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Parents Ask Daughter to Change Wedding Date as It Interferes With Their Social Plans

Parents Ask Daughter to Change Wedding Date as It Interferes With Their Social Plans


A woman says she was shocked by her dad’s request for a change of wedding date because her mum had plans that weekend. Suffice to say, this conversation got heated!

Taking to Reddit, the bride is asking if she was wrong in refusing to change a sentimental date she had planned for her wedding. Here’s what happened:

“My fiancé and I recently got engaged, and when looking at dates we realised our anniversary falls on a Saturday this year. Perfect right?” she began. “We immediately start planning because it’s approximately 9 months out and we have to move quick to pull a wedding together. We told everyone the potential date this weekend and all seemed well.”

“Monday I get a phone call from my father. He insists that I move the date because my mother has a yoga retreat that weekend. I tell him that this date means a lot to me and I would prefer to keep it if there is any way to move the retreat. There is, but it’s expensive. I offer to pay for this change out of my wedding budget, essentially halving the amount that I can spend on the most important event of my life.”

Her parents refused the very generous offer and continued to request a change of date.

“I haven’t put money on my venue yet, so they think I should be fine with giving up the chance to marry on a date that means a lot to me,” she explained. “It became a massive fight, and now my parents and I aren’t speaking. My father accused me of caring about a date more than I care about my mother. I told him that it felt as though they were choosing yoga over their own daughter.”

Commenters backed up the bride-to-be with one hilariously saying “You’d think if they did yoga, they’d be more flexible!” Hahaha! So good!

But all jokes aside, the woman wanted to know if she was being unreasonable and all roads pointed to HELL NO.

“NTA [not the a**hole] OP,” another said, “And if you really want them there but don’t want to move the date, you should bring a couple of mannequins with printouts of your parents’ faces taped onto them.”

“NTA. Your parents are being absurdly self-centered,” someone else wrote. “The polite thing for them to do would be to reschedule or cancel the retreat without ever telling you so as not to impinge on your wedding planning excitement.”

“NTA – I know if my kid set her wedding date I’d cancel everything in my line of sight to be there! They’re being completely selfish and unreasonable,” another added.

What do you think?


Images: Pixabay


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Chrystal Lovevintage

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