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How High Maintenance Are You? Take Our Quiz!

How High Maintenance Are You? Take Our Quiz:

Hair Points
I wash my hair every single day 4
I wash my hair 2-3 times a week 3
I wash, blowdry, style and put product in every single day 5
I wash my hair when it starts to smell like cheese 0
I put it in a ponytail and I’m done 1
I book my next appointment at the hairdresser for 4-6 weeks when I pay at the register 5
I get my hair colour from the supermarket and DYI at home 2
Do I have dark roots? Oh, that’s because I haven’t been for a year 0
I am a Pantene girl 1
I only use products recommended by my hairdresser which cost a small fortune 5
I try and remember to wash my face once a day with whatever soap is on hand 0
I buy stuff from the supermarket when it’s on special which I always use everyday 3
I am a 3-step cleanse, tone, moisturise girl with top shelf products 5
I book in for regular facials, microdermabrasion and any new treatment offered 5
I’ve had a facial once, I think, when someone gave me a coupon 2
I’ve been having botox since I saw my first hint of a wrinkle in my 20’s 5
I occasionally get some botox when a special occasion is coming up (don’t tell anyone) 3
I have a crack at my eyebrows myself when I absolutely have to 2
4 weekly professional brow waxing, shaping and tinting is a must 4
Hair removal for me is done in summer only. With my other half’s razor. 0
My waxer has seen EVERY inch of me (every six weeks) 4
The only hair remaining on my body is on my head and eyebrows (lasered off baby) 5
I will NEVER touch my face with a needle 0
I secretly have had my lips done, shhh 3
Sephora, Mecca Maxima, Adore Beauty are my most coveted stores 4
I occasionally toss a bit of makeup in the shopping cart at Big W 1
I never wear makeup 0
I wear a bit of makeup most days 2
I do NOT leave the house without foundation, mascara, lip gloss, bronzer and blush 5
Manicure to me: chewing off my nails when they are a bit too long 0
Occasional file and application of topcoat 2
Fortnightly trips to the salon for SNS, Acrylic or Shellac 4
Exercise? What is that? 0
I have a home work-out DVD that I used about 5 times 1
I forked out for a treadmill and exercise bike but I hang the washing on it now 2
Pilates once a week and yoga once a week 3
I’m at the gym 4-5 times a week sweating my ass off 4
My personal trainer’s name is Sven and I work out with him 6 days a week 5
I eat whatever the hell I want, when I want and I dare anyone to challenge me 0
I try and watch what I eat. Most of the time. Except for wine. I like wine. 3
My diet largely consists of water, raw vegetables and quinoa 5
My workout clothes come from Big W 3
My workout clothes are only ever from Lorna Jane and Lululemon 4
I’m getting a boob job soon as I have the cash saved up 3
I had a boob job done a while ago but thinking of re-doing them. A bit bigger. 5
Two for one specs from Specsavers 1
Coloured contacts to make my eyes sparkle 2
Meh I had laser surgery YEARS ago 5
A weekly massage with my therapist is a MUST 5
I go to those walk-in massage places when I’ve been in agony for a week 3
I occasionally can talk my partner into rubbing my neck for about 35 seconds 1
Clothes & Accessories
I update my wardrobe twice a year with a big shop to Cotton On 2
Thongs, Trackies, my other half’s shirt……who cares 0
I’m a Forever New, Sportsgirl, Witchery girl 3
Designer Labels are the only clothing you will see on my body 5
I have had the same handbag since 1997 0
I have a black bag, a brown bag and a clutch (somewhere, I think….) 2
My handbags are all stored in dust proof covers and I have approximately 40 of them 5
My jewellery comes from Lovisa 1
My jewellery comes from Pandora 3
My jewellery ONLY comes from Tiffany 5
My shoes can easily be selected from the range at Target and worn until dead 0
I have a pretty good selection of Converse and some heels and some nice boots 3
I have over 200 pairs of shoes in every colour combination of the universe, don’t touch 5
I consider Rexona to be a fairly good fragrance for most days 0
Brittany Spears perfume range is awesome 2
The only thing that comes between me and my sheets is Chanel No. 5 5
My lingerie consists of mis-matched, faded, stretched BONDS 0
I always wear matching, pretty lingerie with lots of lace 3
My lingerie is La Perla 5
Happy to go camping in a tent, anywhere, anytime 1
I will go camping but only in a caravan. In a caravan park. With power. And an ensuite. 3
Camping for me is 5 stars at The Hilton, valet parking and a buffet breakfast. 5
I can ride a dirt bike 1
I can drive a stick shift 1
Manual only 3
My car is pretty battered, bruised and ugly but gets me from A to B 1
I am a 4-WDing soccer mum 3
Um excuse me but I will ONLY drive a European car worth more than $80K 5
Mac and Cheese, Spag Bol and Curried Sausages are regular meals on the menu 1
Scotch Fillet Steak, Fois Gras and Truffle Oil go into my shopping basket 4
Cook? We are regulars at every upmarket restaurant within 50kms 5

Add Up Your Score:

0 – 22     You are about as down-to-earth and user friendly as they come

23 – 49   You are fairly low maintenance and don’t spend a fortune on yourself

50 – 70   You like to look GOOD and will work an extra job to make sure you do

71 +       You are High Maintenance Baby, you better make a lot of $$$ to pay for your lifestyle

Disclaimer: The above quiz is based on zero research undertaken and is strictly tongue-in-cheek. I personally scored an embarrassingly high 97! xx

Carolyn Murphy

Carolyn Murphy

Carolyn Murphy is a married mother of three and regularly provides us with recipes and strange but true stories about her life. When she’s not here, she can also be found on her website where all her other recipes are located!

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