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Ferrero Rocher Christmas Choir Celebration – Win a Ferrero Hamper

This post is sponsored by Ferrero

Ferrero Rocher Christmas Choir Celebration

Christmas is a time for celebrating special moments with family and friends, so this December we decided to host a musical celebration in Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station. Enjoy!



The essence of Ferrero Rocher is the Italian warmth and passion for celebrating special moments with family and friends. Ferrero’s heritage stretches back almost 70 years to its beginning as an Italian Pasticceria crafting the finest products from locally grown ingredients.

Win 1 of 5 Ferrero Hampers

For a chance to win one of 5 Ferrero Hampers to share with family and friends, let us know why you should be a winner of a Ferrero Christmas Hamper

It will include the following:

— 2x Ferrero Rocher 200g
— 2x Ferrero Collection 97g
— 2x Ferrero Rocher Star 37g
— 1x Ferrero Rocher Cube 225g
— 1x Ferrero Rocher 300g

Ferrero Rocher Hamper Updated

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  1. The fact that Im an addicted chocoholic and Ferrero to me means celebration, Ill definitely be sharing this christmas… 🙂

  2. I would love this hamper to share the love around this Christmas with family and friends but also strangers and the less fortunate 🙂

  3. Would love to be able to spoil my family with these and might even sneak some in my hiding spot away from the children…treats for Mum 🙂

  4. My mum would absolutely love this for a gift on Christmas… although it won’t last very long! 😉

  5. My birthday is a few days after Christmas so I have a double celebration to enjoy my Ferrero hamper.

  6. I want to be a Ferrero winner so I can donate the hamper to the Salvation Army Christmas apeal

  7. This would lift my families spirits after a very hard year. We all love Ferrere Roche chocolates:)

  8. My little family loves Ferrero Roche. We have introduced my 6 years old son his first Ferroro Roche last Christmas and he loves it since!!! He would ask for Ferroro Roche as a treat instead of Freddo Frog!!!! My little man’s birthday is on Boxing day, this hamper would make his Christmas and Birthday at the same time. 🙂

  9. Easy peasy one because i am a bigtime chocoholic and one also because I EAt Sleep Pray Ferreros <3

  10. I simply love Ferrero Roche chocolates for Christmas especially as presents A hamper of them would go round all my family without me having to hide mine so that they don’t disappear before I can indulge in them with my coffee.

  11. An all time classic family favorite chocolate package will make me the most popular mum, wife, sister, auntie and daughter ever in the whole world!!!

  12. Would love to win this. I have been having pregnancy cravings for Ferreros! And would finish my Christmas shopping for me 🙂 fingers and toes are crossed

  13. Never get a chance to enjoy a couple of gorgeous chocolate treats without having to share them. This way I can offer a few to family and friends and hide a few sneaky boxes for myself.

  14. I should win because I have spent a lot of money on Ferrero chocolates for friends and family.

  15. I LOVE Ferrero chocolates and buy them all year round. They are the best tasting chocolate I have ever tried. Ferrero’s Number one fan.

  16. I can buy them anytime. I have a wage. I have oldies in a nursing home who only get chocolates if relatives decide they can. I can easily find 8 without visitors.. Wish l couldn’t. Hey and if anyone has some spare cash for xmas why don’t you donate a box to your local nursing home. You have no idea how many wont have a present…… or a visitor.

    1. well this is heart breaking!! My nonna is in a nursing home and i dont often see visitors when i go. I assumed that they were all visiting at other times. I visit her once a week (to be honest i try to take her for lunch or catch up with her when someone else has because the place is depressing) and assumed everyone else gets the same treatment from their family. I live in walking distance of a nursing home and i will def be buying some boxes of chocolates to take up there on christmas day!! Thanks for the tip!

  17. 1. Because I love Ferrero Rocher more than life (well, maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but pretty close.
    2. Because I promise to share them with my family and friends (if they make it home from the post office)
    3. Because no one ever buys me Christmas presents anymore
    4. Because I love Ferrero Rocher!!!

  18. Ferrero Rocher, how I love thee,
    You fill my days with sweet joy and esprit,
    Sharing you will be a pleasure,
    A moment that my family will treasure.

