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Bunnings Sausage Cake Video Goes Viral And We Can’t Believe It’s Not A Real Snag!

Bunnings Sausage Cake Video Goes Viral And We Can’t Believe It’s Not A Real Snag!


A talented cake maker by the name of Tigga Maccormack has sent the internet into a frenzy after making a cake version of the famous Bunnings ‘sausage in a bread’ which even included ‘tomato sauce!’

The professional baker already has a massive following on TikTok, with her epic cakes but it was the Bunnings sausage that left everyone stunned. Especially when she poured a sweet version of sauce onto her sausage cake! Genius!

In the video below, Tigga revealed how she created the Bunnings snag cake.

“I got a vanilla butter cake and I pulled it straight out of the oven. While it was still hot, I placed these objects around it and that’s how I got the shape of the bread,” she said.

“I then sliced off the crust and sliced it in half and I got two pieces of bread … but it’s cake!

“Now, because I’ve got bread I thought ‘What am I going to make with it?’ Gotta be something cool!

“So I got some chocolate mud and squished it and rolled it into a sausage. And I got some brown fondant and put my sausage in the fondant and rolled it up.

“Smoothed it all out and then I got myself my little baby torch and then I torched the crap out of it!”

That’s when she let fans know what the cake was going to be.

“If you can’t tell already, I am making a snag in bread! It’s a pretty big thing over here in Australia, not sure if other countries have it …. but in Australia it’s pretty iconic,” she said.

“Bunnings snag anyone?

“So once my snag was done, I put it on the cake bread. And we actually fried some apple in sugar for our onions. Chucked on some dead sauce on it and there you go!

“Snag in bread cake!

“And for those of you wondering, dead sauce is tomato sauce and no it’s not tomato sauce, it’s apple sauce in a sauce bottle!”

Commenters on TikTok were blown away by what they were looking at. They couldn’t get over the fact that they weren’t looking at a Bunnings sausage in bread.

“But why does it look so real?! I swear my brain wouldn’t be able to let me eat it. It would be so confused!” said one.

 “This looks illegal!”

Wrote another: “I watched you make it, but I STILL can’t believe that’s a cake!”

We can’t either! But we’d love to see these being sold at Bunnings alongside the good old snag in a bread, wouldn’t you?

@tigga_macJust a bit of FUN in the cake kitchen. ? ##okiedokie ##straya ##caketok ##bunningssnag ##cakevideo ##aussie ##fyp ##cakedecorator♬ original sound – Tigga Maccormack

Images: TikTok

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