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“My Wife Has Picked a Stupid Name for Our Baby Son and Is Mad That I Don’t Like It!”

Finding a name for your baby that both partners agree on can sometimes be a bit tricky. But there is a difference between not really loving a name, and thinking that it is awful. One man has taken to Reddit after his wife and her mother tried to strong-arm him into naming his unborn son something that he deems entirely ridiculous.

Me (25m) and my wife (23f) are having our first child together. She is currently 9 months pregnant and could give birth anytime in the next couple of weeks. The only major fight we have had throughout her pregnancy happened a couple days ago, and it was about what we were going to name our kid.

It all started when we found out the gender of the baby. We didn’t do a gender reveal and decided to find out the gender at one of her checkups because we didn’t want to spend time making two lists of names then have to get rid of one after. So after we found out we were having a boy we sat down together and made a list. Almost all of the names she suggested were normal, until the one that caused me to write this post. She suggested we name our son Mune. She told me the name was from this movie she watched when she was younger and that it always stuck with her. I told her the name was a little out there and he would get made fun of for it. She claimed he wouldn’t and we started going back and forth trying to decide whether to add the name to the list or not. Eventually she agreed to keep the name off the list, we picked some that we liked, and I thought that was that.


But, as he was about to discover, that wasn’t that at all!

Later on in her pregnancy her mom decided to throw a baby shower as it was her first grandchild, and my wifes pregnancy was almost over and we hadnt celebrated once. It was fine for the most part until we started to open the gifts. Most of them were normal baby things like diapers and bottles, until we got to her moms gift. My wife opened the gift bag and pulled out a blue handmade blanket. It seemed normal enough at first until my wife unfolded it and low and behold there was the name Mune written on the blanket. When I saw it i was pissed but didn’t want to cause a scene so i stayed quiet. After that reveal I had family members come up to me and ask me about the name and why i hadnt told them. I didnt know what to tell them as i didnt have a clue about this either and just had to embarrassingly tell my family that, which pissed me off even more.

Once the event ended and me and my wife went home I started to question her about the name. She got defensive and told me that it was a good name and that i was overreacting about it. I brought up the earlier points and told her it was a stupid name for a kid and if she wanted to name something Mune so bad she could use the name for a dog. She got upset and called her mom to come get her. After she left she called me and told me she wouldn’t be coming back for awhile. Everyone ive talked to about this has said im not the asshole, but now that my wife has been gone and ive been thinking about it I feel like I could have handled the situation better. Aita?

People agreed with the dad-to-be that it was an awful name, and others even pointed out that it was even a bad name in other languages.

It’s slang for ‘vagina’ in Greek (lexihorse)

Means breasts in Japanese lol (zutari)

Other people agreed that it would be okay for a pet, but definitely not a child.


You guys are allowed to downvote me but I think that naming your children after fictional characters is not a good idea.

I know your wife liked that french animated movie but she should consider that naming a baby is not the same as naming a pet… (AnywhereDeep4041)


Many people thought that when choosing a name, the rule is that both partners must like it otherwise it gets marked down as a No.

NTA – Congrats and good luck with everything!

I’m also about to give birth and we haven’t picked a final name yet. If my husband went behind my back and told his family a name and didn’t bother to mention it to me…I’d be livid! Not to mention she told them early enough that they either had time to personalize or hand make a personalized gift!

Names should be 2 yeses. I’m not gonna comment on the name…but your wife is TA for making an important decision behind your back, keeping you out of the loop, and telling people. That’s not ok. Hopefully things can settle down and you guys can talk it out soon. Hope all goes well! (-Timi-)

Regardless of the name though, many people thought that the wife’s behaviour and the way she had tried to manipulate him was a bigger issue.

She and her mom pulled a power play on you. That in itself is an asshole move. (LingonberryPrior6896)

NTA I think that your wife is being pretty ridiculous about the name. That’s an awful name and you’re right that the kid will be bullied for this. Your wife is incredibly wrong for deciding to name the child that name anyway, regardless of what you think. It’s just as much your child as it is hers. (JenninMiami)


More than worried about the name, I would be worried that your wife is deceitful and manipulative. NTA. (Kmia55)

OP you two talked it through and agreed to choose a different name. Then she publicly announces that name in a way that was lose-lose (you tell people that you have NOT agreed on that name and she makes a scene or you are just quiet and embarrassed). It’s not ok. Not to mention kids will make fun of him with that name. As someone with a unique name, any way kids can find a way to make fun of your name, they will. NTA (redlightjazz)

NTA, but your wife sure is. In this instance, it doesn’t even matter what the actual name is. But you guys discussed it, didn’t agree, and then she went behind your back, made up her mind, and then told other people her decision while completely dismissing you. That’s the real issue here. It needs to be addressed now, because you just got a preview of what her parenting style will be in the future. (wrkplay)

One person suggested compromising and using the name as a middle name instead.

NTA. This has to be a mutual decision, your wife does not own that child. Would you be willing to let it be a middle name? I have to agree with you that is really the stupidest name I’ve ever heard, and there are some really stupid names out there. The dog comment was kind of rude though I do think you should apologize for that. This is where compromise has to come in. What I would do if I was you is offer to let it be the middle name or, if she wants to call the child that is a nickname then that’s on her. But you have to find a middle ground. (GoreGoddezz)

What do you think? Is his wife right to be upset or is moving out to her mum’s just another underhand tactic to get her own way?

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