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9 Quick and Easy Snack Ideas for Busy Mums

9 Quick and Easy Snack Ideas for Busy Mums

Healthy eating is so important, but it can be a real challenge to get quick, easy and healthy snacks for our children. Between work, school runs and other daily tasks, finding time to prepare a healthy snack for our kids can feel like an impossible task. This is where we step in, we want to help with that.

Here are nine easy and healthy snack ideas for all of us busy mums:

  1. Apple slices with peanut butter: slice an apple and pack a small container with some peanut butter for a quick and filling snack that’s packed with protein and fibre. The peanut butter can be replaced with any other nut butter if there is one your child prefers better or if they have allergies to peanuts.
  2. Hummus and veggies: carrots, cucumber and celery are all fantastic with a side of hummus, which is high in protein and the good types of fats. If your child prefers not to have the vegetables, maybe put a few crackers in there as well so they can go back to what they’re comfortable with in between veggie bites.
  3. Yoghurt with berries: Greek yogurt is high in protein and calcium. When paired with fresh fruits and berries it can become a truly delicious snack for the whole family. If your child doesn’t like Greek yoghurt, then any yoghurt can be paired, but be mindful not to get low fat yoghurts as they’re usually higher in sugar than their full fat counterparts to make up for the flavour.
  4. Homemade protein balls: Blend up some rolled oats, dates (or maple syrup, but dates are recommended for the fibre and iron), protein powder (if you’d like), nuts (walnuts are great here), cinnamon, chia seeds, peanut butter (or any nut butter, or none), honey and some vanilla. Once it’s become a bit of a chunky mixture, it’s time to shape them into balls and chuck them in the fridge to firm up. Try not to eat them all at once!
  5. Cheese and crackers: What’s better than pairing cheese and crackers! We’ve all had it before. It’s delicious and really hits the spot when you’re hungry. Plus side, it’s actually healthier than you’d think!
  6. Smoothies: Blend up those fruits and leafy greens with your milk of choice and perhaps some protein powder and oats. You could even put in a little yoghurt in if you want it creamier. Put it in a takeaway cup and it takes that meal to a whole new level by being an on-the-go option for you and your children.
  7. Homemade granola bars: Whip up a batch of homemade granola bars that are packed with nuts, seeds, and dried fruit for a healthy and filling snack.
  8. Popcorn: Every child I’ve met loves popcorn and with it being a fairly healthy snack, every parent should love it as well!
  9. Mixed nuts: Mix up a variety of nuts with some dried fruit for a tasty snack that’s high in protein and healthy fats. This can go great with yoghurt as well!

If you’ve been looking for quick and easy snack ideas and have finally found on that resonates with you, don’t be afraid to chuck it into your daily routine so you and your family can be energized for the whole day! Remember that a lot of these have quite a good shelf life and some are even freezer friendly! So, if you find one day you’re more motivated than others, that might be your opportunity to get these delicious goodies ready for upcoming weeks. Remember, you’ve got this!

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