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Disney Unleashes Two Canine Classics

101 Dalmatians re-release P18310 Beautyshot-1

101 Dalmatians re-release P18310 Beautyshot-1

What could be more adorable than 101 Dalmations?

Erm…maybe 202 Dalmations!

Fans of the cute spotty canine’s are in for a treat when Disney opens it’s vault this month and releases a double doggy-whammy.

Disney Classic 101 Dalmations and it’s popular sequel 101 Dalmations 2 London Adventure are available on Blu-ray, DVD and Movie Download from 15 August 2012.

101 dalmations II

That’s right, Disney’s infamous villain that we love to loathe, Cruella DeVil is back, and this time she plans to capture the improbably large family of dalmations to make, with the help of artist Lars, a fur canvas. Despite the addition of one or two new characters, including Thunderbolt a canine TV star, this movie makes for fine viewing for fans of the original, who will no doubt revel in the similarities.

However, whilst the central parameters of the story remain the same, 101 Dalmations 2, steps away from the love story of its predecessor, and instead centres round the character of Patch.  As one of a rather large litter, Patch is left questioning his identity and wonders if his family really loves him as an individual.  These feelings are compounded when, in a situation that resembles that of Kevin McCalister in the movie Home Alone, he is accidentally left behind when his family moves to Dalmation Plantation.  When Cruella dognaps his family, it is up to young Patch to save the day and discover the hero within.

It is a heartwarming story, with a good balance of sweet and humorous moments, and a pleasant soundtrack.  Parents of young children should note that there are a few potentially (although very mildly) scary scenes.


Mums Lounge has 2 Dalmation prize packs to giveaway.  Each prize pack consists of 101 Dalmations DVD, 101 Dalmations II: Patches London Adventure and a Dalmations Sing-a-Long book.


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