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People Share the Best Advice Their Dad Ever Gave Them

When they’re not dagging dancing, or telling crap jokes, dads can sometimes impart their wisdom to us. On a recent Reddit thread people were sharing the best advice their dad ever gave them, and they range from hilarious to thought-provoking, and metaphorical!


“No woman ever shot a man whose hands were in dishwater.” (Rogleson)


My sex talk from him was “FullFirstName, don’t ruin that girl’s life.”
On the surface it looks like a blow-off statement, but the sincerity and somberness of his tone really sunk in. It helped me realize at a young age how much I could impact someone’s, anyone’s life by being careless. (BandOfDonkeys)


My dad always said “if you can’t buy it 3 times you can’t afford it” . If you take it super literally then yes, the statement is flawed but the point is just because you can buy it doesn’t mean you can afford it

Grateful for everything he taught me, rest in peace pops ❤️ (NBAplaya8484)


In your absolute worst moments, remember: whatever shit you’re going through today will make for a great/hilarious story in five years.

Always kept me focused on the longer/bigger picture instead of how miserable or futile life could feel. (stuntobor)

You can afford to take your time but you can’t afford to waste it (Ok_Acanthisitta5022)



In your teens, you’re worried everyone’s looking at you; in your twenties, you’re worried everyone’s not looking at you; in your thirties you realize no one was ever looking at you anyways.” (J4ckD4wkins)


My dad used to say, “Measure twice, cut once”. It’s not just about carpentry, it’s about taking the time to think things through before making a decision. (stealthilyheavenlyco)


As part of an awkwardly late talk about sex he emphasized that “good girls like to do it too”. (Heavy_Direction1547)


You want to get a woman? Learn to dance. You want to keep a woman? Learn to cook. He then proceeded to teach me how to make the family recipe marinara. (GM_Solspiral)


If you always tell the truth you never have to remember anything. (Icy-Information4084)


Never lose the kid that’s inside you. (ChooseLight)


Put a piece of toilet paper in the toilet before you poop to avoid splashing when the poo drops. (HighAltitude88008)


“If a girl tells you she’s coming over in an hour, clean your apartment. If she’s on her way and you only have time to clean one room, clean the bathroom. If you only have enough time to clean one part of the bathroom, clean the toilet.” (zippyboy)


When I got married my dad said, “There are days you aren’t going to like them and vise versa. On those days it’s important to give each other grace and remind yourself that you love them.” (bandit0314)


“If you do what you need to do when you need to do it, you can do what you want to do when you want to do it.” (kbunnell16)


You can’t control what others do, you can only control what you do. (Darklydreaming93)


You can go anywhere in the World; you’ll still be the same person, just in a different place. (foxsimile)


A bit metaphorical : If you need to walk a 100 km, just tell yourself – “i’m going to walk 1 km”, and then keep doing it till you reach your goal. (Dabbler4Life)


Pay attention to the lyrics in the music you listen to. (changort)


If you have one, true friend in your life, consider yourself blessed. (NoMoreNarcsLizzie)


When you dance, you gotta pay the fiddler. (your actions will have consequences. If you don’t want to deal with them, don’t do it) (momto2cats)


My dad used to say “it takes two to tango”, which I have found to be true in almost every situation. Knowing this has helped me to analyze situations in terms of all participants involved, and has resulted in me thinking of ways in which I helped or worsened situations without taking responsibility for things that were out of my control. (theshizirl)


When my son was born, he told me “never EVER tell your kid you’re too tired to throw the ball around with him” (StinkyJockStrap)

Did your dad ever give you a piece of advice that really stuck with you?

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