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Experts Warn Against Letting Your Dog Sleep In The Same Bed As You

Experts Warn Against Letting Your Dog Sleep In The Same Bed As You


Bad news for dog lovers who love nothing more than cuddling up with their pets in bed. Scientists reveal that although half of Australian pet owners allow their pets into bed with them not many are aware of the associated health risks.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics half of Australians share their beds with their beloved pets. What they don’t know however is that this habit comes with some pretty serious health implications.

Scientists say viruses and microscopic dust mite faeces can reside on pets and shed into your bed while you sleep. Dog faeces may contain several types of microorganisms potentially harmful for humans. Bacteria that are harmful for the intestinal tract and cause diarrhoea include Campylobacter, Salmonella, Yersinia and E. coli.

Monika Stuczen, Research Scientist in Microbiology at Dyson says people don’t see the bacteria so don’t see it as a problem.“Many people think that pet hair is the biggest problem as it is the most visible,” says Stuczen. “It is unsurprising that people are unaware of the other particles that may reside on their pets because these particles tend to be microscopic in size.”

A study conducted by Dyson, asked 12,309 people from 11 countries about their pet and bed habits and they discovered that most people aren’t aware of the potential health risks. In fact when they were questioned, very few knew that viruses and dust mite faeces can reside on their pets.

Sleeping with your pets is also a bad idea if you suffer from allergies. Dr. Kunjana Mavunda, a pediatric pulmonologist, says that pet dander (microscopic flecks of skin) can worsen allergies, especially when you sleep in the same bed. “Even if a person has no allergies to pet dander, if they choose to sleep with a pet, it will be prudent to get special protective mattress and pillow covers with zippers that completely cover the mattress and pillow,” says Dr. Mavunda.

What do you think? Has this information changed your mind about sleeping with your pet?

Images: Pixabay


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