  19. A dream come true Ferraro rocher my sunshine my Christmas sunshine you make me happy when skies are grey

  20. Just thinking of yummy, satin smooth Ferrerogets my blood pumping and taste buds tingling so to win this – brilliant

  21. EVERYONE should win these delectable delights! But my birthday’s next week, so I claim these Ferrero rights!

  22. Love to indulge in the joy of pure luxury , truly lusciously smooth creamy rich deep intense flavour. Precious moments , savour the taste bringing comfort, warmth, delivering a divine experience.

  23. What a wonderful prize pack. Something to keep as well as something to share with family & loved ones. I always keep a box of Ferrero Rocher on hand for unexpected emergencies which can be anything from functions where I need to take a gift for the host to when I am entertaining at home or unexpected visitors pop in. EVen just my daily Ferrero Rocher chocolate fix at home! My special treat to look forward to every day after a work-out at the gym! i love all varieties but traditional will always be my first love & favourite!

  24. I do not think i deserve this pack more than anyone else who will comment but my truth is, i purchased a box of these to give as an early Christmas gift, once i arrived at the party I was embarrassed that i ha forgotten them at home, it wasnt too bad as they were not expecting anything and was excited that they were now my chocolates. When i came home i couldn’t find the rochers anywhere!! They have completely vanished, my thoughts are that someone is secretly munching on them somewhere!!! So to win this would mean i could be the one munching and as the quantity is large actually sharing with my friends as first intended!!

  25. Christmas is made for sharing and Ferrero Rocher hit the spot. They never last too long, especially when it’s hot.

  26. Ferrero are a staple Christmas chocolate at our family celebration, cold, straight from the fridge, they are truly decadent with an espresso after too much hams and turkeys, we love Ferrero!


  28. I would love to win these Ferrero Chocolates for my daughter she loves Ferrero Chocolates so these would make the perfect gift

  29. I should win because I’m one of Ferrero Rocher favourite people infact I’m close friends with management, not really just desperate.

  30. My husband is in the Navy at sea
    Just before Christmas he will come home to family,
    A chocoholic – Ferrero Rochers are his vice,
    To surprise him with a Ferrero Hamper would sure be nice,
    For 6 months he has been at sea without Ferrero Rochers,
    He deserves a hamper to himself that he doesn’t have to share!

  31. If I had a superpower it would be…
    to turn all weapons into chocolate for me!
    Ferrero Rocher would be my choice,
    creamy, classy, shareable, all my friends would rejoice!

  32. To give to my lovely wife who has worked so hard this year to make sure all the family have a lovely christmas

  33. I would love to win the Ferrero Rocher chocolates as I, my husband and all the children just love them and we have been nice rather than naughty this year,

  34. Ferrero Rocher my chocolate passion,
    nutty, crisp and divine, always in fashion!
    Great for presents, stocking fillers too,
    I love them so much, for me , Ill buy two 🙂

  35. OMG, I dont even own a car ..can you imagine the excitement if my first one was a ferrero I won in a Giveaway..Do they come in red?

  36. I am seriously addicted to these little bits of heaven. I wish this was heaven and I will be really good.

  37. Would love to put out for Santa on Christmas Eve, Its a hard job he has to do and I’m sure he would appreciate the sugar boost

  38. 5 kids to care for each day,
    Hard work I’ve got to say
    A good chocolate hit
    Helps more than a bit
    And helps me on my way!

  39. It’s my favourite chocolate in the whole wide world! A fabulous present for me that I didn’t have to buy myself!

  40. I’d love to share them with my friends & family. Not only that I caught my almost 3yr old eating mine from the cupboard, was not impressed!

  41. Ferrero Rocher are the only chocolates that my husband and myself actually fight over, we love them and like children go one for you, one for me. If I won this I don’t think I would even share!!

  42. I’m 37 weeks pregnant and I have just broken my ankle 🙁 I need something to put a smile on my face and ask my partner what’s the one choccie I want.. Ferrero Rochers!!! 🙂

  43. I’d love to win for my sister-in-law – she could do with some pampering, especially with 2 very active daughters 🙂

  44. I dont have any table decorations but saw a lovely xmas trees small, made with Ferrero chocolates, love to be able to make …have no money to buy anything either.

  45. i’ve always thought of myself a lil’ “nutty” hehe, i tried making them and i sucked, so winning would save me having to go through another round of failing!

