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Dear lord, I think I’m getting smarter with each babe I have! Either that, or just poorer!

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a86577fe2e8d11e19896123138142014 7-1

I’m Holly – Mama, foul mouth dreamer and blogging superstar (in my own lunch box).

Sometimes I say f*%k. Ok, I say f*%k alot.

This is motherhood, inappropriate style baby!





Dear lord, I think I’m getting smarter with each babe I have! Either that, or just poorer!

As a first time Mum, I was pretty damn gullible. A marketer’s dream. The epitome of consumerism, really.

I wanted, needed and bought every single gift and gadget that promised to make juggling motherhood easily. It’s to become swept away by it all when you’re a first time Mum. Everything’s new and exciting. A ‘novelty’, as my Mum would call it.

My now 4-year-old daughter, The Bug boasted drawers overflowing with clothes, drawers spewing out toys, a kitchen full of baby-feeding odds and ends, and I rocked a pretty expensive pram addiction (I went through about 6 or 7 in about 12 months from memory?). For the first 6 months of her life, our lounge room was cluttered with a swing, a bouncer, a rocker, a play gym and a jolly jumper. Everything had to be pink and brand spankin’ new. Quite frankly, the kid was spoilt in the usual way that most firstborn babes are and I was a pedantic shopaholic!

If it promised to entertain her, stimulate her, help her sleep and therefore help me sleep then I was all over it. You could have tried to sell me a product, claiming it would make her cheeks rosy and her farts smell like vanilla and I probably would have bought it. Yep, told you I was a marketer’s dream!


By the time, I had given birth to my second babe, I had wisened up. Abit. There was only a need for a baby swing, the pram while expensive wasn’t extravagant and wasn’t ever traded in for a new model and I breastfed, saving a fortune on experimenting with twenty different brands of baby bottles, looking for that elusive one that would ‘prevent colic!’ A lot of what we used for my now two-year-old son, the Boy were his sister’s hand-me-downs or were sourced from Ebay. Hey, isn’t abit of pink meant to be cool on boys anyway?

I was getting pretty smug that I’d learnt my lesson until the discovery and subsequent addiction to Modern Cloth Nappies arose. Any cloth Mama can tell you that can be a helluva expensive addiction!

Right now, I am pregnant with my third. Sitting down the other night, I comprised my usual “Mummy Must Have” list of what we need to invest in this time around. I was so freaking stunned when I stopped and read over the list. The very first “Mummy Must Have” list I wrote over 4 years ago was HUGE and this one, staring up at me was clear-cut and no nonsense! HUZZAH!

– Cot
– Pram

– Car Seat

– Ergo Baby Carrier (My dream carrier!)

– A stash of workhorse cloth nappies. Not the fancy, shmancy $45-a-pop ones!

Could it be that I’m getting smarter with each babe we have? I’d say it’s about bloody time but I have a sneaking suspicion it may be that we’re just broker with each baby we have!



Come on girls, ‘fess up! Did you find you had less and less ‘Must haves’ on your list with each babe you had? Do you think it’s about being wiser or just erm, being broke?



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