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The Circle & Challenges of Life

circle of life


circle of life

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The Circle of Life

The circle of life inspires a feeling that life has come full circle, or that everything is connected in some way or another. As we grow old we can revert back to needing assistance to eat, get dressed and all those tasks that we take for granted in life. I caught up with some girlfriends recently and one was saying how she had taken her 70-year-old mother out clothes shopping and how frail and aged she noticed her mother had become. 70 is not that old, but her mum is in a scooter because she has arthritis in her feet. She had to assist her mum dressing and undressing trying the clothes on and said she remembered clearly like yesterday her mum helping her to get dressed.

You can’t change certain events and chronic health diseases that can happen to you in life but I am a strong believer in the hard work starts now! What you do now can affect your health and mind later in life. My 86-year-old mother in law still plays tennis and does crosswords everyday and she is as strong as an ox. There are all sorts of studies that show how exercise staves off depression, boosts healthy aging and can even help improve your memory and preserve your cognitive abilities.

Life will constantly throw challenges and changes at us, but it’s how you react to and what you do with those challenges and changes that will affect your well-being and path in life. Life isn’t always fair and that’s just a fact we have to deal with. Change is inevitable and we have to cope with that in the best way we can.

We all control our own emotions and reactions, no one can make you feel bad, that’s up to you. Don’t waste energy on things that are outside your control and don’t dwell on the past, learn from it and move on. Develop a heightened sense of humor because it will get you through moments in time when you can’t do much else but laugh.

Accept that you can’t please everyone and learn to say no! I believe the older you get the less you worry about what others will think and say about you, it’s a waste of thought space. It’s exhausting and a drain on your emotions and time to hang out with energy vampires, you’re far better to invest your time in friends that you create great memories with and see a future together.

We only have one circle of life so continue to grow and improve and challenge yourself and you’ll see how all aspects of your life are connected in one way or another.

Jennifer Brosnan is a mum of 3 and the founder and business owner of Leave it with me, an admin and support service for seniors and their families.

When Jennifer is not working she loves to run or ride her bike, and is involved in her local community as a committee member on business networking groups, organising street dinners, mum get togethers and other social events.

You can visit her website and blogs at :
Or join her Facebook page at:

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