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Get Your Bake On! Cake 2 the Rescue Review & Giveaway


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Planning your child’s birthday party can be great fun, but if we are honest, it can also be a little stressful…or a lot! Between sending invitations, decorating, shopping for groceries and preparing party food, your child has probably also requested that you bake them a special birthday cake in the shape of their favourite character or hobby – you know, like all the other mums at school do!

Urgh! Even if you could construct a dinosaur out of sponge cake, you just don’t have the time or energy left to source of all the different coloured fondants, food colourings, other decorations you’ll need…and you’ll need a cake tin! Cake tin! Why don’t you own a cake tin!

Step away from the ice-cream cake! Help is at hand! Cake 2 the Rescue take the pressure off having to bake for your kids birthday with their simple and affordable Cake Rescue Kits.

Step One: Visit the Cake 2 the Rescue website and choose one of their fabulous designs. There are over 150 to choose from, with cakes to suit a range of occasions. Order your Cake Rescue Kit

Step Two: Have a cup of tea and congratulate yourself on avoiding a birthday cake related melt-down. (Yours…not your child’s!)

Step Three: When your Cake Rescue Kit arrives, open the box and marvel that everything you need to create your masterpiece is there, including a disposable baking tin, candles, rolling pin, cake mix, fondant and or icing, silver cake board, and an easy to follow instruction card. EVERYTHING!

Step Four: Whip up a birthday cake that will put the biggest smile you’ve ever seen on your child’s face in just a few short hours. Seriously – the hardest part is waiting for the cake to cool before you decorate it!

Meet Our Reviewers

Cake 2 the Rescue recently invited Mum Lounge readers to try out their Cake Rescue Kits for the purpose of an honest review.

Here’s what they said:


Reviewer: Michelle, Ferntree Gully, VIC

We opened the box to find heaps of amazing goodies to make our “soon to be” masterpiece! From the cake mix, the icing, right down to the rolling pin and even candles! You guys didn’t miss a thing!!! So cool!

I made the cake, let it cool, then put it in an air right container (as directed by your awesome instructions) for the boys to help me decorate the next day.
 I can’t tell you how excited they were! 🙂 I cut the cake shape using
 the template provided. I was nervous but was very surprised at how easy it was. Then each of my boys took turns icing it.

I then gave them each a job….The fondant! 😉 Mason made the gums and
 eyes, Sebastian had the blue fondant and cut out all the fins and tail, and Caleb cut out all the teeth. They did so well, I was very impressed

Then it was time to piece it all together.

michelle cake 2 the rescue steps

Again, I was super nervous because I wanted it to turn out just like the picture but didn’t think I could pull it off considering I’d NEVER made a cake like this in my life! AND my cooking ain’t that crash hot lol! 
I’ve only ever ordered my boys cakes from professional cake making 
businesses, or made them cupcakes…so yeah….the odds were I was
 going to make a complete mess of this poor shark.

The instructions that were supplied were very easy to follow, even for me! We pieced Sharky together and the boys and I couldn’t believe our eyes!! We rocked it! I don’t think we could have done it any better! We totally surprised ourselves! Check out our delicious Sharky..

The boys were super proud!

We will definitely be ordering one of your amazing cake kits again! Not only was it easy to make and fun for the kids, but it tasted DELICIOUS! We give Cake 2 the Rescue 10 out of 10 and I have not stopped telling
 everyone all about your wonderful kits! So expect a few more 
customers 🙂

Michelle cake 2 the rescue sharky


Reviewer: Lauren, Mt Cotton, QLD

Our cake kit arrived incredibly fast and upon opening the box, I was immediately impressed by it’s contents, with every little detail required to make the cake included – from a box to bake it in, all the ingredients, a cake board, decorations, a server and even candles!

Lauren cake 2 the rescue steps

Making the cake itself was incredibly easy, I just needed to add a couple of pantry ingredients to the cake mix included, and our chocolate cake was ready to be put into the oven in no time. After allowing the cake to completely cook, I easily removed it from the baking box provided and was ready to start decorating. When I’ve made 3D cakes in the past, I’ve always been a little nervous when it has come time to shape the cake, however thanks to the template provided, there was no stress involved.

