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Dad Kicks Out Daughter’s Self Entitled Friend Mid Way Through A Sleepover

Dad Kicks Out Daughter’s Self Entitled Friend Mid Way Through A Sleepover


This dad showed a bratty friend the front door during his daughter’s sleepover birthday party. He says there was no way the ‘spoiled brat’ would ruin the night for his kid. But now he’s wondering if he over reacted. What do you think? Did he?

Here’s what the dad wrote to Reddit, explaining exactly why he took the steps he did and kicked the girl out:

My (34M) daughter (14F) had a sleepover b-day party last Saturday, and she invited 5 girls from her school.

There was this one girl that she invited who I could tell from her attitude, was a spoiled brat. When she rang the doorbell, she walked in looking down at her phone, didn’t greet me or my wife, and handed me her jacket without even looking up.

The whole night she was on her phone doing whatever the heck 14 year olds do on phones. I thought she was just embarrassed or shy because maybe she didn’t know anyone, but according to my daughter, she is a “super duper cool girl”.

Anyways, towards the end of the night, my daughter was opening her gifts. SB made a comment about every single gift. (not exactly snarky, but more like she was just unimpressed)

The final gift was from me and my wife, we bought her an iPhone 7 by pooling all of our remaining extra money to buy her it.

the SB scoffed because she had the newest gen iPhone. I helped my daughter set up the phone with a sim card, and the rest of the night they just hung out in her room.

My daughter came down a bit later and she was just sitting on the couch, I asked her what was wrong and she just went back up while saying “why couldn’t you have just bought me the newest iphone??”. That was really out of character for her, as she is always grateful for receiving anything.

The poor parents were mortified. This was totally out of character for their daughter as she was always so kind and gracious.

My daughter left the phone on the table. I grabbed my daughter’s phone to see a bunch of texts going back and forth between SB and my daughter, they exchanged numbers and the convo went something like this:

D “hey its me”

SB “thanks for inviting me to ur lame slumber party lol, and congrats on the iphone SEVEN haha”

D “what”

SB: “arent u mad that ur parents and friends got u such lame gifts”

SB “slumber parties are for little girls lol, but wtvs its cool”

D “u dont like the party..?”

SB “I jus wish i could go home looool”


And this is when the dad saw his chance to grant the bratty friend her wish. He just marched on upstairs and asked her to come back down with him with all her stuff.

It was around 1AM and the girls were still up talking, I knocked and asked if I could speak with SB, she looked confused, I told her she needs to grab her things something came up. (I did this as to not embarrass my daughter in front of her friends).

I took her downstairs and asked her to call her mom, she asked why and I said “because thats what you said right? that you wish you could go home? so go.” She was tearing up a bit, and made the call.

I talked w/ her mom for a bit when she came, I showed her the texts and she apologized profusely and said “its just a teenager phase I guess. I’m so sorry, but dont you think she could stay? If not I understand.”

I thought ab it for a bit, but her staying probably would have made it awkward for everyone, so I told her it was best if they just left.

My wife said that I overreacted, and I should have just talked with SB rather than immediately kick her out, I firmly believe I taught her a good lesson that she needed to learn. It was MY DAUGHTER’s bday, and I didn’t want the rest of her night ruined because of some spoiled brat who was making it all about her. I guess she didn’t exactly do anything wrong, but at the same time her attitude was unbelievable. AITA?

While it’s hard to know just how much to intervene in your kid’s social lives, I can totally understand this dad’s decision. Yes he could’ve let her stay the night at least and deal with it in the morning but I do believe this may teach her a lesson and help her self reflect a little bit.

What do you think?


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