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7 Productive Ways to Manage Feelings of Anger and Calm Yourself Down

7 Productive Ways to Manage Feelings of Anger and Calm Yourself Down

Anger is one of those emotions that are rarely helpful in everyday situations. Sure, getting good and angry might inspire someone to leave an unhealthy environment or supply the energy to overcome a toxic circumstance, but generally speaking, anger is not a positive or productive emotion in a family setting. It’s also not a great look in front of children.

There are many techniques that people use to manage their anger, and they usually involve deep breathing and counting to ten slowly. You can easily do these two things anywhere and at any time, but what other techniques can you use to keep your cool?

Here are seven productive ways you might be able to use to manage your temper.

1. Exercise

It seems like exercise is always the first thing prescribed for each and every single thing that pops up in our lives, but in this case, exercise is an instant mood changer. Take a brisk walk, go for a swim, lift some weights, or lace up those joggers and go for a run around the block. This helps in multiple ways – firstly, it removes you from the space that provoked your anger, both physically and mentally. Secondly, exercise produces chemicals in your brain called endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in your body similar to morphine.

2. Writing

Pour your heart out onto a piece of paper. Let all of that anger and stress flow out and rage as much as you want, scribbling everything you need to. Give yourself the freedom to fully unload all of your negative thoughts and feelings and really release that anger. If you’re worried that someone else may read it later, you can burn your papers to release the energy. Just do it safely.

3. Silent Screaming

Stay with me here. Press your face against your pillow, take a big deep breath and scream into it without engaging your vocal cords. You will get the energy release of screaming very loudly without actually screaming and alarming your family. Visualise the source of your anger while you are doing it and when you’ve finished you might find that your anger has dissipated.

4. Drumming

Physically banging on drums releases anger, stress, anxiety and negative emotions, especially when done rhythmically. You are focusing on the rhythm of the instrument and not on the person or matter that is making you angry. The repetition aids in regulating your breathing and it can become a meditative opportunity. You don’t need a full-on drum kit for this, you can pick up some electronic air drumsticks for less than $20 and go to town on a pillow.

5. Rage Cleaning

Turn up some music and get cleaning – the energy it takes to really scrub the laundry floor until it is clean enough to eat off is similar to the effects of exercising and drumming. You get to release a lot of anger and stress, your body benefits from those wonderful endorphins, and you now have part of your house sparkling and clean. Win-win!

6. Hit a punching bag

Releasing your rage into a punching bag is another effective way to manage your anger and trigger those endorphins. Think about all the things that make you angry and channel them into that swinging bag. Who cares what you look like or whether you’re actually any good, that is not the point! You’re also exercising, which can only be a good thing.

7. Take a shower and win that argument!

Give yourself room to seethe and hit the shower. While that hot water is streaming over your body, stage the argument or situation in your head and play it out. Say all the things your want to say but feel that you can’t. Win that argument, dammit! Have your temper tantrum, exfoliate, mutter under your breath and wash your hair. Curse to high heaven. Emerge from the steam with a fresh outlook and watch as your anger washes down the drain with the water.

We hope this list is helpful to you in managing those moments of anger that we all experience at times. Good luck!


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Jill Slater

Jill Slater

Jill is a busy wife and mother of four young children. She loves nothing more than making people giggle, and loves to settle in with a glass of wine (or four) and wander about the internet. Feel free to follow her to see all the cool stuff she finds!

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