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Win a Smiggle Back to School Prize Pack in Red or Pink

smiggle back to school


Win a Smiggle Back to School Prize Pack

Heading back to school means hanging with your friends, catching up on the summer holiday goss and getting off to a fresh start with cool new bags, books and stationery.

Smiggle has back to school covered with a range of colourful essentials that are bound to make school a whole lot of fun.

Check out just some of the wide range of goodies, gadgets and gizmos released especially for back to school!

Everything at Smiggle is designed to inspire and develop creativity with original, fun and affordable stationery, accessories, gadgets and more, all in our bright fun, colours of pink, purple, green, blue, black and red.

smuggle back to school pri

Mum’s Lounge have 2 Smiggle prize packs up for grabs!  One in pink and one in red!

Each prize pack contains:

1 x Travel Backpack $44.95
1 x Travel 330 Pencil Case $14.95
1 x Travel A5 Pencil Case RRP $12.95
1 x Pop Out Pencil Case RRP $19.95
1 x Travel Classic Drink Bottle RRP $14.95
1 x Travel Bus Pass RRP $6.95
1 x Smiles Scissors with Case RRP $3.95
1 x Amaze Clock RRP $16.95
1 x Mini Stencil Calculator RRP $12.95

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Jolene enjoys writing, sharing and connecting with other like-minded women online – it also gives her the perfect excuse to ignore Mount-Washmore until it threatens to bury her family in an avalanche of Skylander T-shirts and Frozen Pyjama pants. (No one ever knows where the matching top is!) Likes: Reading, cooking, sketching, dancing (preferably with a Sav Blanc in one hand), social media, and sitting down on a toilet seat that one of her children hasn’t dripped, splashed or sprayed on. Dislikes: Writing pretentious crap about herself in online bio’s and refereeing arguments amongst her offspring.


  1. A Smiggle pack would cut my Back to School costs drastically. Am still recovering from Christmas!

  2. My son is starting preschool he would love this, and will be very excited to receive such a fantastic prize

  3. perfect for my youngest whose just starting school…Just love Smiggles bright and durable back to school range!

  4. Smiggle is so much fun. Anything that encourages school and learning in a fun colourful and creative way, I LOVE

  5. this is a great brand and my kid would be so proud to have this as she starts school next year! my baby is growing up!

  6. don’t know where my comment just went so i will try again.

    This would be awesome for my daughter. She starts school next year! my baby is growing up! This brand is great! 🙂 and i think that it would be super reliable to last the whole year

  7. It is lightweight and strong and would be hard for her to lose, like she does the off the shelf ones

  8. The pink Smiggle pack suits Mikayla’s personality and temperament perfectly, bright, bold, vibrant and fun, packed with goodies to ensure an exciting school year, strutting around in her awesome backpack filled with products that will make school memorable, Smiggle is sure to put a wiggle in Mikayla’s step if one of these is sent out to her, yes please!

  9. Commenting again because i have no idea where my comment went 🙂

    The pink Smiggle pack suits Mikayla’s personality and temperament perfectly, bright, bold, vibrant and fun, packed with goodies to ensure an exciting school year, strutting around in her awesome backpack filled with products that will make school memorable, Smiggle is sure to put a wiggle in Mikayla’s step if one of these is sent out to her, yes please!

  10. With back to school comes the need for new supplies and how wonderful my children would feel decked out with the greatest of stationery products. School may not seem so bad after all.r

  11. My son would love this pack all his favourite colours and a bonus he loves Dragons he would never lose his bag.

  12. We spend absolutely hours in the Smiggle shop. This is the most awesomest, awesome, Smiggliest, Smiggle prize ever!!

  13. my little man max would be over the moon and would use and wear all these ripper products he loves smiggles

  14. This would be such a great start to getting my son ready for back to school in 2015. His favourite colour is red so even more perfect…Thanks for the opportunity!! 🙂

  15. My 8 year old is dragon mad and his favourite colour is red so this couldn’t be a more perfect prize for him 🙂

  16. What little boy or girl wouldnt love to go back to school with a new Smiggle backpack and accessories..
    Im sure my grandaughter would love to…

  17. My daughter would be so very excited , i would be the best muma in the workd if i won this for her. Her favourite shop is smiggle

  18. my daughter is smuggle obsessed and starts prep this year she would be the coolest kid in school plus I could save some for her sister born on valentines day they would both love this

  19. So awesome I wish I was back at school…we didn’t have things like this in my day! my niece would be Smiggled to have these.

