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Breaking the Cycle: Not All Mums Are Good Mums

Breaking the Cycle of Abuse: Not All Mums Are Good Mums

This is a really sad story, if you have been a victim of abuse then I warm you to click away now.
This foster mother broke her daughter’s bones, she left her in agony. If I had a moment alone with her I would ask her why? (Before hurting her with all of my might). Why would you step up and volunteer to love and cherish this child then ultimately end her precious life?
Read the full story here 
The reason that this article breaks my heart is not only the awful fate that this child met, but because this could have been me.
You see the person who brought me into this world hurt me, she abused me. From two months till 12 months she bit me, she scratched me, and she broke my bones. When I look through my baby photo’s you see a picture of a 12 month old in a full body cast. Apparently she tripped…
If you look through my case files you will find out that I was the worst case of abuse that DOCS had seen within the community that I lived in. I still bear the physical scars of the abuse I received as a baby.
But it did not stop there. I grew up being thrown between my parents. Being promised a kitten if I came back to dad’s house after holidays. Being promised that life would be better if I lived with my mum. Ultimately to learn that I was alone in this world when after living with her for two years she kicked me out when I finished school!
Yes you read that correctly, MY MUM, I lived with my mum! You see even though DOCS was involved, even though the federal police stopped a plane that my mother was trying to take me away on, she was never charged. She has never been held accountable for her actions. She has never confessed to what she did. She would prefer to have no contact with me. It’s too hard for her to admit what she did…. Wow I feel so fucken sorry for her!
One of my all-time favourite quotes is “What if you fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?” The reason that it resonates with my soul is that my wings were clipped before I had a chance to fly. Because everything I do is to better my life. Because I have to believe that my fairly god mother has my back! Because let’s face it my mother didn’t.

And do you know what? I would go through it all again to be given the chance at life that this gorgeous baby girl was not given. I would deal with every physical hurt and emotional slap’s because today I am an amazing mother of two sweet princesses. I am their world. I broke the cycle!
So when you tuck your angels in tonight think of Keegan Downer. Send her a little love and go to bed remembering that it is ok that your kids watched two hours of Netflix today. It does not matter that you send their lunch to school in wrappers. Because if the worst thing you do as a parent is make your kids do the washing up then you get an A++++++ in my book.

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