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Gigi Bib Review: The World’s First One-Handed, Wake-Proof, Accessorisable Bib Range

Regular visitors to Mums Lounge may already know that when it comes to discovering new brands, I’m fascinated by the stories of how they came to be. The reason why, I suspect, is because usually the new product comes about when someone was faced with a challenge or difficulty, and instead of simply accepting that it’s just the way it is, they came up with an innovative idea of how they could solve it, not only for themselves, but others like them.


The Inspiration for Gigi Bib

Last year, mother of two, Chrissy Dupé, after two years of research and development, launched the Gigi Bibrange of bibs designed to be easy to attach and remove with just the thumb and forefinger. Unlike other bibs that have to be pulled over your child’s head, or make a loud noise when you tear the Velcro apart, Gigi Bibs are ergonomically designed so that it can be removed not only one-handed, but without waking your baby too.

“The idea for a one-handed bib was born not long after our youngest daughter, Gisele. Gigi was really hard to feed and settle as a baby and would cry for hours every night. It was really heartbreaking,” Chrissy explains.

“The only way to get her to sleep was to feed her, but taking her bib off would always wake her again. My husband and I were fast becoming stressed out and sleep deprived.”

“We didn’t know back then that Gigi had a rare genetic condition. We wouldn’t receive the devastating diagnosis until she was 14 months old.”

“Back then, we just assumed she was a really tricky sleeper, like so many babies.  We tried so many different bibs. But we couldn’t find one that we could take off easily and quietly with one hand without waking her. They all had to be pulled off over her head, or had fiddly press studs that pulled on her neck when we tried to take them off with one hand, or noisy Velcro strips that wore out in the wash. We were desperate. So, I set out to create a one-handed, ‘wake proof’ bib. I wanted to make the kind of easy-to-use bib we desperately wished we’d had when we needed it.”

Chrissy’s daughter Gigi was born with Mosaic Trisomy 20, and extremely rare genetic condition. Gigi Bib proudly donate 10 cents from every sale to Rare Voice Australia – the national peak body that supports the two million Australians living with a rare disease, like Gigi.

Gigi Bib Review

Understandably, our review team were only too happy to try out the Gigi Bib range, to see if they really could be removed with just one hand, and without waking bubs.

Amy, mum of 4 from Adelaide was an easy choice. With four-month-old twin girls, Amy is a prime example of a mum in need of a spare hand when she can get one! Gigi baby bibs are made from 100% cotton for delicate skin, with an absorbent terry cloth back to provide extra moisture protection from milk spills.

As you can see, the Marks twins also have the Gigi Accessory Teether strap attached to their bib. Unlike traditional dummy chains which attach onto bub’s clothing and can be easily pulled off, the unique Gigi Bib Accessory quickly and securely attaches to the Gigi Clip – keeping the dummy close at hand and off the floor. The less time Amy has to spend searching around for her girls’ lost dummies, the better!

“We had the pleasure of trying the Baby Gigi Bib and were blown away by how amazing the design is. One-handed design, no velcro or buttons. You also have the accessory tether to attach a dummy or teether to avoid them ending up on the floor. Serious game-changer.”

The signature Gigi Clip, featured on all the bibs in the Gigi Bib range, is made from food-grade Polypropylene-free from BPA, PVC and Phthalates.

To trial the bibs for babies aged 6+ and toddlers, Char and her 15-month-old daughter ‘Fluff’ were only too happy to volunteer their services. For Char, the Gigi Bib looked as though it may be the answer to another challenge she’d been facing when it came to finding the right bib. Having been born with a full head of hair, Little Fluff hates having a bib put on and taken off, as the standard bibs often get caught and pulls on her hair, no matter how careful mum and dad try to be. This is obviously distressing for all involved.

The silicone bib designed for 6 months+ is wipeable and made of an easy to clean material with a large front and generous neck to accommodate growing toddlers, and provide broad coverage for all those toddler-sized food and drinks spills.

“I wish I’d known about the Gigi Bibs from the start. They would have made it so much easier to pop her into bed after a milk feed in the early months.

Now that she’s feeding herself multiple times a day, the Gigi Silicone Bib is fantastic. I had imagined a silicone bib might be a bit stiff and uncomfortable, but I was really pleasantly surprised at how beautifully soft it is. The food catcher pocket at the bottom is much bigger than the one I had on another bib, and catches everything she drops, so instead of it going on the floor, she can safely fish it out and pop it back into her mouth. Less cleaning and less food waste is a definite win!

Just for these things alone, it’s the best bib I own. I literally haven’t used any other one since this arrived a few months ago. But, the cherry on the top for me is that I can put it on and take it off without ever catching her hair. It’s Fluff’s favourite bib too, and I make sure that I tell all my friends with little ones about Gigi Bib.”

Like the other bibs, the Gigi Smock bib features the ergonomically engineered fastener that’s designed to be easy for grown-ups to attach and remove, but tricky for little hands to pull off during mealtimes.

“Like the silicone bib for bubs aged 6 months+, the Gigi Smock Bib is made from soft, easy to clean, 100% polyester. It’s great for protecting Fluff’s clothes, especially if she’s eating something particularly messy or that has the potential to stain. But we love it for sensory playtime too. Because its lovely and soft it doesn’t restrict her movements, and when she’s had enough, I can take it off (without catching her hair) and pop her into the cot for a nap in her nice clean clothes! These bibs have been a godsend for us! They really are worth their weight in gold!”

For parents with bubs at the teething stage, there is also the Gigi Teething Bib.

Since the teething stage is characterised by a whole lot of dribbling, and having to change drool-soaked bibs multiple times a day in order to keep clothing dry and avoid nasty dribble rash, the award winning Gigi Teething Bib have been designed to be super absorbent. They feature a unique triple layer design that includes a luxuriously soft 100% cotton top layer so its gentle on a baby’s skin, a super absorbent foam neck for soaking up excess dribble, and a soft, absorbent terry cloth base layer for ultimate moisture protection. Instead of attaching a dummy parents can also use the Accessory Tether to secure their child’s favourite teether, silicone feeder, or other baby-safe accessories near and prevent them from dropping on the floor.


Honestly, we are yet to find a down-side to the bibs in the Gigi Bib range. Not only are they highly practical, exceptionally comfortable and functional, they are also aesthetically beautiful too, coming in soft gender-neutral tones such as blush or sage, or the limited edition ‘Lena’ design featuring Australian gum blossom.

If you have a baby or toddler who is currently at the stage where they wear bibs, we highly recommend checking out the range at Gigi Bib. You will not be disappointed!


Disclosure: Our reviewers were gifted the Gigi Bib products for the purpose of providing an honest revi

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