  71. I would absolutely love to win a PlayStation 4 and game for my daughter. She has an old Xbox 360,but she would be thrilled to have something new and more variety of games that she could play. School holidays would be awesome with PlayStation 4!

  72. My husband and son have been begging me for 8 years for a PlayStation. Unfortunately with me being a full time student, it has never fit the budget. I would love to be able to give them one for Christmas please.
    Thank you

  73. Perhaps the grandkids would find ally be able to teach me how to master game playing with this PlayStation 4 and game on babysitting days during school holidays.

  74. I would love to win one of these for my sons for Christmas, they would love to play it..

  75. I have the KNACK of sucking at most games so would love to play KNACK 2 on a PS4 which I have been told is the best gaming platform.

  76. We still have the original playstation and would love to update it with the newer version for the kids.

  77. Would love to see the joy on my grandkid’s little faces when they see what grandma has won! Knack2 sounds like a great games where the hero triumphs over the villain.

  78. My kids don’t own any type of console but they have a Knack for being awesome and really deserve a treat this year.

  79. Run to the left
    Run to the right!!
    Get the relics
    And head inside.
    Killing the spiders
    You find!!!
    I can see the kids and I having a wonderful games day with Knack 11 and Playstation. Addictiva and fun??

  80. I read on a Facebook page last week that we only have sixteen Saturdays until Christmas. This PlayStation 4 console would be an amazing whole family Christmas present.

  81. With two tweenagers we need a balance of active play and gaming, a PlayStation would be a wonderful addition to our home.

  82. Would love to win this for my boys birthday that is coming up, he would absolutely love it!!

  83. I would love to win because these game systems are really expensive and trying to save money to buy them is hard so to find a contest that’s giving you the opportunity to win one is amazing so keeping my fingers crossed to be that lucky winner ???

  84. I would love to win this play station 4 as my children imcluding my husband love playing games they would have house of bonding time together.

  85. Wow who wouldn’t want to win. I’d love to sit with my grandchildren and play with them. I’m a hip nanna…lol.

  86. People keep giving me Playstation 4 games as gifts that I need to return, thinking that the system is right up my alley. They even carefully chose games just right for me.

  87. Im a real console junkie but i cannot currently afford a ps4, and this game looks amazing! id be so over the moon if i won

  88. My mum watches my son and my sisters three boys during school holidays and when their sick etc. My mum also works herself early in the mornings till 9am. So if I won the Playstion 4, it would gives the kids something to do and give my mum some peace when she needs it

  89. I’d love to start a family tradition and have a weekly games night. Parents versus kids. Oh the fun!

  90. Holidays are crazy with 5 kids plus their mates,
    this would be fabulous to keep them occupied,
    on rainy spring days they can’t get outside.

  91. My little girls love Knack, robotics and are strong headed little puzzle solvers! This is the perfect game for them. We would love to win some quality time with Knack….where no matter how big or small you are…you can do amazing things!!!

  92. Would be great to keep my sons entertained during the holidays, and give me a bit of peace haha 🙂

  93. As the grandchildren get older it is harder to keep them occupied indoors during the heat of the day over the holidays. This prize would no doubt be a godsend. Unfortunately my big kids took their gaming machines with them when they flew the coup. I will no doubt also need to hone my co-ordination skills to partake if the games.

  94. It would be an awesome way to keep the kids entertained during the holidays and also perhaps when I need some quiet time haha

  95. I have a seven year old son and seven grandchildren that would love to play with this and I am too old to entertain them

  96. I would love to win the Playstation 4 for my favourite neices who both deserve to win this amazing prize and more.

  97. I should really say it will be for the kids to enjoy …but I think Mum and Dad would play it much more, specially when the littlies are in bed!

  98. It would keep my son and his friends entertained on the many rainy days here on Melbourne. It would also stop mummy amd daddy going crazy and give us some quiet time 🙂

  99. We have 2 pre teens and we don’t have a PlayStation. This would be great for them to enjoy during the school holidays

  100. Our kids have been wanting a PS4 for months now, this prize will award us parent of the year.

  101. Boys just love electronics and I guess Santa will deliver this single Mum a great gift to give my boys (and their friends)! It would make my Christmas to see their eyes on Christmas morning!

  102. I would love to win the Playstation 4 for my nephew. My sister always picks the best gifts for my kids… this would be one way I could get one up on her!

  103. I would love to win this game and console for my son. He has an Xbox but has been begging me for a PlayStation. Apparently they’re so much better!

  104. Bonding time with children is fun and enjoyable. It is a great prize to play this games together.

  105. My son would be so thrilled to play this game as his main hobby is gaming. It’s all he talks about!

  106. I hate those words! I’m bored. Well so am I. With your constant food demands! I’m not a chef. Grab some fruit! Oh no! Why are you convulsing now over that suggestion! Oh gosh! Just go play the electronics!

  107. Oh I know I will have the Knack and be the Knack family champion when we get our hands on this awesome prize bundle

  108. This playstation pack would be perfect for our Friday night Family Games night. It’s a great wind-down activity for the whole family after a busy week.

  109. Knack 2 & a PlayStation would keep my girls entertained, no more ‘there’s nothing to do’ instead play a game two!

  110. My Son is running the PS2, I’m the worst parent in the world!! PS4 and Knack2 was coming for Christmas – hopefully earlier mums lounge!

  111. I would love to win this for my son as a reward for the hard work and massive change in behavior he has delivered this last term.

  112. Have three kid’s under ten,
    Love quiet now and then,
    Playstation sure would amuse,
    And help lengthen my fuse,
    Knack 2 would be my Amen!

