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Mum Turns Her Son’s Weaponised Incompetence Back on Him, and We are Here for It!

Is there anything more manipulative, pathetic or infuriating than someone who pretends that they can’t perform a simple and necessary task just so that someone else will pick up the slack? Most of us know someone that does this whether it’s at work or at home. You know, when you find yourself taking over a job because someone else always seems to accidentally-on-purpose mess it up or half-arse it, and it’s just easier to do it yourself? Well, that’s likely someone using weaponised incompetence against you!

One mum, after discovering that her teenage son wasn’t only doing his chores badly on purpose but was also bragging about it, decided to teach him what it feels like to be on the receiving end of it.

I am so tired. My son (15) has been messing up all of his chores on purpose, I started to teach him how to cook more complex stuff and other stuff (like proper deep cleaning, how to clean the bathroom well, laundry… think grown up chores). He messes up, at first I thought he was just having a harder time so I spent more time on it with him.

It was driving me insane because I tried so many ways to teach him and I was getting quite frustrated. I even went to book an appointment to see if he ADHD or something. I cancelled it after I heard him talking with his friend bragging how he got out of his chores by messing them up.


I sat him down and talked to him and he denied that, saying he doesn’t get it. He went as far as say it wasn’t a big deal he can’t do it.

So after I have been messing up his stuff on purpose to show how much of an inconvenience it is. For example forgot to turn on the dryer so he had wet clothes. We got in an argument today thinking I am a huge jerk and that he knows I am doing it on purpose.

I told him that is the point and I won’t stop until he does his stuff correctly. He won’t talk to me and my husband is on his side.

As you might imagine, people were not happy about the father’s reaction and lack of support for his wife.


Since your husband is on his side, let him handle the chores originally assigned to your son.

“Oh, dinner isn’t on the table? Well that’s too bad. Guess I will be having some fancy meal I had premade for tomorrow! You would like to have some? Sorry, won’t do, there is only enough for myself. I’m selfish? Nope, just hungry. You want something to eat? There is the kitchen, help yourselves.”

“Oh, your room isn’t clean? Well here is the mop. Trash hasn’t been taken out? Gosh, the smell in your room must be horrendous. You didn’t clean the bathroom? Yeah, I figured you had a number two, the smell made it quite obvious. Your laundry isn’t done? How so, when the washer and dryer are right here?”


Be snarky and unapologetic about it. They’re not ready to put in their fair share of work? Well, that’s too bad, neither are you.

And tell your son that a 15 year old who does not know how to clean a toilet, to do his laundry or to cook a simple meal twice a month is ridiculous and borders on pathetic. (911idiotasksforbrain)

Naturally people were curious as to how the woman was teaching her son this valuable lesson and wanted more information.


Oh man. At first I was skeptical, like you might be the asshole, but once you overheard him bragging about it, and then he denied it? I can’t think of a better tool for the job.

What I want, though, is an update. I mean, wet clothes is awesome, and I wanna hear what else you come up with.

Op was quick to reply and we can’t help but applaud her evil genius!

I did the wet clothes, I didn’t remove the plastic off the cheese slice for his lunch. I forgot how to use an iron for his clothes, his cups that he uses often were washed up in the dishwasher so they filled with dirty water. He forgot to back his book so that stayed on the counter and I didn’t remind him.

Really everything I do for him I have been forgetting to do or fucking them up someway. I’m only on day three, he didn’t really notice the first day (Odd_Hat_2030)

Whilst her teenage son may think that she’s being petty, some people pointed out that she is simply doing her job as a good parent, and preparing him for the real world.

He doesn’t realize but you’re making it so he can be successful in the real world and also have a better chance of getting married if he wants. Women aren’t putting up with men not contributing to housework and childcare anymore and men are really struggling with not being able to find relationships. (Unhappy-Prune-9914)


Others recalled the unfairness of being the sibling of someone who did this and how instead of parenting the lazy child, the parents made them do the chores instead.

NTA and I actually applaud you for doing this because my mother just dumped my brothers chores on me because he played this crap. Cut to now and he’s 23 still living with her & still doesn’t properly take care of things. Good parents don’t enable their kid’s shitty behavior, they teach them how to be independent. If you want to try adding extra incentive for getting chores done to standard, that could also be a great way to positively enforce when he is getting things done! Teenagers can be difficult— good luck, mama! 🫶 (Heyuyueyeahwompwomp)

In the words of Reddit user ModernGarrett we’d like to applaud this mum’s parenting and say, “from women everywhere – thank you!”

What do you think? 

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