  20. When it comes to preparing for ‘Back to School’,
    My kids tell me Smiggle products are all that’s cool.
    I’m trying to win with all my might,
    To be sure that I get it right.

  21. I’d love to win this for me! I’m going to Uni this year and adore stationary, especially Smiggle. My favourite colour is Pink. This would be perfect. hehe.. 30yrs going on 10yrs —> ME!

  22. How amazing would it be,
    Starting school in 2015 all set with SMIGGLE!
    Not only is their range vibrant, colourful and so much fun for kids..
    It’s so versatile and practical – and their products last!
    My Daughter won’t be able to wait for her first day at school with a SMIGGLE set like this!

  23. Because this would be the ultimate start for my baby girl starting Prep next year! She will be so happy and honoured to be wearing this at her new found school! Bless her little heart:)))

  24. My boy starts pre-prep next year and has only just reached the concept of telling me he needs to go to the toilet, then going on his own. I’d love this for his reward and to encourage him not being at home anymore and into getting eager to learn.

  25. Miss 6 tells me she’s “too big now” for her Octonauts backpack that’s seen her through Kindergarten and Prep and that I need to get her a “big girl backpack” for grade one. She just adores Smiggle and a new Smiggle backpack would be awesome! Her jealous older sisters would get to share in the rest of the pack with her 🙂

  26. It’s my 4 year old’s last year of daycare,
    Before she goes off to big school.
    I would love to win this for her,
    She would think it’s really cool!

  27. Would love to win not only for my kids but for me. The cool kids in school always had good stationary and I have always wanted it so bad!!!

  28. Mymiss 9 loves smiggles. I didn’t ecen know what smiggles was.. I thought it was a new fad. Turns out its stationary and much more. I’d love to surprise my daughter with this to say thankyou for all the little things she does each day that make me smile. Love my girl

  29. Miss 9would love this so much and she deserves it too with all the little things she does every day to help mummy (me). Miss 9 is my everything

  30. My girls would love this Smiggles pack would be great for the new school year espically the younger one who starts kindy in 2015 has everything they could possibly need

  31. I’d love to win the pink Smiggle pack because my previously tomboy daughter has just turned into a pink-loving girly girl and we don’t have anything to satisfy her sudden pink obsession!

  32. My son is starting kinder and it would make him wriggle and giggle with delight if he won a smiggle pack for his big pre-school year.

  33. My son loves smiggle, and I would love to start him off on his first day of high school with great quality stationery and something that not everyone else has. Smiggle is always unique and different just like my son.

  34. Having 4 kids heading back to school in 4 weeks can make our stationary shopping very expensive, they all want the best but we just cannot afford it!

  35. I’ d love to win this for my lovely 4 year old granddaughter as she is starting kindy in the New Year!

  36. Santa was a little naughty this year and forgot to leave “smiggle”, so this would more than make-up for my mistake!!

  37. Would love to win a smiggle pack,
    would be really rad in fact,
    suit my smiggle mad girl,
    inspire her to be creative, it would be unreal.
    Give her a lift that she really needs, to motivate her to suceed at school you see,
    while adding fun, personality, colour,
    making her days at school full of SMIGGLE inspiration and laughter.

  38. 5 kids, 2 girls love Smiggle
    I can hear their excited giggle,
    If mum does win
    Oh how they’d grin
    And jump and laugh and wiggle!