I have to admit we couldn’t resist sampling the cake off cuts whilst we put the cake together, and we all loved the rich chocolate flavour and thought it tasted great even without any icing!

Lauren cake 2 the rescue pirate ship


Reviewer: Kristia, Burnie, TAS

Wow we had so much fun making our cheeky monkey cake with our own cheeky monkey!

Joel loves to bake so he was super excited to get baking and assemble our kit to replicate the one pictured in the instructions.

I must admit I was a little nervous because although we’ve made themed birthday cakes before, I’ve never worked with fondant but Joel and I have play dough experience and we watched Baker Girl’s videos and got to work.

Kristia cake 2 the rescue steps

I found the kit to be great value as it included everything we needed so no mid baking session dash to the supermarket this time! I found the templates had nice thick lines so they were easy to cut out neatly.

The cake was easy to mix and bake and came out of the oven just perfect. Joel was keen to ice and eat it asap. Once we iced it, and Joel was fully sugar loaded from licking the bowl, we got stuck into making the fondant cut outs. It didn’t take long to get it put together. The most time consuming part was waiting for it to cook and cool.

The end result was a cute and delicious cake. Thank you so much Cake 2 the Rescue.

Kristia cake 2 the rescue final


Wow! Didn’t they all do a fantastic job? Not only did they avoid the cost associated with having a cake professionally made, but they actually had fun too.

Hero status with their child for minimal stress! Priceless!

With all of our reviewers rating their experience with Cake 2 the Rescue positively, we have no hesitations about awarding them with our official MMG (Mum Media Group) stamp of approval!

 MMG SEAL C2Rescue

With a huge variety of competitively priced cake kits available, why not turn to Cakes 2 the Rescue for your next celebration. To view the range of cakes available or to learn more, visit


The Giveaway

Cake 2 the Rescue are giving 3 lucky readers the chance to try out their Cake Rescue kits for themselves! For you chance to win follow the instructions on the entry form below. Good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway



Jolene enjoys writing, sharing and connecting with other like-minded women online – it also gives her the perfect excuse to ignore Mount-Washmore until it threatens to bury her family in an avalanche of Skylander T-shirts and Frozen Pyjama pants. (No one ever knows where the matching top is!) Likes: Reading, cooking, sketching, dancing (preferably with a Sav Blanc in one hand), social media, and sitting down on a toilet seat that one of her children hasn’t dripped, splashed or sprayed on. Dislikes: Writing pretentious crap about herself in online bio’s and refereeing arguments amongst her offspring.


  1. I think my daughter would love the Dolphin cake kit as she loves swimming and said she wishes she could be a Dolphin when she grows up!

  2. The VINTAGE DIY CUPCAKES kit!!! Because I love it! Because I want to host a High Tea! Because they are gorgeous! 🙂

  3. My 5 y.o son would LOVE the zombie cake, he is obsessed with all things zombie. The ninja and the superhero cakes would be close runners up.

  4. Hubby’s birthday is coming up and the Birdy Cake Kit would be perfect to make for him as he is an Angry Bird fan.

  5. The Aussie Thong Cake because I love the sun, the beach, sitting under the stars sipping a nice cool drink, fishing, road trips, cicadas buzzing, BBQs, AFL, waiting for the cool change, the pouring rain and the smell afterward, swimming and the sound of children running, jumping, loving and playing!
    Apart from these things that are quintessentially ‘Aussie’ to me there are also the things that make Australia quintessentially ‘Aussie’ to outsiders – like the way we keep the spirit of Australia strong by looking out for our mates, the ability to accept different cultures into our community while still maintaining a country at peace as well as our laid back outlook on life! Most importantly to me is the fact that I am quintessentially ‘Aussie’ and DARN proud of it!

  6. I would choose the ICE CASTLE CAKE KIT because my grand daughter would love it. And she and I would have a blast trying to make it.