  46. How are you suppose to bring yourself to give these away? I love sharing, but come on, these are Ferrero Rocher’s

  47. I have a friend who is pregnant and her cravings are Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Would love to surprise her with this

  48. I absolutely love Ferrero Rocher. It’s the best chocolate in the world. I would die if it wasn’t produced any more!! 🙂

  49. It is only fair to share a Ferrero Rocher with a special person to show how much you care! x

  50. I’d be really generous and share these Ferreros with all of my 12 grandchildren when they visit at Christmas. Guess who’d be their fav person!

  51. I should win this for my Mum,
    But she can’t have all of them, they’re way too yum.
    Ferrero’s are her favourite thing,
    But only half of them I will bring 😉

  52. My wife resists buying Ferrero Rochers throughout the year but breaks that fast at Christmas time. What a tremendous gift for her to enjoy at Christmas.

  53. Because I love them so much I take about 10 minutes to eat one as I savour the inside and make each one last for as long as I can Ferrero Rocher = happiness

  54. I have a 16 month old beautiful girl and I still express all my milk for her due to not being able to breastfeed. I think I deserve a little gold chocolate for all my hard work.

  55. They are such a treat we only ever have Ferrero Rocher for very special occasions. This would be a wonderful win.

  56. I deserve to win because I’ve been on a track to loose my baby weight and get back post pregnant and I’ve smashed that so its time to get a treaty happening! In which I’m sure I’ll smash the Ferrero Rochers quicker than losing the baby weight

  57. We are big family of Ferero Rosche, and with this Christmas – can be crazy busy time – season, we need ferrero to put us back on the ground …:)

  58. My dad loves chocolate a lot and I’d like to win this delicious hamper for him as Christmas present.

  59. because they an absolute family favorite in our house of five!! This is one of our creations! Ferrero + chocolate fudge cake with chocolate icing=deliciousness at its finest!

  60. My mum only eats this chocolate and she has a problem with her stomach that she cannot eat nut but this would not stop her from eating ferro chocolates

  61. Ferraro Rocher Chocolate is hard to resist ,not to mention my two daughters. They just love Ferraro Rocher Chocolates. I would share this prize with my friends and family this Christmas family dinner.

  62. I especially love these at Xmas time – I remember receiving my first box at age 15 and its become a tradition!

  63. Maybe I could receive them before 2015, eat them all and then start the diet on Jan 1 2015? Bet I could…!?

  64. Ferrero Rocher chocolates are so yummy and would make a great 50th Birthday present for me on 1st January.

  65. Ferrero Rochers make the perfect gift to give to someone. There are so many people who often help my hubby and myself out if we are in a jam. I would love to win this hamper so I can give them a token of my appreciation. It would be the perfect way to say thank you.

  66. Because Im Ferrero Addicted! I love these Amazing Gourmet Choccies!
    Great For Gifts, Parties & Perfect just at home for me 😉

  67. I am pregnant with my second child while caring for my 11 month old all day long, I am exhausted, I am the size of a whale and have 3 months left of pregnancy still and my husband never can remember to bring me home any chocolate!

  68. You can’t go wrong with Ferrero Rochers. They make excellent gifts for friends and neighbours and go down a treat with the family. They’re great on their own or teamed up with cupcakes or a Ferrero Rocher cake!

  69. Because I can’t survive without my chocolate therapy and that sweet, creamy cool taste that just melts away stress. A little indulgent that’s nourishing and sensual for the soul. It can even colour Mondays!

  70. Because I only eat chocolates at Christmas, although I am a chocoholic and Ferrero are my passion!

  71. Eeek omg i should win because these are my absolute favourite chocolates in the whole wide world 🙂

  72. I just love Ferrrero Chocolate as does the rest of the family it would be nice to share with them

  73. as chocolate makes me feel good and love the melt in the mouth moment that just keeps you wanting more.

  74. Ferrreo Rochers are my absolute favourite chocolate and they never last long in my household. My kids and hubby no not to touch them when I have a box as they are mine so if I was lucky enough to win this I could share with my family as there would be plenty to go around. And Christmas is about sharing the love and giving.

  75. I buy Ferrero Rocher packs as gifts and never get them myself. Would love to spoil myself for a change

  76. Some people crave coffee or nicotine,
    When they abstain they get grouchy and mean,
    I am addicted in just the same way,
    I need to eat chocolate every day.

  77. Decadent chocolate treats are the perfect treat at Christmas, keeping me and all our guests lusciously happy and contented.

