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Eddie Perfect Slams the NSW Gov Decision to Ban Gayby Baby on Social Media: And We Love Him Just a Little Bit More!

Language warning

Eddie Perfect may be holed up at home with his entire family sick with the seasons latest viral offerings, but it hasn’t stopped him from voicing his thoughts on the NSW Liberal governments decision to ban a film from being shown in high school classrooms after a paper reportedly called it ‘homosexual propaganda.’

‘I’m quite sick. I probably shouldn’t be writing this. I have a fever. But I read the newspaper and… in my delirium… fuck it…’  Eddie wrote on his Facebook timeline yesterday.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be a conservative? To perpetuate a system that alienates, oppresses and excludes any person who falls outside the strict guidelines for acceptable human conduct… to be heirs to the legacy of everything from unwed mothers having their kids taken away, women not having the vote… heck, even women prevented from owning property… and now today, these conservatives who have been (unsuccessfully) holding back the tide for generations, face once again a motivated, smart, compassionate and PROGRESSIVELY INCLUSIVE force who demand that homosexuals and their families EXIST and that their children should not be made to feel ABNORMAL or DISCRIMINATED AGAINST and who see these conservative arguments for what they are: FEAR AND EVERY ARGUMENT THAT STEMS FROM FEAR… when all those years of discrimination feel as if they’re coming to an end, and we see the many, many Australians who are prepared to step up for socially progressive values make their voice heard… wouldn’t it be just grand to be a conservative and go whimpering off to your bitter little OP-ED and gripe that it is YOU who is being denied a voice in this debate… YOU who is the target of hate and ignorance… YOU who is oppressed, ridiculed, excluded?
“Isn’t it hypocritical??!!” you could say, “these gay LOBBIES are perpetuating the EXACT thing they accuse ME of- trying to shush me up and SILENCE MY VOICE! MY VOICE that has rung out in every square inch of ink, each Kilobyte of data, the entire band-width available to modern media since media BEGAN! WAAAAH IT’S NOT FAIR!”
You know I just gasp with incredulity at this idea that neo-cons, who have held down and discriminated against anyone non-white and male since day one, could claim to be the victim. Yes, people are attacking you. Yes, people hate your views. And technically, I suppose, you could claim to be a victim if, after generations, the shouts of derision at your backwards, hateful bullshit have finally reached your stupid conservative ears… but you’re holding onto a few little grains of sand, sunshine, while the rest of the LGBTI community are sitting on a fucking beach. Your days are numbered. You can whimper on your way out but I for one will never be moved by your complaints to feel that “free speech” is any danger, or that we’re suddenly in danger of denying anyone a voice. You think we haven’t actually heard your side of the story yet you fatuous, privileged, ignorant mongers of HUMAN SMALLNESS? To even suggest this takes balls of ignorance and a lack of self-awareness so startling, I wonder how you get your pants on. You’ve had your say and you were (and are) wrong. Now fuck off; out of our schools, out of our bedrooms, out of our families, out of our lives, and leave this “living” business to the people who have met, shared time, workplaces, relationships, families, business, stages, pubs, festivals and lived next door to people who are LGBTI… to people who are not afraid… to folks who do not use “think of the kids” as their excuse for DAMAGING kids, but who ACTUALLY THINK OF THE KIDS.
I have a temperature.

gayby baby

Perfect later goes on to congratulate Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, on his attitude to the decision saying ‘So great to hear a sane, real and compassionate response from you and your government’ in response to Andrews own comments on social media.

I’m getting really sick of this stuff.

Gayby Baby is an award-winning Australian documentary about same-sex parents who are raising beautiful families.

Cath and I took our kids to see the movie recently when it was showing at the Melbourne International Film Festival. They loved it and so did we.

But apparently the NSW Government thinks it’s all too confusing and distressing a subject for high school students.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

All kids need to know there are lots of different kinds of families, and all kids need to know that the most important thing in any family is love.

And this isn’t just about what young people might think of the movie.

I’m also worried about what they might think of themselves.

Young people who are same-sex attracted often lead a quietly difficult life and they deserve our full support.

If you want to talk about things that confuse and distress young people, let’s talk about telling thousands upon thousands of them that they aren’t ‘normal’.

No one deserves that – and it’s just not true.

We won’t put up with this kind of cruel rubbish in our state.

If any young person is hurt by all this, please know that I stand with you. I’m on your side. So is the Victorian Government.

Eddie’s post has already been shared 830 times in the past 23 hours (to date) and has many more comments agreeing with his sentiment.

But for me, the comment by Lyndon Gee sums it up perfectly.

‘It’s frankly un Australia to not embrace progress.’

UPDATE: Daniel Andrews has this morning announced grants to help the LGBTI community:

Under our Government, equality is not negotiable.

We’re proud to support young people who are same-sex attracted, and respect who they are and how they feel.

We’re proud to announce a $160,000 round of grants for projects that help LGBTI young people and promote their rights, their health and their wellbeing.

And we’re proud to Wear It Purple today.

purple day

Share your thoughts – would you be happy for your high school aged children to watch this film at school?

Do you think the documentary film ‘Gayby Baby’ should be shown to students in high school?


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