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“I Had a Breast Reduction, and My Husband is Not Happy About It!”

After undergoing a second breast reduction, one woman is being faced with a less than supportive husband, and wonders if she was wrong to go through with the surgery. Despite her suffering from pain from her large breasts, her husband cited a handful of reasons why he didn’t want her to go through with the surgery, and…well, we’ll let you be the judge of who is in the wrong on this one!

I had one reduction back in 2019 before I met my husband. Now I’m 3 days into my recovery from my second reduction and my husband has been bitching and it’s been getting on my nerves
First reduction I went from a H cup to a big C. Boobs grew back only a few years later and went up two cup sizes. Now after my second reduction I’m currently a small B
——My reasons for my second reduction:
•back pains
•neck pains
•shoulder pains
•I wear a sports bra 24/7 unless if I shower and if I don’t I experience a lot of discomfort and pain
•difficulties with physical exercises
•trouble fitting nicely into my clothes
•personal preference for very small breasts
—My husband doesn’t want me to get a reduction because——
•he’s worried I’ll look like a 12 year old boy
•my husband is insecure about his man boobs and he’s upset that our boobs are the same exact size now
•my husband has a preference for a “big rack” on a woman
•he also has been complaining about the recovery because this second surgery has been more work than my first one and this is the first time he has to take care of anyone and he’s just not having a fun time lol he just can’t stop complaining about doing everything this whole week


It’ll come as a shock to absolutely nobody that everyone was firmly on the woman’s side in this instance, with many people making negative comments about the husband and his selfish attitide.

Maybe if your husband is worried about his moobs, he can go get the reduction next time. (Mags7683)

Makes me think he just wants his wife to be as insecure as him honestly. Seems like smaller boobs make her feel good and he doesn’t want that. (Buttstuff69__)

NTA. Tell him if he doesn’t shut up you’ll get a husband reduction (chibbledibs)


Other people pointed out that men really had no idea how much of a burden large breasts can be, or how heavy they are.

Im a natural D cup, they go well with my frame, no pain. The other day my husband was helping me because I had an allergic rash underneath my boob so he literally held them to check and he was like “wow, this is heavy, aint you tired?” NTA, boobs should never be a source of pain or discomfort and him complaining about being a caregiver says a lot about his level of commitment towards you. Also, he can get a reduction himself if he is so worried about his breast size. (onlytexts)


I have a pair of 40Gs on my chest and want to get a reduction because of the common shoulder and back pain, but also because they literally crush my lungs to the point that I can’t breathe well unless I cinch the shoulder straps on my bras so tightly that they leave divots in my shoulders. I’m having a hard time getting a medical referral from a doctor so that insurance will cover at least part of the reduction costs.
My boyfriend has said many times, that though he’d miss my boobs, he would rather me be comfortable and not struggling with my health as a result of having them. He supports my desire to get a reduction and has assured me he’d help in whatever way I need during recovery.
This is how your husband should be reacting to you wanting a reduction for your health and comfort. You are NTA and he needs to get over himself if he thinks your world needs to revolve completely around him and HIS desires for YOUR body just because you married him. (EmberSolaris)

Some commenters suggested giving the husband a taste of what it is like carrying around large breasts all day every day.

Get one of your old bras, add weights and tell him to wear it. See how he likes it.
Pisses me off your worried about your health and he’s worried about whether or not he can play grabbies. What an AH but you are not. NTA (nerdgirl71)


Please make a harness that will hold 2 / 5 lb bags of flour or sugar and strap it on that man of yours and make him wear it 24/7 ….until he begs you to remove it… (Buddy-Sue)

People were rightly disgusted that her husband would think his preferences come before her health and wellbeing.

“Sorry, honey, but my insecurities and arousal are more important than you not being in pain or having control over your own body. Also i reaalllyy don’t like having to do anything for you, so you having any medical procedures at all is a non-starter.”
Personally I’d tell him that he can play with his own tits from now on because yours are only open for someone who cares about the person they’re attached to.
NTA (1568314)

Why do people like this man get married? Honestly sounds so immature. What happened to caring about yr health and wellbeing? Would this guy even stick around if you were seriously ill or hurt in an accident? He just seems to see you as doll there for his pleasure, not as a person who’s wellbeing should be paramount. Get him to wear yr old bras and fill them with the equivalent weight you were carrying, and see how he likes it. Ynta. (Lost-Imagination-995)

But, when it comes down to it, as user Mamamundy points out, it’s her body and her choice – end of conversation!



You have listed 8 reasons for a breast reduction, when all you needed was one : “because I want it”. You may need to list all the reasons for your insurance to PAY for it, but you wanting it is all the reason you need to get it.
Wishing you a speedy and uneventful recovery.

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