  78. So I can enjoy the absolute deliciousness that is Ferrero while I am unpacking after our big move over Christmas – surely I deserve some goodies after moving over 2000 kilometres to be back home & close to family!! 🙂

  79. I’m always buying these as gifts but never buy them for myself as I know they wouldn’t last for long! It would be lovely to have them as a special treat for Christmas.

  80. I am going to share this amazing hamper with all my family they all deserve a piece of ferrero magic this Christmas

  81. It’s the little things, like the hazel nuts in the ferrero ‘s that helps kick off some good Aussie Christmas spirit.

  82. I would love to be able to share some Christmas chocolate, nutty cheer with my family! (i suppose I will share them! It is Christmas after all!)

  83. Nothing brings family altogether like Ferrero, even the neighbours know!! Love to give some happiness over christmas .

  84. Family and friends deserve to strike gold this Christmas! We might not be shouting Eureka but Ferrero is (rich) gold enough for me!

  85. Oh my gosh I haven’t eaten one of these in so long! But seeing family over Christmas I could spare a couple to hand out ;-p

  86. Thank you, what a lovely song. It certainly doesn’t feel like a Merry Christmas with out Ferrero Rocher under the Christmas tree in our home.

  87. I need it, because having Ferrero in the house means it’s Christmas. The only day of the year we are allowed to have chocolate for breakfast:)

  88. So I can give in to my pregnancy cravings for chocolate!!! (it’s for the baby, I swear)

  89. Wow if I win this I might have a chance of eating one of my favourite chocolates instead of hearing “Mr Nobody” ate them.Such a mystery LOL

  90. I would love to win this prize,
    I decided to write a poem,
    I couldn’t think of anything to rhyme with Ferrero Rocher
    Unfortunately my poem is not a poem
    It is the thought that counts, right? 😉

  91. These are the best chocolates ever and I remember that it was a special treat to have one of these as a child as most of them went to the Adults so this would be great to share

  92. After what’s possibly been the worst year in our lives, I’d love to share these with my sister – I think we’ve earnt ourselves a little pampering.

  93. Ferrero Christmas Hamper is to be shared with our new neighbours I have invited the whole street for a welcome drinks on Boxing Day and another on New Years Day so we can get to know each-other. Chocolate bring everyone together!

  94. Who doesn’t love a ferrero rocher? And who else finds them extremely difficult to share? If I buy them, I’ll eat them, but if I win them maybe I’ll be able to gift them!

  95. I should win because my family deserves a treat. After a long tiring year we deserve this luxury together. We both work and look after a toddler so are extremely exhausted and would love a Ferrero pick me up!

  96. For the sake of my bed linen I should win the heaven sent Ferrero Rocher. They are the perfect size and so much easier to pop in my mouth when I wake in the middle of the night. I am sick of waking up with the bed sheets and me covered in melted squares of chocolate. Individually wrapped, Ferrero Rocher are perfect for me…no more what are politely referred to as “chocolate incidents”.

  97. I keep buying boxes of ferreros for Christmas gifts, then eating them myself. I need to replace what I ate. Oops!

  98. Deck my mouth with balls of goodness 
    Fa la la la la, la la la la
    It’s the season to eat choco-late 
    Fa la la la la, la la la la 
    I need to win a Ferraro ham-per
    Fa la la, la la la, la la la
    Golden balls a family favourite 
    Fa la la la la, la la la la 
    Nu-tty balls are so joyful 
    Fa la la la la, la la la la
    Making memories with the family 
    Fa la la la la, la la la la laaaa

  99. The Ferrari’s love Ferrero’s. I especially love the way they melt in your mouth. I might even put a stash away just for me…

  100. Hubby’s boss gave him a box of Ferrero Rocher for working his backside off all year. We went out leaving them on the bench and came home to a big mess of plastic and wrapping everywhere and a very guilty dog. I had a very upset hubby.

  101. To be shared after Christmas lunch. It is my turn to do Christmas this year. Coffee and Ferreros are an excellent finishing touch.

  102. I would love to win this is because everybody in the family Loves Ferrero Rocher, ANd to be able to win this Just before Christmas would be such a TReat!! Especialy when my Birthday is after Christmas hehehe

  103. I’m still breastfeeding my ever-hungry toddler during the night and I need some yummy energy to stop it exhausting me so much!

  104. Tough times this year but we still agreed to host wonderful family Christmas lunch as usual with everyone contributing items to the meal. With my love of things “crafty”, I could construct little on table bonbonnières to hold the precious FERRERO ROCHER chocolates as a Christmas ‘thank-you’ for family and friends who have been MOST supportive in what has been a troublesome year,

  105. If I won I would have to get my partner to hide them other whys there wouldn’t be many left to share around. Just can’t stop at one.

