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Sophie Monk Revealed the Winner of The Bachelorette on Live Radio

Sophie Monk Revealed the Winner of The Bachelorette on Live Radio

Australia’s latest Bachelorette and favourite bogan Sophie Monk was wise to pack up and head to Thailand during the airing of her series of The Bachelorette Australia. She feared that she would accidentally give away major hints as to who she had chosen in the finale of the pre-recorded reality series, and she was bang on the money.

During a live interview with Kyle and Jackie O at KIIS FM, Sophie was asked if she had told her loved ones who she chose as the winner in the popular series.

“You know, luckily I’ve got no friends,” the former Bardot songstress responded with a laugh.

When probed further as to whether or not she would disclose the winner if she wanted to, Sophie said: “You know I would!”

As the interview went on, Sophie revealed to the shocked deejays the name of the man who has won her heart.

Jackie O’s face as the winner was revealed

In a move that is probably for the best, the hosts bleeped out the name of the winner before it went to air. We’re sort of happy but sort of still really want to know who she has chosen!

Straight after she revealed the winner, Kyle asked: “Are you sure that’s the right decision?”

Sophie confirmed she was sure and Jackie jumped in, saying she liked the contestant.

“I get a good vibe off him,” Jackie said.

Kyle also questioned her about their sex life and asked Sophie if he was ‘the best lover’ she’s ever had. Because of course he did.

“I’d say yes,” Sophie replied, no doubt rolling her eyes over the phone.

The 37-year-old has responded to rumours that her relationship with the winner is already over by confirming that the couple are very much in love.

“Yes, we are still together and still in love… I’m very happy.”

Hot money is on millionaire father of four Stu Laundy to win Sophie’s heart and we are firmly in his corner as well. Come on, dude owns several pubs, what’s not to love??

When all is said and done, at least we can all be relieved in the knowledge that Soph didn’t end up picking giant douchenoggin Ryan. Or the breakdancer. Or that weird guy that cried because his ex didn’t cheat on him that time.

Who do you think Sophie will end up with? And do you think Kyle Sandilands can keep a secret?


Source: Channel Ten and KIIS FM

Jill Slater

Jill Slater

Jill is a busy wife and mother of four young children. She loves nothing more than making people giggle, and loves to settle in with a glass of wine (or four) and wander about the internet. Feel free to follow her to see all the cool stuff she finds!

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