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Woman Devastated After Being Left With LEGO Like Teeth Following Dental Work Overseas

Woman Devastated After Being Left With LEGO Like Teeth Following Dental Work Overseas


While on holidays, a British woman decided to have some dental work done as it was significantly cheaper than back home. What she was left with can only be described as fake looking plastic teeth!

Aida Azizii, 26, was holiday in Iran when she decided on a whim to have composite bonding. What attracted her initially was the low price- it cost only $A965 for 19 teeth.

After spending more than six hours in the dentist’s chair, Aida says she was mortified to find her teeth looked like Lego bricks. She says she regrets the impulse decision and says she should’ve just stuck to having them done in the UK. In fact she says she didn’t really know much about this dentist in Iran.

“I was very trusting of this new doctor that I had been recommended,” she said.

“I didn’t see any social media accounts, I just booked it there and then, and he did it in one appointment, which I should have seen as red flag initially. In hindsight, there were other warning signs too. When the procedure started, the dentist was busy with another patient so his assistant started the work,” Aida said.

“She kept telling me to trust her as she always does it and that it’s her job.I just wanted a natural white colour. She insisted she would give me a really nice bright white colour and that it would dull down over a year. She chose the whitest colour I had ever seen. They were like piano keys. She only did the four bottom teeth and then had to leave, so then the doctor finally took over.”

Aida says she was so shocked when she first saw the results.

“I resembled a horse. They were way too big. But he told me I would get used to them,” she said. “I wasn’t even able eat because my back teeth weren’t touching. And the tip of my tongue was sore as it was hitting the back of the teeth because the composite wasn’t bonded properly together. My lips became so dry because I couldn’t close my mouth and my voice had changed too.”

Opting to go back to have them fixed, Aida says she asked to have her teeth “shaved down a little more”.

“I was in so much pain and there was so much pressure on my front teeth,” she said. “Again, the doctor was busy so the assistant had to fix them. Still telling me I could trust her, I reluctantly let her work on my teeth again. I was just in so much pain.”

Luckily the 26-year-old has since had her teeth corrected, and shared her experience online.

“I found another doctor whilst still in Iran,” she said. “He couldn’t believe how badly they had been done and asked me how long the previous doctor had been a doctor for but I wasn’t sure. I was told that because they were so big, and the all pressure was on my front teeth, if I had left them untreated, my natural teeth would have eventually fallen out. It was me being stupid.”


In an updated post Aida admits she should have done some research before going ahead with the procedure.

“Luckily my teeth are fine now, just very white,” she said. “It cost me an additional £200 ($A350) but I’m so glad I have saved my teeth from falling out. Looking back, I don’t even think first man I went to was a doctor. I guess I didn’t look for a certificate, so it was me being stupid. But at least it was just composite bonding and not veneers so my natural teeth weren’t shaved down.”

Images: Tiktok aida_azizii

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