  106. I love Ferrero Rochers, and now my son tries to get them faster than I can eat them, so my own hamper would be mine, all mine, lollllllllllll

  107. My husband just informed me that my gift was faulty and the shop couldn’t get anther in on time, so im not getting anything for Christmas…. I told him I’d settle For Ferreros! Pefect plus this pack would be delightful!

  108. I would love some Ferrero Rocher Christmas Hamper to share with all our family and extended family at this time of the year

  109. Ferrero chocolates are a favourite of mine. With its crunchy, creamy texture, they are divine! The family and I can never have just one! Luxurious, melt in your mouth chocolate, it will be hard to share some!

  110. I would love to win the Ferrero Rocher Christmas Hamper because I am totally crazy about those golden balls. I also love the black and white chocolate. I just can’t have enough ‘balls’. It would be pretty hard to share this hamper with my family. 😉

  111. My family and I love Ferrero Chocolates very much. They are delicious, the best one among all! This Ferrero Hamper would definitely make a sweet year start to us. I can’t wait to share Ferrero Chocolates with my beloved family!

  112. It would be a prosperous New Year to share these little Gold Nuggets with family and friends, because to me every day of the year is for giving..

  113. I would love to win these gorgeous and delicious balls of chocolate to share with my elderly father who at times refuses to eat anything but will always have these

  114. I would love to win these delicious balls of chocolate to give to my elderly father who at times refuses to eat but never says no to these

  115. The Ferrero pack would be a fantastic thank you for my Mum and Dad who generously offered to take my children back to her place in NSW for a holiday after spending Christmas with us in QLD. Thanks guys, Luv ya.

  116. This prize would help me continue my much needed “Chocolate Therapy”, the sweet, creamy cool taste melts away stress. A little indulgent that’s nourishing and sensual for the soul. It can even colour Mondays!

  117. I have a song in my heart and I need to sing! Alas, I have few admirers of my made-up lyrics and tone-deaf delivery. But if I had boxes of Ferrero Rocher to share, not only will my heart song ripple (and maybe in tune!), I’ll get an accompanying chorus as well.

    1. My downfall is Ferrero Rocher and no other chocolate equals it, I simply cannot get enough of them.

  118. My downfall is Ferrero rocher and I simply cannot get enough of them, I will not have any other type of chocolates.

  119. I would love to win this pack as we couldn’t afford any gifts for each other this Christmas and when I have the money to buy a pack they always vanish on me

  120. I would love to win this as we couldnt afford each other Christmas presents this year 🙁 whenever I do have the funds to buy them they all seem to vanish so by winning this everyone gets some with a little happiness added to our lives.

  121. Because I spent my money on treats for everyone else and it would be nice for something for me.

  122. They would be the perfect treat – so tasty and delicious to eat – and so many to share!

  123. Ferrero is always the first choice when we consider what to gift family and friends who are never fed up with receiving this sweetest present. However, we love being gifted with this divine chocolate too. I’ve been good in 2014, wish gods of Fortune would gift us with this awesome Ferrero hamper in New Year 2015.

  124. Chocolate makes the world go round :D….. of course when it’s Ferrero the gods want in on it too 🙂

  125. It’ll give us all something to argue over, as I fight for my favourite bits of the Ferrero Rocher chocolates over those that are my mother’s favourite! I need them to have dark and white ones inside the box – pretty please!

  126. Nothing better than sitting down to a cup of coffee and a laugh after a great evening with family and friends. Topping it off with Ferrero Rocher, pretty much sums up my perfect evening!

  127. will make a great treat to share with my elderly mother who just adores Ferrero. One of the few special moments

  128. Ferrero is sacred in this house, it’s shared when friends visit, or enjoyed at night when the kids are in bed and there’s always a pretty box in the cupboard to take when we are invited to friends houses for dinner. Best part is, my kids know if it’s got the pretty gold wrapper then it’s hands off.

  129. My two and a half year old and his almost 3 year old cousin got all the attention this Christmas!! Maybe some chocolate for this poor. old, shopped out mum would be a nice end to Christmas. 🙂

  130. I’m like a Ferrero Rocher; nicely wrapped, sweet and soft on the outside but with a hard core!

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