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Would You Cook YOUR Dinner in the Dishwasher?

Would You Cook YOUR Dinner in the Dishwasher?

Just because you can do something, does it mean that you actually, really should?

I came across an article recently which boasts of the great result you can achieve by cooking your salmon in a dishwasher. Yes, the dish…washer… Ewwww. Just NO. You wrap the salmon (tightly) in foil with lemon and herbs and a drizzle of oil and the steam and the heat from the dishwasher acts like a steam oven. I got on-line and searched results and believe it or not many people even put the detergent in and wash a whole load of dirty dishes AT THE SAME TIME. Yes that would kill two birds with one stone BUT:

  1. The risk of getting detergent anywhere near that (very expensive) piece of fish wouldn’t be worth the risk.

2. If I chose to use this method sans detergent I would be hard pressed to find any time of day where there weren’t dirty dishes hanging around in my dishwasher (and it would seem silly to put the dirty dishes through a cycle without detergent only to have to repeat it).

3. Fishy smelling dishwasher? From what I read you don’t end up with a fishy smell – providing of course, your salmon is sealed impeccably shut. But….one little rip???

4. Every dishwasher is different; not all of them have adjustable temperature or time modes – some of them just have basic cycles; fast, heavy duty, pot scrubber, delicate etc. That could lead to a wide variation in the end result.

I got kind of curious after that and started googling other “recipes” to make in the dishwasher and it turns out there’s quite a few; vegetables in mason jars, cous cous, bagels, chicken, potatoes and weirdly a spinach lasagne which doesn’t actually go golden brown AND needs to be wrapped in complicated layers of foil and cooked for a whopping 2 hours. OR, soft boiled eggs that take an hour “should result in a creamy white and soft yolk.” Or gee, put them in a small pot for 3 minutes! Why people? Just, why? Do these people not own an oven? Are we that time-poor we need to wash a load of dirty dishes whilst preparing the evening meal?

If you are serious about cooking and want a gentle steam method to produce FANTASTIC results, fork out around $150 for a sous vide machine because they are the BOMB.

Cooking food in an absolutely precise as precise-could-be temperature controlled water bath in a sealed bag makes the most tender chicken, steaks and vegetables imaginable with no pans to wash afterwards and ahh, no risk of poisoning the entire family. Just my thoughts!



Carolyn Murphy

Carolyn Murphy

Carolyn Murphy is a married mother of three and regularly provides us with recipes and strange but true stories about her life. When she’s not here, she can also be found on her website where all her other recipes are located!

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