  39. My 2 daughters would love to share this. Smiggle is all the rage in our house. This is the best present I have ever seen

  40. My daughter starts prep this year and pink is her favourite colour so it might make the transition a bit easier being able to use this!

  41. Everyone loves Smiggle,
    They really do,
    There is so much to choose from,
    It gives you so many things to do,
    The spy pen is our current favorite,
    As we love leaving our secret messages!

  42. I’d love to win because Smiggle is such an innovative brand with bold colours, quirky graphics and fantastic value! It turns my smile into a giggle just like meeting an old friend!

  43. My daughter has only recently discovered Smiggle. I would love to surprise her with these Smiggle goodies for her birthday, ready for the new school year

  44. I would love to win this pack for my daughter as she would be so ecstatic receiving it. That’s what being a mum is about, the little things and seeing my girl happy and smiling

  45. My daughter is OBSESSED with smiggle and this will be one way to help her stop constantly losing her school supplies!

  46. I know a little niece,
    Who has birthday just before school
    And the weather is so hot.
    Smiggle would make it cool!

  47. I would love to win this pack for either of my children (my son has been asking for a new school bag as he’s is plain without pictures like his friends!)

  48. My daughter is super excited to be starting prep and she would be over the moon if she had everything smiggle. It’s one of her favourite stores. She’d be in there for hours looking at everything if i let her.

  49. I would absolutely love a smiggle pack for my granddaughter who starts Prep in 2015. She was in Kindy this year, and was a wonderful student, just loves school but desperate for a new school bag.

  50. My fourth son is starting pre-kindy. How awesome to be starting the school year with a gorgeous new Smiggles backpack instead of the hand me down he has.

  51. My little one has a small operation soon, and this pack, along with some puzzle books, would keep him quiet and occupied during recovery.

  52. My 5 year old daughter is super excited about starting school next year and she would wiggle in delight for this fabulous smiggle set, in pink of course!

  53. It crosses so much off the back to school list and it’s a hardy eye pleasing brand. For my son this would be incredible.

  54. I would LOVE to win the pink pack as it contains a trifecta of my daughters favourite things…..its Smiggle, its pink and its Paris themed!!

  55. Super SMIGGLE products – much sort after by parents seeking quality.. and a most acceptable ‘label’ brand among the “littlies’ who are eager (in some circumstances) to conform stylishly. The raging RED SMIGGLE backpack would be RAD.

  56. I always think that if your child looks smart and ready for learning, then half the battle is won. As they say, “The medium is the message”!

  57. ….I wish that I could be like the cool kids
    ‘Cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in…..

  58. Would love the red set, so my lil one for once wouldnt have trouble finding his bag and pencil case with it all matching it would be easier

  59. My little mister got a cuddly Welsh dragon from his Welsh Great Grandma so anything dragon or dinosaur as become his favourite things so a red dragon Smiggle pack would be well used.

  60. I have three girls who are Smiggles fans,
    Booklists this month is my great plan,
    This awesome great pack,
    Would help greatly for me to be on track,
    Thankyou so much for the chance!

  61. Ava’s a Smiggle addict, a Smiggle fan;
    So this Mummy has a brilliant plan…
    She’ll enter this comp, fingers crossed tight;
    And then imagine Ava’s great delight
    When she announces her Smiggle win;
    Her smile, her laughter, her happy grin!

  62. The excitement of this incredible Smiggle pack would override the nerves associated with going back to school.

  63. With my son entering grade 2 its time to ditch the little boys things its time to grow up and be the cool boy of the school.

  64. A smiggle back to school would be such a great gift for my grand son because Smiggles is fun and will encourage learning

  65. Thanks for the chance, it would be great encouragement for my little girl starting school in few weeks, she has ASD and needs a little push as she is insecure

  66. I would love this prize pack for one of my twin Great Granddaughters then I would only need to buy the other one a set./

  67. My son adores Smiggle, with school around the corner winning this pack would give me a head start and save me quite a bit of money too.

