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Could You Replicate Any of These Wacky Hairdos for Your Child’s Crazy Hair Day at School?

Could You Replicate Any of These Wacky Hairdos for Your Child’s Crazy Hair Day at School?

When Crazy Hair Day rolls around I tend to groan internally and then make a note to pick up a couple of cheap cans of coloured hairspray for the big day and be done with it.

But not this year! This year I am determined to put a bit of effort in. Maybe not as much as the awesome parents of these cool kids, but a bit more effort than a dozen ponytails and purple hairspray.

Do you think you could replicate any of these wacky hairdos for Crazy Hair Day at your child’s school?

1. A bird’s nest

This one looks easy enough – make a bun, then wrap some coloured fake flowers and foliage around the base and secure a toy bird in the centre.

2. Rapunzel

Get your child involved but having them make a castle out of a paper cup. Make a turret out of coloured paper, then cut a window in the side and add a cardboard image of Rapunzel. Create a high ponytail, stick the hair out of the window and spray the rest of the hair to look like a landscape.

3. Coloured punk, Minion, snowman and a pouring drink

Some of these look easier than others, but they all look terrific. The two girls in the centre have things hidden inside their hairdos — a plastic bottle inside the Minion and most likely some polystyrene craft balls inside the snowman — with their hair arranged over the top and secured with lots of coloured hairspray.

4. A beard

This one is easier – just do a braid at the front instead of the back, draw on a moustache and there you have it! Wear a flanno and a beanie to complete your lumberjack look!

5. Fidget spinner

Section your child’s hair into three equal parts with ponytails, slip your cardboard fidget spinner cut out in place and then create sock buns over the cardboard. Complete the look with coloured hairspray.

6. Star Wars battle

Grab yourself some Star Wars themed Lego characters, some hairspray and (hopefully) water-based non-permanent paint and you can create this Death Star battle scene too!

7. Pouring a drink

All this one requires is a headband with an empty softdrink bottle attached to one side and a plastic cup stuck to the other. Put the hair in a side ponytail, cut a hole in the bottle to match and (somehow) get the ponytail inside it!

8. Some boats on an ocean with a deserted tropical island and palm tree

This palm tree is so fun, but it looks like it costs about $75 in hair elastics to replicate. You could try using one hair elastic, then attach a drinking straw in the centre of the ponytail and wrap some pantyhose around it for the same effect. Then use lots of coloured hairspray to finish.

9. A birdcage

This one looks like it has some sort of metalwork involved where the hair is wrapped around the outsides and fastened with bobble elastics. Might be too hard to replicate but it looks super cool anyway.

10. Doughnut on a plate

This idea is simple and effective, although the wearer might not be equally impressed. Cut a hole in a paper plate, style the hair into a high ponytail and pull through the plate. Create a sock bun and decorate with hairspray and sprinkles. Then smile because you look fantastic.

11. A dog

We think this one is definitely the most fun and easy to copy! Put the hair in a low ponytail and create a sock bun. Then spray all the hair white with black spots, stick on some googly eyes, attach a bright red tongue and black pompom nose and wear some doggy ears. Wear a matching top if you can find one!

12. Grass with creepy crawlies

Such a cool idea for shorter hair! Spray bright green and attach all the plastic critters.

13. The Little Mermaid

I just love this idea, and, as effective as it is, it can be pulled off with little fuss. One ponytail plait with a cardboard cut out of The Little Mermaid and some green hairspray.

14. Over the rainbow

This is super cute. High pigtails twisted around something bendy (wire?) with a rainbow hairpiece wrapped around and secured in place with bobby pins. Add some cotton balls for clouds and you’re onto a winner.

15. Ringed Mohawk

This looks tricky but really wouldn’t be too difficult to achieve. Make six ponytails in a row down the middle of your child’s head and coil them into rolls, pinning them with bobby pins as you go.

16. A surfer riding a wave

This surfer looks a lot like Mick Fanning if you ask me. There’s even a shark on the other side of the wave. Lots of gel and blue hairspray was involved in creating this look. And it’s just brilliant.

What do you think? Could you recreate any of these awesome Crazy Hair Day looks for your child?


Source: Pinterest

Jill Slater

Jill Slater

Jill is a busy wife and mother of four young children. She loves nothing more than making people giggle, and loves to settle in with a glass of wine (or four) and wander about the internet. Feel free to follow her to see all the cool stuff she finds!

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