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“I Was So Embarrassed By My Girlfriend’s Bikini I Couldn’t Show My Face to My Parents!”

“I Was So Embarrassed By My Girlfriend’s Bikini I Couldn’t Show My Face to My Parents!”


A man says his girlfriend embarrassed him by deliberately wearing a revealing bikini to a recent family pool party. Now he can’t even face his parents. Does he have a point?

When writing into discussion forum Reddit, Affectionateneck3211 says he couldn’t believe it when his girlfriend of two years turned up to a recent pool party with a revealing bikini on. Especially since his family are Muslim and he had already asked her to dress modestly.

Here’s what he wrote:

So me (26M) and my Girlfriend (22F) have been dating for around 2 years now. We’ve had our ups and downs but overall we have a great relationship, and I definitely see a future together! We really love and respect each other and connect well! But the thing is we come from different backgrounds. I come from a Muslim Background (I’m not ‘that’ religious tho) and she is White. However, we have still made it work and our similarities are much more than our differences.

So far so good. Sounds like they’re both accepting and understanding of each other’s backgrounds.
Here’s when things went wrong though. It was all had to do with one pool party and one pair of bikinis.

Now my gf does like wearing a bit short clothing when out and about, which used to bother me at first and made me uncomfortable and we did have a few minor fights over it, but eventually I came to terms with it.

However, recently an embarrassing situation happened. There was a pool party at my cousin’s house, and my parents were there too. I had recently introduced my gf to my parents as well, so this was a good time for to meet family and relatives. I specifically told her to please pack something more on the modest side, as my family would be there (and most women usually don’t wear such revealing stuff in our culture). She didn’t give much of a response and just nodded.

Fast forward to the party and he’s shocked to see that she has totally disregarded his requests to dress modestly.

But what did I see in the pool? Her wearing a two piece bikini (with kinda cheeky bottoms too)! Even one piece would’ve been more better, but nah she went all in this time! She was probably the one the dressed most immodestly.

No one said anything but afterwards, I was so embarrassed I couldn’t show my face to my parents and all.

I did talk to her about it and scolded her a bit, and she told me “She can wear whatever the hell she wants, whenever she wants.”

I couldn’t say anything afterwards. We’ve been quiet to each other for a while but slowly making up now.

Now he’s asking if he’s the a**hole for reacting the way he did. Here’s what some commenters had to say. There were those who agreed with the girlfriend and thought he had no right telling her what to wear.

“YTA. She can indeed wear whatever she wants and it’s inappropriate for you to dictate otherwise or scold her about it.”

”YTA – You scolded her? WTF!?! She is a grown woman, not your child. And she is 1000% correct, she can wear whatever the hell she wants to. It is HER body, not yours. Let her?? You can’t ‘let’ her do anything as, again, she is a grown woman.”

“YTA BIG TIME. Any guy who states that he scolds his female companion and likes to show how he is the one in control is a big red flag.”

On the flip side though, many commenters said she should’ve respected his family’s culture and dressed more appropriately for the event.

“It’s also inappropriate for her to go to her Muslim’s bf’s families house and disrespect their culture, rules, and religion in their own home.”

”Just because she can wear whatever she wants whenever she wants, doesn’t mean it’s appropriate to do it wherever or whenever she wants. The least she could have done is understand and respected them by at least wearing an oversized t-shirt.”

”This doesn’t sound religious to me, though it is cultural. My family isn’t religious at all, and we don’t wear cheeky bikinis around each other. Those bikinis are for romantic vacations.”

“Contrary to what you posted it does not sound like either of you respect the other. She should have been more conservative out of respect for you and you should not be embarrassed by her. Cross cultural relationships are hard. Wishing you luck.”

Who do you agree with in this instance?



images: Pixabay

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