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Man Forbids His Wife From Going Out Without Her Wedding Ring On, But Is He in the Right?

Man Forbids His Wife From Going Out Without Her Wedding Ring On, But Is He in the Right?

Reading that headline, it is easy to immediately jump to the conclusion that the man is a controlling pig who wants to micromanage every aspect of his partner’s life. But after understanding the situation, we can’t help but agree with him and wonder what his wife is actually up to.

Sharing his story on social media, the husband (37) explained that his wife (35) of fifteen years was getting ready for a night at a local bar with some of her friends when he noticed that she had taken her wedding ring off.

While supportive of her letting off some steam with some gal pals after a difficult week of work, the man wasn’t okay with her leaving without her wedding ring thinking that maybe something else was afoot.

“As she was getting ready to go, I noticed that she had placed her wedding ring on our dresser. I asked her what that was about, and she said she just wanted to forget about things when she was at the bar, and that she didn’t want to be bothered and worried about her love life when she was out.”

Her love life? That’s an awfully dismissive statement about a fifteen-year marriage. And what’s to worry about if she’s just out with the girls?

taking off wedding rings to go to a bar

“I thought that was peculiar, and I asked her if she felt embarrassed about her love life. She said she didn’t want to start this fight again, and I told her she wasn’t leaving until she wore the ring that I had bought for our marriage.

“She was pissed. She eventually decided she wasn’t going since I wouldn’t “mind my own business”, but I just really don’t understand why she was so keen on leaving her wedding ring when she was going out. She had never done anything like this in the past, and I have never taken off my ring when leaving the house on any occasion.

“She has been giving me the silent treatment ever since, and I really haven’t said anything back, because it was just such a stupid reason to not meet up with friends.”

This woman’s reaction and behaviour are certainly throwing up some serious red flags!

Commenters on the man’s Reddit post agreed:

“I was ready to come in here and find some possessive asshole, but from a woman’s perspective, her behaviour seems very suspicious. When you’re married you have a partner, not a love life. And also, why would she want to forget she’s married while she’s out drinking? Very suspicious!” wrote one person.

“If I told my husband I didn’t want to wear it for the symbolism of the thing, even just at the bar, then I think it would signify a wider conversation we needed to have and he would not be an asshole for asking about it,” agreed another.

“It sounds like she was hoping to have a good time as a ‘single woman’,” added a third.

What are your thoughts? Do you think she had something sketchy planned? Or is it perfectly normal to take off your wedding ring when hitting a local bar? Let us know in the comments!


Source: RedditEdible Blooms Father's Day Gifts

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Jill Slater

Jill is a busy wife and mother of four young children. She loves nothing more than making people giggle, and loves to settle in with a glass of wine (or four) and wander about the internet. Feel free to follow her to see all the cool stuff she finds!

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