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“My Friend is Mad at Me Because I Laughed in Her Face at Her Niece’s Name”

Choosing the name of your child is an undertaking most parents don’t take lightly. It can take months of searching for names in books or on the internet, making lists and discussing your options with your partner or friends. Some people even wait until their baby is born before settling on a name, choosing instead to meet them first so they can decide which name will suit them best. Then there are other parents who in their quest to give their child as unique a name as possible, doom their child to a life of ridicule and embarrassment.

One reddit user recently shared the ‘shockingly bad’ name that her friends niece had been given, and people were horrified.

I want to start this off by saying that I think I’m probably in the wrong here. One of my (22f) best friends (29f) was showing me pictures of her niece (3f). We had both been drinking and this was the first time she ever said her entire first name. Up until this point, I had only heard her nickname used before. The name is shockingly bad and I laughed out loud at it. My friend asked why that was funny and then I realized that she was not only serious but also really liked the name. When we were both sober, she again brought it up and said she wanted her child to have the same name. She isn’t pregnant but I still gave my two cents on it and told her that the name isn’t just bad, it’s almost laughable. She got really upset and said that it was a beautiful name and felt disrespected that I was acting so hostile. I guess I could have been nicer about it but I still think it needed to be said. So, am I the asshole?

Before you judge whether or not OP should have kept their opinions to themselves, or was right to try to save another future child from the same fate, it’s probably only fair that you know what the name is question is. You may need to sit down for this!


Her name is Iridescent Love.


As you may imagine, the comments section did not disappoint!

NTA, you’re supposed to give your kids a regular name and let them pick their own stripper name. (hampagneformyrealfr)

NTA. Iridescent Love is a truly terrible name. it sounds like a brand of lubricant. (Right_Opposite)

The kind of lubricant that gives you a weird shimmery rash and leaves your hooha smelling like lychees. (Hoistedonyourownpetard)

Stay tuned for the siblings, Translucence and Opaque.


Edited to add: OP, definitely NTA. (mbwbr80)

That’s not a name, it’s a lipstick shade (anniesub123)

As many people pointed out, the parents had pretty much guaranteed that she’ll be the target of bullies during her school years.

That poor child is going to hate her name growing up. I hope the kids aren’t too mean to her. (lbuKondo)


NTA. That is the name of a perfume a 14 year old would wear. you could have been nicer about it but that kid is going to be bullied for that name. (heiB123)

While some commenters thought that OP could have handled the situation with more tact, for most people the sheer awfulness of the name negated blame for laughing and speaking up when asked.

Wait so she’s hoping her niece and daughter will both be named Iridescent Love? This is my daughter Iridescent Love and her cousin Iridescent Love? Please tell me I misunderstood this.

Honestly if the name was less bad you’d be the AH because it’s her business to name her kid, but since it’s so so horribly off the charts bad, NTA. (Affestionate_Cow_579)

I would honestly disown my parents if they ever named me something like that, You had every right to laugh OP, That’s honestly terrible. (confusingexecutive)

LMAO 🤣 the edit!!!! NTA, that IS a very shocking name. She’s the one who asked you 2 times. Her calling you hostile isn’t the right word for it. Yes, you could have been nicer, but when I think of how I would have reacted…it’s possible I would have laughed, DEFINETLEY crack a smile. That name is so bad and absurd that it is laughable. It’s goofy (eHellProstitute)

What is the worst name you’ve ever heard someone call their child?

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