  7. TURTLE CAKE KIT – We have a mini ninja turtle in our house, so I would have to experiment with this design for a mutant surprise.

  8. I made the mistake of looking with my daughter who wanted nearly every cake so I would choose the Snowflake Princess as it was one she kept coming back to.

  9. I’d choose the VINTAGE DIY CUPCAKES kit because my girls and I love having tea parties with their little tea set and these gorgeous cupcakes would be perfect to go with it.

  10. ROBOT DUDE CUPCAKES would be the one I’d choose so everyone could get in on the fun

  11. oh my I love them all, from angry birds to the farm animals/barn but as Australia day is coming up I will go with the Aussie thong

  12. Pig Babe Cake Kit – I have a February birthday toddler who LOVES Peppa Pig and I’m clueless!

  13. My nephew is obsessed with minecraft so the minecake kit is the one I need! So many awesome ones to choose from!

  14. I like the cake with the owls in the tree branches because it is pretty and would be appropriate for all ages. It would be a good cake to take to church events.

  15. My little boy loves trucks so the fire truck will be perfect for his birthday. It was hard to choose between them all so many selections 🙂

  16. SNOWFLAKE PRINCESS CAKE KIT for my daughter’s 4th Birthday – she has been asking me to make her an Elsa cake so this would make it achievable for me!

  17. Army tank cake kit- For an non-disaster (last years boyfriends cake) army themed cake for my best friends re-enlistment 🙂

  18. The butterfly cake for our gorgeous girl’s first birthday as this is the theme we have chosen for her and it would be perfect.

  19. With my daughters 5th birthday fast approaching she has asked for a Ninja Turtle party. So in keeping with the theme I would love a Turtle Cake Kit!! It’s not just boys who like Ninja Turtles 😉

  20. My son loves Minecraft so much, I’d love to make him the Minecraft cake for his 9th birthday 🙂

  21. SUPERHERO BOY CAKE KIT. My boy would love this as he is obsessed with superheros but finds it hard to decide with hero is his favourite. This cake is great as it is more generic.

  22. The robot. My son has been going on and on about having a robot cake for his 3rd birthday which is coming up in march. This would dave me a lot of stress

  23. I have a very girly girl about to turn 5 so a castle or the dolphin cake would be a winner in this house thanks

  24. My son will be 12 on October 31st, (Halloween), I would be the bestest Mum in the whole world if I made him a zombie cake. Thanks.

  25. My son turned 3 8 days ago and broke his leg a few days later and he missed his party and by the time we got there his cake was gone so would really love to do his party over again and a ninja turtle cake would top it all off for him coz it goes with the plates and cups and balloons and forks and knives and spoons and the napkins please help me make my baby boys party happen for him wit the ninja turtle cake

  26. I would so love the MINION CAKE KIT as it looks amazing and my son loves them. there is no way I could make that cake for that price as I would have to buy most of the stuff from scratch!

  27. My daughter will turn one in June, and I would love to make her birthday cake myself, she seems love colours, I think she will lover the caterpillar cake with fondant icing. That will be lovely for her special 1st birthday.

  28. The strawberry house is so adorable, definitely my favourite!! So many ideas going through my head for my daughters 3rd birthday, just from that one cake!! 🙂

  29. ICE CASTLE CAKE KIT would be great for my daughters 2nd birthday in May, she is princess and pretty things mad and i think it would make her day. As a mum of 4 it would make it much easier to do it with a kit then to try and make one without any help.

  30. I would choose the Pirate Jack Cake as my grandson is 5 in March and he loves all things Pirate and Skeleton. This would make him so excited!

  31. I would choose the Heart milestone cake kit, I sat with my daughter and we drooled over the screen for a looong time and she thought it was an elegant cake to celebrate her next birthday and she thought that we could pull it off!!!! I must admit it would be fun trying, and I don’t think she cares if it is the vanilla or chocolate one, she is just concerned about the love hearts.

