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Have Your Say: Give Our Girls the Option of Wearing Either a Skirt or Skort/Shorts to School

Give Catholic school students an option of wearing either a skirt or skort/shorts.

I’m a mum of five so I thrive on practicality and efficiency throughout all aspects of my life.

In time, the way I dress has adapted to compliment the stages of my life.

Before children, I used to wear skin tight dresses and super high heels out to dinner. These days, if I’m dining with my family, it’s not practical to do the same. Firstly it’s not very comfortable, and secondly it’s not so appropriate for the task at hand.

It’s difficult taking a small child to the toilet in a tight dress. It’s hard to hold a squirming pre- schooler over the seat in heels! Good for the glutes though if you’re into Toilet Cross Fit or the like. Do you even lift small children?

Also, what happens if after dinner we decide to get an ice cream and go to the park?

I would have to sit down in my heels and tight dress and watch everyone else have fun, that’s what would happen.

I’d feel excluded, I’d subconsciously resent my husband, and the extra dinner I ate off all of my children’s plates would start attaching itself straight onto my hips.

So that alone promotes social inadequacy, gender equality issues, and an unhealthy body image. All before 7.30pm. That’s exhausting.

My point is, being comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing in order to enjoy and explore a healthy lifestyle, is key.

Adults wear active wear when they know or have every intention to move their bodies. Even if it only eventuates in the local coffee shop with a soy cap and a donut.

Why can’t children, when in school hours have the option to do the same?

I think it’s frustrating that girls have to wear that imposed tunic that rides up over their backsides once they put their backpack on. Worse still, being made to sit cross legged in line… in a dress!! I loathed it in school. Loathe it even more now that my daughters are in primary school.

Also, my poor seven year old couldn’t kick her footy as far as she wanted to because her tunic stopped her legs from doing so. She was rightly outraged!! Where’s the equality?

Girls simply want to have the same options as the boys do in terms of comfort, fitness, modesty, and practicality, on a daily basis.

I’ve lost count on how many times an innocent infant has flashed me in the assembly line. In this day in age, something as simple as a change in uniform protects their vulnerability.


I’d like to see the implementation of a CHOICE to either wear the current uniform or the (hopefully) introduced skort/shorts that is already a reality in state schools.

Let’s give school students an option to wear either a skirt or a skort/shorts, in an effort to support a healthy active lifestyle.

If you feel that you too would like to see the change, please sign this petition. 

Thank you.




Romina Garcia

Romina Garcia

Freelance writer. Photographer. Sometimes blogger. Muay Thai enthusiast. Mother of four beautiful children. Lover of cheese, valium and finding natural love hearts. Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti. My goal is to empower women (and men) to understand that : “YOUR APPEARANCE DOES NOT DETERMINE YOUR WORTH “ My greatest achievement in life is undoubtedly my gorgeous children, although my cream cheese frosting comes a very close second. Profanity escapes my lips more than it should, and I often write what ought to probably stay deep within the confines of my brain. Although with all of my imperfections, I am a genuine person who genuinely has a lust for life and tries to see the glass half full on most occasions (especially when it refers to a Skinny Girl Margarita). My writing is a raw insight to parenting, love and life, that’s not wrapped up in cotton wool. It’s funny, quirky, delightful, yet a little bit wrong. My motto in life is “Laugh as much as you breathe, and love as long as you live.” Come and say hi on my Face book page Martyrhood!!

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