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Mum’s Hilarious Open Letter to Her Daughter’s Teacher Regarding Her Lunchbox ‘Feedback’

Mum’s Hilarious Open Letter to Her Daughter’s Teacher Regarding Her Lunchbox ‘Feedback’

Dear Teacher,

Firstly let me say thank you for what you do every day, there is no way I could spend that much time every day with a classroom full of kids and not go crazy, and let’s face it, adolescent children don’t smell very nice.

Thanks as well for the little notes in my child’s diary and Edmodo web site and the Skool bag App thanks for so much communication, I really enjoy looking at all three every day as I have nothing better to do and yes, my daughters education is important to me, thanks for the reminder. I really like how you tell my child to remind me after my occasional failure to do so.

I also enjoy your little notes about my child’s lunchbox. Thanks for reminding me in large red font that I can’t give my child any milk products. Last year’s teacher told me off for not including dairy in her recess and I forgot that this year it’s forbidden because apparently someone in the building is mildly allergic.

Thanks for the feedback about the lack of fruit in my daughter’s lunchbox, I thought that as carrot and cucumber are all she will eat that it would be ok. I understand that they are technically vegetables, yes I do know the difference but the copy of the food triangle was most helpful.

I was putting an apple in her bag but as it comeback every day bruised but uneaten I thought that I would save the time and expense.

Last week, after I received your note I put an apple in her lunch box as requested.

Thanks for your note of approval. Yes, it’s going to stay there. Yes, the same apple.

It took me ages to find a plastic apple but it was worth every penny.

Thanks for your noticing when Annie has a lunch order, yes, sometimes its several times a week that mummy can’t get her shit together and get groceries. So yes, I madly scramble around the house looking for coins to shove into a paper bag for a lunch order. Yes, sometimes it’s a fish burger (no lettuce) three times a week. It would be lovely to sit at home and dream up perfectly balanced home cooked lunched but sadly I have to go to work. I assure you that she eats well at home.

I appreciate that you care, I really do. I know that you are fresh out of university and brimming with enthusiasm, that’s nice dear. I am sure that you know best and after all I am just her mother, I couldn’t possibly know about how to raise a child having only done it three times before.

Thanks for noticing the little love notes that I sporadically place in my daughter’s lunchbox, they say things like: be brave, try your best, be kind, and, think before you act. I am glad that you like them, next time I will leave one for you too, I hope that you enjoy the feedback..




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