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“My Housemate Was Spat on By a Camel, So I Locked Her Out of Our Apartment”

Those of you who have had the misfortune to smell camel spit will know that has an extremely vile smelling odour. That’s because it is a mixture of their saliva and partially digested plants from their stomach. So essentially, their spit is also vomit. With that in mind, the following story is particularly awful! One Redditor, unsure if her actions were warranted, took to the popular subReddit Am1theAsshole for clarification.

This just happened and it’s been super stressful, wondering if I made the right decision.

I share an apartment with another woman, and we’ve been decent enough acquaintances. I’m the primary tenant but she’s subleasing and the landlord is ok with that.

Apparently she walked out to this “fair” that had all sorts of attractions and animals. It was walking distance, about a mile away from our unit. I remember it being advertised but didn’t go.

Well, to put it plainly, she got spat on by a camel. She texted me shortly after it happened to “warn” me and that she was coming home. I thought, okay, what’s the big deal, come home.

I saw her coming up the steps, looking miserable, through the window and went out to the porch to greet her, and instantly I was hit with the most unbelievably vile smell I’ve ever smelled, from a good 20 feet away. I really couldn’t take it, I got only a whiff and I could feel my stomach churning.

I went back inside and closed the door. She came up and tried to get inside with her key but I was practically begging her “No, whatever happened you can’t come in like that.” She was yelling “What, I live here!” and then was practically crying that she had nowhere else to go. I said I’m sorry but there’s no way, I can’t let that smell in here, I could smell her through the door, I was gagging.

I suggested that she find a hose, or shower somewhere, or jump in a creek, or something, anything but coming in like that, but she was saying no store would let her in…

But I held firm. I held the door closed until she walked away. She came back an hour later soaking wet (maybe she had jumped in a creek) and opened the door (I couldn’t just sit there holding it shut all day), and the smell was maybe barely better but still horrific. She jumped straight into the shower, but I can still faintly smell it throughout our whole living room and it’s making me feel absolutely sick.

Now we’re both furious at each other. I’m mad that she came back in before the smell was gone and now the whole place smells unbearable. She’s furious that I dared to hold the door shut and keep her out and is saying that she’ll be talking to the landlord or a lawyer because that can’t be legal, but I don’t know what else I could have done, this is dreadful.


tl;dr held the door shut to prevent apartment-mate from coming in stinking to high heaven

Firstly, you’ve got to love how she starts off the story with how super stressful it’s been for her! Her housemate was vomited on by a camel, was locked out of her own home when all she wanted to do was wash herself and probably burn her clothes, AND then had to jump into a random body of water because her housemate is a giant arsehole!

“Is it seriously as stinky as the OP is making it out to be?” asked one commenter. “What does it smell like? It’s just hard for me to believe it could be this awful.”


“Oh yeah, think rotten cabbage with a side of … well what would happen if you ate something rotten,” another replied.  “It’s effectively their stomach contents. If I recall correctly and it may be true for camels, there are two levels of spit, bad and oh my god kill me now.”

According to one commenter the smell is really hard to get rid of and lingers for weeks!

Yes, it really is. And if it isn’t washed off quickly it seeps into pores and hair – people have the smell on their skin for weeks, it gets into pores, you need specialist cleaners to have even a chance of getting it out at that point. People have to shave off hair because it impregnates with it to the point of being unfixable. OP stopping this woman being able to get clean has done her serious lasting harm. – MaintenanceFlimsy555

Which certainly makes what OP did even worse…if that’s even possible!


Some commenters were also quick to point out that refusing a tenant access to their home was also illegal, and OP could even be sued for what she had done. Indeed many people thought she should be!

YTA and it’s likely illegal. If she’s paying rent to live there you can’t just randomly lock her out because you don’t like how she smells. When people are dirty and gross the place they clean themselves up is their bathroom, which you blocked her from. The right thing to do would have been to leave while she gets cleaned up and come back with air freshener. – TrainerOpening4420

I hope OP is charged for this and has to deal with the legal ramifications. I would have called the police on them immediately when they denied me entry to my home. YTA OP and deserve to be punished for your illegal actions. – MineAreReal


YTA and absolutely vile.

That’s her home, that’s where she’s meant to clean off where else was she meant to do. That’s absolutely disgusting of you to do, sure it smelt but she was probably embarrassed and in a terrible mood, imagine having to walk home like that too and just thinking of a nice shower and curling up in bed to just have someone hold the literal door closed on the apartment you pay to live in.

You could’ve locked yourself in your room after Opening up all the windows, sprayed the place down with fabreeze after or just been a decent human being. I hope there’s some repercussions for what you did because you sound absolutely vile and inconsiderate. – ggglanaxx

We think user Birdlord420 sums it up best in their comment, “YTA and your soul smells of camel spit.”


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