  68. I would love to win this as being a Teacher, I have many students who could greatly benefit from even one of these items! I would love to win so I could split it up and give a piece each to students in need. It would make their year and help them with their education and make them feel more comfortable at school with their peers 🙂

  69. My 7 year old is extremely fussy, and she finds it hard to buy things she likes. I can only imagine her when she’s older lol. She has approved the pink smiggle bag – so I’m entering for her with crossed fingers.

  70. With Smiggle in tow I know my daughter will have everything she needs to have a successful school year when she goes back.

  71. Ahh, how I love stationery. Innovative, practical, purposeful. I’m intrigued with contraptions, press the button, open a secret little place, its the pop out pencil case!
    It is a true wonder to behold (my pencils)
    To travel with a giggle in the black with a smiggle pack, howz that. Very Smiggle

  72. My daughter adores smiggle, whenever we go shopping we have to visit the smiggle store every. single. time without fail, just to look. I would be the best mummy ever if I managed to win one of those awesome smiggle packs for her.

  73. Getting kids to write or do their homework is a struggle. Mention “smiggle” and suddenly pain becomes play. The transformation is amazing.

  74. All my kids love smiggle, it doesn’t matter if they don’t need that pen or eraser, because it’s from smiggle that sooooo need it!

  75. Would love to win this pack for my son who starts prep this year! The alarm clock would be perfect to remind him about taking his medication and he will stand out as the backpack is unique like him!

  76. five kids with four at four different schools this would surely help out with my youngest starting g kinder this year. He’d feel so super special with a smuggle started pack. 🙂

  77. I love Smiggle it makes going back to school less stressful. Because everyone is happy with a bright new set of school gear.

  78. Red for my grandson, he starts school this year and he would absolutely love this pack, his big sister turned 7 on Boxing Day and she got smiggles and he was so jealous lol

  79. Would be perfect for my Grandson he starts school soon and this would certainly help him through the transistion

  80. Who doesn’t love a new school year? A new bag, clean calculator, a delusion that this year you won’t leave everything to the last minute.

  81. Red will be seen and stand out I hope so my little one can have fun and not worry about the bag and things. Have fun like he should do .

  82. My little girl has inherited my love of stationary, you can never ever have too much stationary!! What a great way to start the new school year with amazing new stationary and bag!

  83. It’s my eldest daughters first year at school this year and it would be just great to send her off with the pink Smiggle prize pack! She’s already really excited about school and this would make her even more excited!

  84. Annie has really just become aware of the craze that is Smiggle. This would be a great start to what I think is going to be a rather large collection.

  85. Oh my who doesn’t love smiggle 🙂
    Would love to get my son more interested in his school work with these bright and inviting pieces 🙂

  86. With BAGS of room and everything needed to HANDLE a day at school, Smiggle helps kids get CARRIED AWAY with their organisational skills!

  87. I would love to win but would need to either win 2 or not at all. The reason being I have just gotten custody of 2 traumatised children and both deserve a smiggle pack, I couldn’t choose between them as they have both been so brave and strong standing up to their abuser.

  88. I just love Smiggle wish I had it as a kid my daughter will love it it’s fun it’s entertaining it’s Smiggle

  89. Smiggle has the coolest essentials to start Mr 5’s first year of school off with a colourful, fun start.

  90. Smiggle is fun and great, she would love to start school with her mate, Smiggle is cool, makes all her new friends drool!

  91. My son is about to start kindy and would absolutely love this!
    Red, Dragons and Smiggle, 3 of his favourite things! ♡

  92. I would love to win cause I have two creative girls and the pink pack would be perfect for arts, homework and fun!

  93. My Niece will be going into to Year 1 and her favourite colour is red, this pack would be perfect for her, Thanks for the chance 🙂

  94. my son will go to school next year and because he got the admission in the private school its good to save some money to win this school bag.