  32. The robot cake. My son has been going on and on about having a robot cake for his 3rd birthday which is coming up in March

  33. Wow….what a tough choice. So many great options. I think it would have to be cheeky monkey for my little boy, caterpillar for my daughter (although I would be tempted to look at the website with her and let her tell me her favourite…)

  34. Our family loves movies, so I would love the “popcorn” cake kit, it would be such a hit with my family who also LOVE popcorn

  35. THE BALLOON BLUE CAKE KIT would be our choice.. our little man is turning 1 in March and this would fit in perfectly with our theme 🙂

  36. It’s a hard choice between the PIG BABE and WODY’S ROUND UP… my daughter is a huge fan of Peppa Pig and Toy Story. Although she’d love one with Woody & Jess on it 😉

  37. Got to be the Penguin cake, so cute – and with my birthday coming up soon would love to try and make this for my celebration

  38. The Monster High cake kit. My daughter is obsessed with these dolls and would absolutely love to make this for her 11th birthday cake in March. I am surprising her with the Draculaura doll.

  39. The Dragon Cake Kit because my daughter is crazy about “Dragons: Riders of Berk. She love, love, loves DRAGONS!

  40. The dump truck cake kit for sure my son is 2 in march and truck mad I was goin to buy one but id love to make one

  41. I love the monkey and the rabbit. I would order both, one for school and one for home do I don’t have to choose 🙂

  42. Like most little girls my daughter is obsessed with frozen so would have to choose the ice castle cake kit for sure !

  43. I love the Toadstool (Pink) cake kit, I would make this for my daughters birthday she would love this

  44. There are so many great kits to chose from but it would have to be the Ice Castle cake. My daughter is a big Frozen fan and it would suit the Frozen theme perfectly for her birthday in march

  45. I have 2 girls 6 & 9 both have different themes that they love my 6yr old is so into frozen that it’s not funny anymore so the look on her face seeng a frozen themed cake would be priceless on the other hand my 9yr old is into monster high, when you walk in their room (shared) it is a Huge class of colours and themes so either one off these cakes would be awesome

  46. The guitar is the most ne I would choose, I have a wiggle crazy 18month old and he would love this guitar cake 🙂

  47. Love the strawberry house for my daughter, and my son would love the shark! Spoilt for choice though!!

  48. We’ve been blessed with a new grandson and I would love to make the christening cake for the occasion!

  49. Love Cake 2 the Rescue have tried them a few times and they make cake making fun and birthdays the best!

  50. Love cake to the rescue. Have brought a DIY cake kit from them before and it was a major success. The next cake i want to buy is the tree owls. Covers all basis for a boy or a girl.

  51. Such a great selection it’s hard to choose but I’ll go for an owl cake mainly because that’s what the girls said they like.

  52. So many wonderful choices, but would love to try the Rainbow Cake Kit, for my daughters 3rd Rainbow themed birthday party!

  53. The dora hot air ballon cake. My daughter turns 2 in 3 weeks and is dora obsessed – this would suit her party theme perfectly!

  54. Definitely has to be the minion cake. I so wanted to make one for my little boy last April however just didn’t know where to start. Fingers crossed he gets one this year. I would love to see the smile on his face.

  55. Surfboard cake kit for my daughter. She is 14 this year and this would be exactly what she is after. Can never find something decent for this Tomboy. But this would please us both. And I’d love to have a go at making it, though Im sure Id be posting one of those “nailed it memes” lol. Great Website too, why didnt this exist when my mum was baking all those years ago, she would have never had an excuse to but those frozen cakes.

  56. Would love to win the Giraffe or Monster High. 2 of my girls have birthdays in March and one of these would just help out sooooo much. 🙂

  57. Loving Cake 2 The Rescue! I was at a 4th birthday party last weekend and the cake was from Cake 2 The Rescue! It was her third one too. She loved that C2TR send everything you need.. and I mean everything! From the cake board and rolling pin to the decorations! Talk about making life easy for a busy parent and fun for your little kitchen helpers! Love it!
    Fiona – MMG Editing Team

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