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The Parents’ Guide to Decoding Your Teenager’s Slang

We’ve all caught ourselves thinking “what the heck did I just hear/read?” when it comes to our teens while they’re talking to their friends and us. Slang’s a-changing and we’re either going to be able to understand what’s happening, or  we’re going to smile and wave like the penguins from Madagascar. If you’re here, we’re assuming you’re wanting to know what it is that your kids are talking to their friends about, so we’ve made a (not very little) cheat sheet for you!

Bae – significant other, a crush or someone they’re incredibly close with

  1. I’m going out with bae tonight!


Baka – idiot / foolish / stupid

  1. Wdym?
  2. Bruh, are you baka?

Basic – someone who is unoriginal, generic

  1. She’s off to get another pumpkin spiced latte. How basic
  2. But lowkey, pumpkin spiced lattes kinda slap


Bet – Yes, ok, all right, absolutely. Used in agreement.

  1. I’m gonna get some cookies and cream. You want some ice cream?
  2. BET! Cookies and cream is bussin!

Boujee – someone who is fancy and lives extravagant things

  1. You seen the way they walk? They KNOW they’re boujee
  2. No cap, they living it up!

Bussin – VERY good, especially in the context of food

  1. Yo, where’d you get that pretzel? I’m lowkey wanting one
  2. That shop over there! This shit is bussin!

Cancelled – a person is ostracised for poor points of views; generally racism, sexism or views against LGBT+ community

  1. Did you see the new game that came out? I’ve heard it’s good
  2. Did you see that the creator is cancelled? They’re transphobic
  3. Oh, well, not buying that one, then

Cap / Kizzy Cap – You’re lying, there’s no way that’s true

  1. Did you study for the quiz today?
  2. There’s no quiz today.
  3. No cap, there’s a quiz today!
  4. Kizzy cap – there’s definitely not a quiz


CEO – used for when someone has mastered a skill becoming the “CEO of” something

  1. Hey, check out this bracelet I made for you!
  2. It’s amazing! You’re basically the CEO of making bracelets these days!

Chad / What a chad – cocky male

  1. Made it to the next rank in COD last night
  2. What a chad!

Dank – something that is excellent, of high quality / weird and edgy memes

  1. Hey, you seen these dank pins I got off kickstarter?

Dead / Ded / I’m dead – an expression for something that’s hilarious. Used when someone’s laughing so hard they can barely breathe

            Friend tells a hilarious joke

            “I laughed to the point of tears. I was dead!”

Deadass – completely serious, seriously

  1. You okay?
  2. Nah fam, I’m deadass tired

Drip – clothing, accessories, shoes

  1. The drip looking GOOD today!
  2. Thanks! And I got most of it from an OP shop

Extra – Over the top

            Wearing a big necklace that’s incredibly shiny and large

  1. Dang, that necklace extra af! I love it!


Facts – It’s true, I’m giving only facts

  1. That jumper looks warm af!
  2. Facts, it’s the best

Fam – people they’re really close with, basically family (sometimes actually family)

  1. We good fam?
  2. Yeah, we good

Finna – I am going to / getting ready to do something

            “I’m finna go to the store and get some snacks for the party”

Fit – shortened version of the word outfit

            “I’m going shopping for a new fit!”

Flex – bragging about something

  1. I’m at the gym every day of the week
  2. Way to flex, I guess

FR / FRFR – For real / for real for real

  1. This burger is GOOD, frfr!
  2. Guess I’m getting a burger, then.

Ghost / Ghosted – Someone who stops talking to another person without telling them

  1. they ghosted me after our date
  2. …Savage

Glow Up – physical and/or emotional makeover. A massive, positive transformation

  1. Damn! You’ve had one hell of a glow up! You look amazing!
  2. Thanks! I lost like 15 kilos!

GOAT – Greatest of all time

            “Michael Jordan is the GOAT of basketball”



Gucci – all good

  1. We Gucci?
  2. Yeah, we Gucci bruh

Hits different – better than usual or better under different circumstances

“Hot chocolates are great, but hot chocolates bought from a café just hit different.”

L / Take the L – loss / take the loss, something that is bad

  1. We’re only 5 goals down, we can come back
  2. Bro, take the L

Lewk – your style, your signature, something so very you that you know is recognisable

“Matt’s always wearing a black leather jacket. It’s their lewk”

Lit – something that’s exciting or cool

  1. This party is absolutely lit!
  2. Frfr on god! I’m living for it!


Lowkey – something you’re trying to be subtle about (or ironically not subtle)


  • Lowkey, they actually looking real good today.

