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Emma Marks – Creator

Where to start….

Well I am a Mum of 5 and before that conjures up any Superwoman images, far from it.  Our household is run on sheer organized chaos!  My 3 older children I didn’t give birth to but that is the only difference between all my children.  I don’t use the term stepchildren because to me they are just mine.  My children are the most divine individuals ever created!  3 boys and 2 girls and complete characters all of them.

My husband is a workaholic so a lot of the time I feel like a single mum but in the same breath he is an amazing husband and father and looks after his family superbly.  We work hard to make time for us and remind ourselves that our relationship is just as important as all the others.  Date night is key in our house.

Before I took on this full time job that is motherhood I was a sales executive but this is definitely the most exhausting but yet thoroughly rewarding role I have ever undertaken.

I started Mums Lounge because I spent so much time looking for products, services, advice, help and every other thing us mothers are always searching for.  I hoped by creating one site where everything came together I could save Mums the time that I lost searching around.  Mums Lounge is a labor of love and is constantly evolving.  I welcome any comments or suggestions to make the site the best place it can possibly be and a place you feel like retreating into.

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