  113. My Mr 7 would love this! He’s just getting into the whole gaming thing and this would keep him entertained all holidays!

  114. It would help me keep the little monsters under control during the school holidays – save my sanity PLEASE!!

  115. My son has been begging me for a playstation like his cousins. Would love to win for him and this game looks like a great game.

  116. My boys would love this, have been asking for one all year. Lots of fun and Playstation 4 has more games than the Wii U.

  117. It would be a great prize to win for our family and an upgrade from a PS2. We could challenge the kids and have a little time out together and this would be great to have when kids have friends over

  118. My grandsons spend many weekends with me and a big portion of summer. They would love to have a game system here. It would make me the coolest MaMa!

  119. We still have a PlayStation 2 and can’t find any games suitable for my 12yr old daughter any more. Time to upgrade.

  120. Growing up we had a house full of kids playing Nintendo. I’d love to be the cool mum who hosts get-togethers for my kids!

  121. I would love to win this for my son, who is 10 years old and has never owned a game console. It would be a great Christmas present for him.

  122. It would give us a new game for Saturday night game nights. Something to change from her choice of Mario Kart or choice of Chuggington.

  123. I would love to win so I could upgrade my console ha ha still kicking it with my PS3 it would be nice to update 🙂

  124. I would love to win this for my son as his PlayStation 3 is sadly glitching and ready to go to electronics heaven!

  125. We have made it 8 yrs without our son having a machine but this year the time has come. For him to win this prize would be the ultimate in fun. Looks like a great game we could play together ?

  126. Our whole family can be somewhat competitive,
    Board game nights are fierce though rather repetitive,
    It’s time to mix it up with knock out rounds of Knack,
    Keeping our ‘family fun nights’ right on track!

  127. I would love to win this because I have never owned a gaming console and I am 39 years of age! I want to see what I have been missing out on.

  128. My husband and kids love playing video games together, a PS4 together with this awesome new game would keep the hubby and kids occupied so I can get a bit of “me” time this school holidays!

  129. I haven’t a clue about this Knack 2. But it looks like that combined with a PS4, will keep the kids busy over the holidays and keep Mummy sane!

  130. I would love to win as it school holidays and i have already heard “MUM I’M BORED” to many times!

  131. What an amazing game this looks like and the PS4 looks awesome too!!! Our four boys have seen their friends’ play this but times are tough and they know they can’t have everything and accept that. Wow, what a surprise they would get if they scored this!!! Thanks 🙂

  132. We’re still using our 12yr old original Xbox (as in first one ever made) and we’re seriously overdue for an upgrade.

  133. Oh how I’d love to win a PS4,
    For a young man I cherish and adore.
    He loves to play the old PS3,
    Even loves to play it with me.
    An upgrade from Santa would be great
    Come on Mums lounge, let me help my mate.

  134. I can’t even imagine the joy that this PlayStation would bring to our family of five. Our kids have always wanted a PlayStation and we have it on our bucket list. ?

  135. Knack 2 sounds like an action filled game with lots of challenges and genuine good fun! Knack 2 would be something that my sons would want to play and their friends could join in if they drop by so yes please, it’s the perfect school holiday boredom buster!

  136. It looks like a game all of my kids could enjoy playing. A PlayStation 4 would be the best early Christmas present ever.

  137. My son has been working really hard at school and has been a little legend at home. I would love to be able to spoil him with this prize. He deserves it

  138. Would absolutely love to win this for the 3 kids, we have an old Xbox but we all know that PlayStation’s are better. Plus it would be nice to have an upgrade in consoles, can never afford the new ones.

  139. As a mum of 4 kids I would love to win this for them as we are a single income family and they don’t get special luxury items like this so would be super special for them

  140. Knack 2 and Playstation 4,
    Would be wonderful to settle the score!
    Between hubby & I who can’t agree,
    Who is the better player you see!
    We’ve not had a playstation since our 64:
    And since then our rivalry has soared!
    But really i’d love to win this prize:
    For all 3 apples of our eyes.
    Our 3 gorgeous sons, all do share:
    And I know with this bundle they would play fair.
    A perfect Christmas present, minus the stress,
    For smiles on their faces are what I like best!

  141. I would love to win this prize for the biggest child in our house, my husband. Our first child will be born day 1 of the school holidays and he will start his leave that day. The Playstation would help keep him occupied when baby and I are “trying” to rest.

  142. My 2 boys play PlayStation and Xbox (yeah lucky boys) at their dads and when they come home to me, I’m the boring mum that doesn’t have one. They would love me forever if I won this for them.

  143. My little miss loves her games on my phone. It would be great to get her off it and play with her on the PS4 .Bring back memories of playing with her big bros when the were young.

  144. For the kids?! No no, for me. This single working mummy needs a break to zone out from reality for a minute and dive in to a fantasy world where kids are not screaming at me because I put cheesespread on his sandwich (even though that’s what he asked for) or because I put his food on the table “in the wrong spot” albeit that’s exactly where he put it anyway. Or better yet because I wouldn’t get his water bottle for him. The said water bottle was only 30cm from his reach.

  145. A wonderful gift for a wonderful little boy,
    And time shared playing PlayStation with daddy beats any new toy!

  146. Okay so not parentally correct but a whole lotta bribe fodder right there, I see made beds, clean bedrooms and washed dishes!

  147. I would more than love to win for my little sister you has been dreaming of a PlayStation for years. This would make all her Christmases and birthdays at once, andI she deserves it more than anything after the life she is and has been going through. I am so proud of my strong little princess and this will be just what she needs to make her as happy as she deserves to be like every other little girl her age x

  148. I’d love to win as my 6yo son has just recently discovered the world of gaming and loves it!!

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