  95. My nephew starts school this year and I just know he would love to take this awesome set to show off to everyone. 🙂

  96. My lil’ one is doing 4 yr old kinder and loves doing art and craft. So this pack would be a great start in preparing for this year and the next. She looks after her things with great care!

  97. Our family of school and ‘preppie” goers who are wicked WYVERNS and dedicated, daring DRAGON “tragics’ would adore and delight in sharing this SMIGGLE RED pack.

  98. Would love to win this as it would help us be prepared for the school year and in true smiggle style of course!! Love smiggle

  99. My daughter in law loves giving special prizes to her students at different time of the school year and I think this would make one of her students very happy.

  100. My daughters will feel supercool sharing this prize, especially my youngest who is about to start Kindy.

  101. We are getting ready for prep in our house and our prep star is equally nervous and excited. By winning this smiggle pack he will hopefully be more excited and less nervous!

  102. My daughters just loves Smiggle and with a pack like this she would be starting school in a very stylish manner.

  103. We’re BIG Smiggle fans in this house. Just last week my girls and I spent hours browsing our tiny local store, adding items to our wish lists. My girls would love these, they loved the pop out pencil cases we looked at. It may even be enough to convince my 10yo that school isn’t so bad after all.

  104. My son would love this Smiggles pack,
    It would get us back on track.
    Ensuring that we are prepared for school,
    And motivated to go- it’s oh so cool!!
    This year we’re working on going to bed on time,
    With the Amaze clock I’m sure we will do just fine!

  105. What a great colourful way for little Natasha to start school with and full of those great products from Smiggle

  106. I would love to gift this to my great niece who is besotted with Smiggle, She could take all the Smiggle fun with her to school and never lose it.

  107. My grand daughter would love this , Smiggle is high Quality and the pack will stand the test of time as she’s more rusty the wrecker than a princess !!!!!

  108. An awesome selection of helpful and fun products that would surely make my child the BRIGHTEST in the room. 🙂

  109. My little man is starting his first year at school this year….he would have a super start with this ultra cool Smiggle stationary set, to equip him with all his beginners needs…..

  110. Granddaughters off to Kindy this year. She has Anaphylaxis Allergies so a back pack that stands out from the rest, will ensure no mix ups or cross contaminant ions by getting the wrong bag & items it contains

  111. My eldest daughter is in LOVE with Smiggle! She is quite happy to spend half an hour simply browsing their products whenever we visit.

  112. Smiggle is the only store both of my children (aged 7 and 12) ask to visit and the only store I am happy to take them to (big kid that I am ;-))

  113. Like kids in a “Smiggle Store” is our saying at home when our kids are excited! I secretly love it as well and wish I had all these awesome things when I was at school. My daughters would be so excited to take these things to school 🙂

  114. Smiggle has such fun stationery and items for school and home, all good quality so they last ages! No wonder it’s my kids’ favourite store, even above the toy shop!

  115. The red! My son has a tired old lunchbox and he loves Smiggle! He would be so excited to receive this!

  116. My Niece would be over the moon if i won this awesome prixe pack for her, she is starting prep this year and is a little nervous! Maybe this will motivate her 🙂

  117. I’d love the pink Smiggle prize pack to make going back to school more enjoyable and exciting for my daughter. Not to mention that little bit cheaper for mum 🙂

  118. Pink because it is the colour for breast cancer awareness and it I the universal colour for little girls. This pack would make life so much easier …

  119. With starting a course at College, I actually need this essential pack for myself! The beautiful and convenient designs (especially in pink!), would help me endure the long days and look forward to getting some work done. This cute pack has everything you need for the school year. Great motivation.

  120. I would love the pink one. for my Grandaughter she adores Smiggles gives her confidence she is very shy Thankyou

  121. Devon loves dragons and the red Smiggle pack would be so loved by him, a
    gorgeous gift that unfortunately I can’t myself afford to buy at this
    point in time.

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