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5 Reasons Why Functional Coffee Should Be a Morning Staple in Your Household

We’ve all heard of coffee, but what if I told you that your morning cup of joe just got better? If you haven’t heard of functional coffee, you’re not alone, so let’s get ahead of the curve! Functional coffee is coffee that’s infused with a whole host of vitamins, superfoods, and minerals!

So, let’s talk about the benefits of functional coffee and why it should be part of our morning routine.

Steady energy levels to skip the caffeine jitters

We all know the feeling of that caffeine crash, but what if I told you, that you could avoid it altogether? That your energy levels could be consistent and steady throughout the day? By using adaptogens, functional coffee releases energy slowly and calmly throughout the body, mitigating that caffeine crash we all get. It does this by inhibiting the stress enzyme caused by caffeine metabolism which gives you more energy and focus to smash those health, fitness and lifestyle goals and skip those caffeine jitters. Pretty cool, right?

Glow from the inside out with this all-in-one collagen coffee elixir enriched with Marine Collagen, Silica, Camu Camu, Proline & Biotin. It’s beauty served hot or cold!

Effective, functional health benefits

Each cup is packed with a bunch of functional ingredients like adaptogens, prebiotics, vitamins and minerals! These ingredients help support your immunity, stress, brain health and/or performance, depending on the blend,

Can help lessen symptoms of anxiety

Did you know caffeine can make anxiety symptoms worse? For those who suffer from panic attacks, caffeine symptoms and anxiety symptoms are very similar and can cause you to believe that you’re feeling anxiety!

This is where functional coffee comes into play, a coffee lover who swapped to functional coffee noted that they haven’t experience their late-night anxiety nearly as often as they did when drinking regular coffee and were able to head to bed, feeling relaxed and wonderfully chilled out!

For those who are sensitive to caffeine, consider opting for a decaffeinated version of your favourite functional coffee.

Different blends have different purposes

No matter what goal you’re trying to achieve, Functional Coffee is coming in to save the day! There’s blends that help support:

  • Immunity: antioxidant filled with nourishing ingredients that help support your immunity health
  • Performance: provides energy, clarity and vitality for the day
  • Collagen Support: the protein that helps us improve our skin, bone and connective tissue health
  • Adrenal Support: decaffeinated, helping you to relax while providing health benefits
  • Thermos Support: yeah, you heard us right! Get your pre-workout and coffee in one drink 💪
  • Period Support: for those of us who menstruate, there’s a coffee specifically for us, now! It’s packed with ingredients that restore minerals our bodies remove during that time, supports our gut health, energise and strengthens us to keep at it throughout the day!

End of day energy

By swapping to functional coffee, you can make use of your whole day and not just the bits and pieces you feel you have enough energy to tackle. It’s been shown to help drinkers feel less exhausted and mentally drained at the end of a hard day, with those people saying they felt like they have more energy to give! Take that energy and spend it on some well deserved you time, we all know you’ve earned it a thousand times over!

The First Functional Coffee Created in Australia

Before you Speak is a functional coffee brand based in Brisbane, Australia. They have a wide range of caffeinated and decaffeinated Functional Coffee, each with different health benefits that you just know are bound to appease every coffee lover’s palette and their body! They use premium, single-origin Columbian coffee and infuse those beans with a bunch of different vitamins, minerals and prebiotics to create the different blends and effects mentioned in point 4 earlier.

These FODMAP friendly coffees are sure to be the ones you’ve been searching for. Working closely with nutritionists and naturopaths, Before You Speak carefully formulate their blends using 100% natural ingredients that are qualified and backed by comprehensive research. There’s options for those who have different dietary requirements and allergies, and Before You Speak have noted that they use spray technology to bind the MCT oil to the coffee (derived from coconuts and not palm kernels), negating the need of maltodextrin or dairy as a base.

All allergens are noted on the shop page, but they do warn that the facility these are packed in are shared with soy, eggs and nuts, so please speak to your healthcare provider first if you’re highly sensitive to these allergens.


Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.




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