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Dad Questions Whether His 11 Year Old Twins Are Too Old To Be Bathing Together

Dad Questions Whether His 11 Year Old Twins Are Too Old To Be Bathing Together

A concerned father of twins has taken to discussion forum Reddit, to ask whether he’s overreacting in thinking it’s creepy for his 11 year old twins to still be bathing together.

He believes that his kids, a boy and girl, have no place seeing each other naked especially now that they’re prepubescents. The difficult thing is, his wife thinks he’s being silly and sees no problem with their kid’s bathing situation.

In the letter posted to Reddit, the anonymous dad says they alway bathed their twins together when they were younger as it was just a more efficient thing to do. “It was easier to keep an eye on them if they’re in the same place,” he says. But know that their bodies are starting to change he thinks it’s totally wrong.

“They’re about to hit puberty (Just turned 11 last month) and I don’t think they should be doing it anymore,” he wrote. “It’s not normal for pubescent children to bathe together, even twins.”

While the dad finds the whole situation uncomfortable the mum says it’s perfectly normal as the twins have been doing this their whole lives.

“She says they’ve been doing it their whole life, they’re just kids, etc, what’s the problem with it? What do you think?” he asked. “Am I just being a prude?”

It’s a tricky situation because as parents we don’t want to sexualise our kids at a young age but at the same time we do need to keep them safe and give them privacy.

Most commenters on the thread thought it was just wrong that the kids were still sharing a bath.

“They should’ve been separately bathing since at least 5-6 years old,” one person said. “I started showering by myself at around that time.”

While others believed the problem lay in the fact that they weren’t the same gender. “In my opinion, it is a little about gender,” they wrote. “In this case though, the different genders would make that same dynamic inappropriate.”

“Jaime and Cersei should totally be having separate baths by the time they are 11,” another person joked, referring to the Game of Thrones twins in a relationship.

While others said the dad just needs to take a chill pill and not read too much into it.

“Everyone needs to relax,” one person wrote. “Stop acting like because your children bathe naked together they are going to start…([to be honest] [I don’t know] what you think is going to happen but if it’s anything sexual, it’s ridiculous).”

“Raise your kids right and they aren’t going to do things…” another person added. “It’s honestly really creepy that you’re sexualizing your kids at 11. Or at all really.”

“If your kids are fine with the arrangement why should you care?” another added. “Chances are that when they get slightly older they’ll change and want privacy. Or they won’t and their behavior will continue to harm exactly no one. Different people have different feelings around nudity, let your kids decide for themselves.”

Whatever the decision, it’s definitely one that needs to be made as a family. Chances are its the kids themselves that will get to a stage where they will no longer want to be naked in front of each other. What do you think?

Images: Pixabay



Chrystal Lovevintage

Chrystal Lovevintage

Chrystal is a writer and blogger who loves nothing more than watching back to back episodes of crime shows. Should she ever find herself needing to cover up a crime, she'll know exactly what to do! Her dream is to one day live in Palm Springs where she can do her writing poolside while drinking endless gin and tonics. Mum to the cutest twin boys in the world, she loves nothing more than the sound of their laughter (usually heard when they're conspiring against her). Entertainment writer and pop culture junkie, she will be bringing you all the celebrity gossip and news that your brain can handle. You can follow her blog at and on Instagram at Chrystalovevintage

One comment

  1. No they should not be. Your daughter is probably embarrassed as she is becoming a young lady. Maybe you should ask her. Start by telling it is her choice so you doesn’t think you are judging or making a big issue of it. If she asks why, be honest with her and explain your reasons diplomatically. You may find your son doesn’t like it either but I would approach your daughter first. I’m a bit surprised neither of them have asked to shower instead of a bath

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