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Behind the Door of Pregnacy Number Two…

cindy fairey

cindy fairey





We have been trying for four months now; it’s been a bit of a whirlwind of frustration because my cycle has been all over the place, 28 to 34 then 25 and next 33.

 It had my waving my fist up towards the heavens saying “first time with Miss K, please don’t make it hard this time around, please”. Being one who normally feels relaxed about the process we started out with the attitude let’s just do it and it’ll happen mixed with a little recording/tracking of things. When I started to notice my all over the place cycle, I mentioned to MrM it may take a bit more than ‘what we’re doing’ and sent him off to the chemist to get an ovulation testing kit.

Big Mistake!!

Oh how I should have gone with him and just picked one myself, silly me trusting a man who knows nothing about this really, to buy a good one. To my horror (and his somewhat McScrooge like ways) he bought the absolute cheapest one he could find. I did my best to politely shut ‘my’ mouth and deal with it but when it came to using it and the fact that 3 out of 5 tests we’re deemed (did not work at all, no control line, nothing) a failure.

 I could no longer keep a peaceful silence…

Upon negative tests and saying let’s just do it lots anyway and see what happens and then a negative pregnancy test and that dreaded monthly curse, a small part of me snapped when I told MrM we would be buying another one this time around and I would go get it, all he could do was attempt to start up about how expensive this all was.. And that is when that small part of me snapped and I was polite and silent no more, whilst desperately wishing I could consume copious amounts of alcohol knowing I couldn’t my voiced raised up and I let out…

“You’re the one who has to buy the cheapest bloody brand, I told you more than half the tests didn’t work and now I’m rudely going to explain why, BECAUSE YOU CAN’T CHEAP OUT ON SOMETHING LIKE THAT!!!…

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe you need to go and spend money you truly can’t afford, but and I reckon a lot of women would agree with me there is a list of items you do not buy cheap/home brand etc. Here’s a few I can think of


-Pregnancy tests/ovulations kits

-Toilet paper

Feel free to add to it 😉

So after that debacle naturally I made the next purchase myself and was happy. Especially when I didn’t have, even one FAIL on me.

Big recommendation for this brand, that is their website 😀 I will always go back to this brand now, having never failed me and simply loving that power to be able to test as early as 6 days before missed period, and well some of us just don’t have much patience I admit to being one of them 😉


So round four done and dusted and me left crossing everything on my body I possibly could, the kit I bought contained an early pregnancy test, so five days before missed period I’m remembering at the crack of dawn (that first morning pee) to grab the test on the way to the loo, busting and thinking I don’t have time for this. Lord knows how I made it held and held it in till that stick was in place LOL. The house was silent making those minutes take even longer to tick by, Miss K was in our bed with MrM after having a rough night and us caving after it was taking to long for her to go back to sleep in her own bed/room. I stayed in the bathroom, the test said I could look as early as 3 minutes as a positive result would show that soon I didn’t believe the piece of paper and waited till four. After the time passed I turned towards this thing I almost feared because I just wanted to see two lines after 4-months of one line I was starting to think it would be my fate again. I leaned down and my eyes bulged… 2 LINES!!! 2 LINES!!! I let out a pretty loud ‘yesssssss’, ran out & with no regard to MrM and Miss K being lost in such comfy sleep burst out with, “wake up oh my god, the test is positive” 😀


So the honest diary of a pregnant women starts, as I type this I’m close to 5 weeks pregnant, what am I experiencing? I warn you now I am somewhat feeling hormonal which means sometimes I may be blunt or way to TMI (too much information)

 I apologize in advance lol.

 Being hormonal first and for most, a bit moody as I call it, Sensitive boobs to the max, luckily so far have only vomited once and felt nauseated a couple of times I could only prayer I don’t get morning sickness (or rather I call it all day sickness) and I’m definitely praying it is not like with Miss K, threw up from 7-weeks till I basically had her!!

The annoying one, restless leg syndrome and I am just so irritated that it’s happening already, I did have this with the first pregnancy and for anyone out there I can recommend taking a tissue salt called MagPhos found in health food shops, can help as it can sometimes come from a deficiency in magnesium which also causes constant leg/foot cramps. I was lying in bed the other night and the sensations start running through my legs, and then they just want to jolt or move all on their own poor MrM wasn’t enjoying it, and this has only just begun 😉 have been motivating myself to get out walking more to help it to, Spring’s weather for the most part so far has been quite inviting and reminds me just how much I love coming out of winter and into such a colour season as spring 😀


Fortunately and well close enough to textbook, that’s really all I’m experiencing at this stage. So happy sitting there holding Miss K.



I imagine our family growing into something even more amazing and priceless.

Stay tuned and join me on this journey of motherhood & pregnancy No2 😀


In the mean-time find me at for regular updates on new blogs and more.

Follow me on twitter with this link!/MamaOfMissK  but be warned I am not a huge tweeter lol though I am trying to get into more.

Last but not least, my blogs webpage where you can fully delve into those cracks in my pavement…

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