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Mum Told to Leave Baby at Orphanage After Wrong Embryo Transferred at IVF Clinic

Mum Told to Leave Baby at Orphanage After Wrong Embryo Transferred at IVF Clinic


When a first time mum had the wrong embryo transferred at her IVF clinic, doctors suggested she leave the three month old at a local orphanage.

Olga realised something was wrong when the hospital told her her newborn boy’s blood type was A. “My blood type is B, my husband has O. Our son cannot have such a blood type,” she said to the doctor after the results were revealed. “The doctor assured me it was technically possible.”

The 33 year old Russian mum knew in her heart he was wrong so she decided to research it for herself. “I googled the scheme which shows that our blood types cannot lead to a child with A.”

Devastated by the news, Olga says she didn’t know what to do. “My life turned upside down. I was in a deep state of shock and panic. I howled for the whole day – but could not tell the reason to anyone.”

When new blood tests were done Olga’s worst nightmare become a reality. “We got a call from the hospital, and went in… we were told neither of us were the biological parents of our son.”

As if this news wasn’t devastating enough, doctors at the hospital went on to suggest Olga and her husband leave the three-month-old baby at an orphanage.

The couple were disgusted at this and said there is no way that would ever happen. “What were they talking about? Denis is not a piece of dried bread in a bakery shop that I don’t want to take,” she said.

“I accepted my son. He is our child. Please try to understand me – he is our boy. My husband supported me 100 per cent.”

Although the couple went on to receive $AUD55,000 compensation by the state-run Chelyabinsk Regional Perinatal Centre, they have yet to receive an apology.

“The hospital never apologised – their representative behaved so arrogantly,” she says. “They looked at us as beggars who came to ask a favour. No regret, no sympathy. I was not able to calm down over this – my heart was all over the place. What if the other couple – who may be raising our biological child – was told to abandon the girl or boy to an orphanage?”

Olga goes on to say that she thinks she’s actually met the biological mother of her son. “The day I went in for the extraction of biomaterial, I met a woman in the same ward,” she said. “We exchanged a few words but I just cannot remember her name. She said 10 eggs were picked up from her, the same as me. We met again at the ‘insemination’, sharing the same ward… I have not seen her since. I fear our biological material was swapped.”

Despite the fact that Olga and her husband want to find their biological child, they have no intention of dumping their son Denis. “If we find them – we would love to establish normal contacts,” she explains. “We could potentially relocate to where they live – or they would relocate close to us. I think there is no chance we will swap the kids back,” she admits.

“I would never give up Denis. I breastfed him. He is our long-awaited child – they have the right to know they have a son. His biological parents could have Denis for holidays if they felt like it. I just want to establish a relationship with them.”

“I will do anything for Denis – sometimes my husband gets offended with how I pamper my boy,” she says. “But just imagine that I begged in church to have this child, to give birth to him. I carried him but I would open the doors of my house to his biological parents at any time.”

Images: East2West/Australscope

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