Main Character – someone who presents as a protagonist / main character

  1. They got mad main character energy
  2. Right? I love it, they’re amazing!

Mid – mediocre / average (not in a bad way)

“Lowkey, they kinda mid tho, fr…”

Mood – indicates agreement, identification with something that someone has posted

            Friend posts a picture of them eating a pizza

            “Pizza is such a mood frfr”

No Cap / No Kizzy – I’m not lying / I’m being honest

  1. No cap, the price of the game we were looking at is 80% off!
  2. Frfr? Are you serious? Lets go!

On god – I’m telling the truth / I swear to god

  1. We’ve got a quiz today. You ready for it?
  2. Cap, we don’t have a quiz today. They didn’t say anything
  3. On god, no cap. Good luck
  4. …damn

POG / Poggers – Play of the game (generally used online)

            Someone beats a really tough boss on a game

  1. POG!
  2. POGGERS!!! LET’S GO!!

Rizz – someone’s ability to flirt with others they’re interested in. Their charm and appeal to others.

  1. Do you have someone you’re looking at going to the party with this weekend?
  2. Don’t worry, I’ve got mad rizz so I’ve got options

Salty – jealous, a little bitter or angry

  1. Did you know that these two started dating?
  2. I’m a bit salty about it, tbh. Been trying to get their attention for ages now



Savage – to be tough or do something bold

  1. She’s savage on the basketball court!


Sheesh – disappointment, annoyance, surprise, something that’s tough to do

            “sheeeeeesh, that test was tough!”

Ship / Shipper – someone that wants two people to end up together (usually on a TV show)

            “okay, but I’ve been shipping these 2 for ages, can they just get together already?”

Simp – term for someone who admires another person – usually used in a derogatory way

  1. They’re honestly so gorgeous
  2. Bro, stop simping

Slap / slaps – something that is really good

  1. I got a new puppy!
  2. Fr? That shit slaps!

Slay – doing something really well

Friend dancing at a concert

  1. Slay, girl, SLAY!!

Smacks – something that’s really good

  1. This drink smacks!
  2. And this cake be bussin, on god!

Snack / Snacc – a term used to describe someone that looks very good and appealing to you

  1. Omg have you seen how they’re dressed today? They lookin’ like a snack!

Snatched – adjective to describe someone who looks fashionable and amazing

            “Have you seen her makeup? It’s on point, she’s definitely snatched.”


Stan – stalker / fan of something but not on a creepy level

  1. I’m so excited for the new episode of Mandalorian coming out in 4 minutes!
  2. Bruh, you’re a bit of a stan

Sus / suss / sussy / suspect – something or someone who is suspicious

  1. Bruh you suss af
  2. Trust, fam!

Squad – group of friends

            “I’m off to catch up with the squad!”

Take a seat / Take several seats – Take a step back, sit down, you’re out of line

  1. I’m about to ace this test

Gets test results – 50%

  1. Take a seat.

Tea – Gossip / Spilling the tea – telling gossip / Sipping the tea – listening to the gossip

  1. Omg fam, can I spill the tea?
  2. Is it fresh?
  3. The freshest tea.

TFW – abbreviation for “that feeling when”

“TFW you have a nice hot cup of coffee in a quiet house”

Thirsty – someone who is too interested in another person and their life

            “Fam, you gotta stop commenting on her insta posts. You’re coming across as thirsty.”



Trolled / Trolling – provoke, irritate, joke around

            “You’re dressing up as dwarves to see the new DnD movie? Surely you’re trolling me.”

Understood the assignment – understood what you have to do, performed a task exceptionally well

            “Did you see Beyonce’s fit? She understood the assignment!”

Valid – understandable

            “That’s valid tbf, I hadn’t thought about it like that before”

Vibe – a positive feeling

            “This coffee shop is such a vibe. I love how cozy and chill it is!”

Yeet – throwing something

            Person angry with their laptop.

  1. I’m about to yeet this thing out of the window, fr

Yikes / Big Yikes – something that is bad / very bad

  1. They kinda creepy, ngl, they’ve been staring for ages
  2. Big yikes… it’s wax.

W – win, something that is good

  1. Did you hear that I made it to plat?
  2. That’s a big W!! Well done, bro!

Weird flex, but ok – that’s a weird thing to flex about, let’s pretend you never said anything

  1. I don’t pop my pimples, I leave them so everyone can see them.
  2. Weird flex, but ok.



Wig – an expression of admiration, something so exciting that it’ll blow your wig off!

  1. I got free tickets to Ed Sheeran!!!!
  2. NO WAY, WIG!!!! 

Woke – someone who has “woken up” in regard to political correctness

  1. I just think politicians really have to care about the environment more
  2. They’re not very woke, are they?


Oh boy, there’s a lot to take in! We’re hoping this (not so little) cheat sheet helps you out! Stay strong out there!

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