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How These Cute Monster Crayons Could Help Abused Children

monster crayons help abused children

How These Cute Monster Crayons Could Help Abused Children

A few days ago I received an email that made me sit up and think WOW! (which really is quite something considering it was 7am and the kettle was still boiling, to be fair, I’m pretty hard to impress before I’ve so much as sniffed a coffee bean).

I receive copious emails everyday – mostly from PR companies wanting me to write about their clients latest products, occasionally there will be invitations to go to exciting events, but mostly it’s PR releases (and SCAMS! It’s hard to believe that I have quite so many long lost relatives waiting to bequeath me their entire estate really, but if the 1,000’s of emails I receive are to be believed seems my long lost relatives could fill the MCG.)

But this email was different. It wasn’t from someone wanting something for nothing.  It was from someone wanting to give, and do something pretty fantastic for the Children’s charity Act for Kids. From the moment I read the details I could see their passion, and their vision and I wanted to help them spread the word about their (quite frankly, bloody awesome) initiative.

Christian KcKechnie and Ben Lees are hoping that their crowd funding project will help Act for Kids to further help abused and neglected children. Act for Kids uses art therapy as a way of helping abused children through their art therapy so the monster shaped crayons the pair have created hold a special significance.

Watch their short video and you’ll know exactly what I mean…I am pretty certain that you’ll have the same ‘WOW’ reaction that I did.

“Abused children tend to draw a lot of monsters. It’s sad but true,” Christian McKechnie explained.

“Why monster shaped crayons? Because, just like art therapy, every drawing helps take away a child’s monster.”

Monster_Crayons_4_Kids 2

All proceeds of the crayon sales will go straight back into art therapy in the hope that Act for Kids can expand its services to more children who need it.

“But of course, all that takes funds, and that’s where we are hoping the community can help pitch in and help us take away a child’s monsters,” Mr Lees explains on the Pozible website.

Which is where parents like you and I can make a purchase for our own child that we can feel truly good about. Can you imagine sitting down with your child to draw a picture on a Saturday afternoon knowing that your purchase of a pack of Monster Crayons is not only helping an abused child holding the same crayon to make their own monsters disappear, but also empowering the charity that helps that individual child to help many more like him or her.

As a mother of three precious children it is so very hard to fathom how anyone could hurt a child, and even more so to know what to do that can make a difference.

But these fun, practical Monster crayons…I think they can. That’s why I am pledging my support by buying a pack myself, but also helping to spread the word. To my children who live in a stable and loving environment they will be a novelty, a material to express themselves and be creative…but to some other poor precious child, it will mean so much more, and I want to be a part of that.


You can read more about the Monster Crayons and/or pledge your support here

As you can see, they are SO CLOSE to their target and making this dream a reality.

monster crayons help abused kids





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