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People Share the Worst Thing They’ve Seen Happen at a Wedding

If there is one day in your life that you want everything to go to plan, it’s your wedding day. But even with meticulous organisation and the best will in the world, even best laid plans can go awry – particularly when alcohol and wayward relatives are concerned. Possibly the worst thing about having something embarrassing happen on your big day is having all your loved ones there to witness it! Whilst some mishaps can be laughed off by good-natured brides and grooms, other incidents are so mortifying they’re hard to ever live down.

Here people share the worst things they’ve seen happen at weddings, so be prepared to laugh, or cringe your way through the list, cos there are some real doozies!


A giant brush tail possum fell through the ceiling at my cousin’s wedding. The bartenders managed to chase it with a broom into the supply closet behind the bar before calling security, who called a pest removalist. (Silent-Zebra)

The bride tripped and rolled down a large embankment and was covered in grass stain. (literanch)


The groom tried to do a little dip kiss on the bride before they walked back up the aisle… he dropped her ass on the floor.

Everyone let out a collective gasp, that immediately turned to snorting chortled laughter. It was the most awkward thing I’ve ever witnessed in real life.

Thankfully the bride was my sister, and I will get to remind her of this forever. AND have photo evidence 😂 (happyintexas)


Best man starts off speech with, “I’ve seen *the groom* with a lot of girls over the years…”. You know the cliché speech where it goes on to say but you’re the best for him, etc. etc. Turns out the bride and groom were dating long before the best man even became a friend. Essentially outed him as a degenerate cheater. She was super pissed. (Wallace2727)


Bride and groom got in a huge drunken fight after the rehearsal dinner, it escalated to include shouting and name-calling between both families, then the wedding got cancelled the day of. (kvincent)


I had to break up a fistfight between the groom and the mother of the bride. (doctorofficisticuffs)

We got to the church and took our seats. Vibe was off, but didn’t think much of it. Then the start time passed and nothing happens, didn’t think much of it. Finally I said something to a friend next to us, something like, “gee this is late?”

“Yeah it’s terrible isn’t it?”

“Huh? What?”

“Oh you didn’t hear …”

The entire wedding party got food poisoning from the rehearsal dinner the night before. One bridesmaid, then another, then siblings, parents, bride and groom, everybody. They had a small ceremony at the bride’s parents house. No church ceremony but a short talk from the pastor (in part to kill time before the reception). They made a short appearance at the reception, but that was it. Just wholly unfair. (yallcaps)


Bride was dancing during the reception, fell and broke her left arm. Lots of pictures from the ER- photographer went with them! When the Dr. heard he’d be setting a bride’s arm, he put on a suit! They worked hard to get the swelling down so she wouldn’t have to have her brand new wedding ring cut off. Crazy.

ETA: I was in the wedding party, I was 10, this was a long time ago! The bride was my aunt. The fall happened after dinner. Before they left for the hospital the cake was quickly brought out for the bride and groom to cut. Everyone went on partying after they left. I haven’t seen the pics since she got them back from the photographer. I remember pics of her and the Dr. in the suit, my uncles in their tuxes doing wheelies in wheelchairs, and her red rimmed eyes while cutting the cake. (Principessa)


My own wedding. My MIL is an alcoholic and we asked her not to drink. My FIL, her ex husband, was with his new wife. Long story short, when we were wrapping up reception she is so drunk she tried to hit him with a bottle of champagne and missed and swung around and knocked herself the fuck out..

Edit: I forgot to add the aftermath. Shocked at the upvotes because it’s a tame story compared to some on here.

We were asked to leave immediately obviously and had to do something with her. We were so mad that we decided to drop her off at the police station and they took her to detox for the night.. 😁

Edit 2: and this is the tamest story I have about my good ol’ MIL… imagine that.. (panchoVYa)


The bride’s water broke (VosTutZich)


Father of the bride told her “it’s not too late to run” while walking her down the aisle. Everyone heard. (Dazzling1hamster)


Streaker, was a groomsman, thought everyone would find it funny. It was at the reception.

We didn’t. We don’t talk to him much anymore. (Sandy_Pickle)


My first time attending a Syrian wedding they raise the bride up on a chair on the dance floor and she fell right off, then they try to get the poor thing back up on it and shes like ” I’m good.”  (Amazing_Trace)


This happened at my own wedding reception.

My mother’s best friend just got out of a sloppy divorce. Truly horrible. She proceeded to get blind drunk. During the speeches, she gets up from her seat, completely blacked out, throws up all over her table. She proceeded to piss herself and pass out on said table and flipped it. In the fall, her dress managed to rip and she was completely naked on the floor. We had first responders as guests at our wedding so they managed to get her wrapped up in a table cloth and carry her outside to an ambulance that showed up rather quickly. (IsopodPlus6095)


I watched a massive draft horse, attached to the wedding carriage, drop it’s gigantic penis and unleash a torrent of piss that splashed on the whole bodies the ring bearer and flower girl. The parents were freaking out wanting the driver to do something to make the horse stop peeing. There was screaming from the parents, crying from the children and that horse was still peeing on them. So. Much. Pee. It was hilarious but also awful, but also hilarious. Those kids had been entitled and unwatched for much of the outdoor reception. (colormeruby)


Drunk af bridesmaid starts beating the crap out of someone with a shoe

  • Groom and a relative try to restrain her
  • Bridesmaid turns on them and absolutely rakes them with her Sabretooth claws, scratching the groom’s face and shredding the relative’s shirt
  • Bride comes charging in with a “Don’t You Touch My Husband!” war cry
  • Bride’s a big, big girl and literally throws the bridesmaid out of the venue and into the parking lot before pouncing on her and feeding her a buffet of lefts and rights
  • The struggling bridesmaid gets her hands on the bride’s bodice and, as she’s flailing for her life, just rips it off her, Chippendales style.
  • The bride barely notices as she continues to beat the crap out of the bridesmaid, tits flapping in the night air.
  • Bride is eventually pulled off of the battered bridesmaid and brought back into the reception hall. Cops show up and haul the bridesmaid off to the drunk tank.
  • Topless bride continues to storm around the reception hall with the groom and some other people trying to calm her down and cover her up. Every once in a while she sits down and gets a jacket thrown over her, only to pop back up like James Brown and continue her rage, jacket fluttering to the floor to the horror of all who can’t muster the willpower to look away.

Hell of a wedding, that one. (wilyquixote)


I was the matron of honor at my BFFs wedding.

Her dad was semi recently married to his 4th? Wife. So, brides “step mom” but only in name. She and the bride didn’t get along, but were surface level cordial to each other. Step mom is super weird about $. Because she had none, and married the dad for his. She was very upset about how much he spent on this wedding for his only daughter. So upset apparently, she showed up in a floor length, full on white wedding gown of her own.

The wedding coordinator sees them walk in, pulls me aside and let’s me know this bitch just walked in to the cocktail hour before the ceremony in a god damn wedding dress and asks if I think the bride should be made aware or if we should just hope she doesn’t notice until after the vows etc. I told her I would take care of it, and did. We did the “getting ready pics” in the bridal suite, and after she was all ready to go and it was 15 mins till showtime… I took the bride out to the patio overlooking her gorgeous venue, and watched her guests scurrying to find their seats and we shared a secret cigarette like we were teenagers again… and I told her that I saw her step mother in the lobby. And that i unceremoniously poured an entire glass of red wine down the front of her dress. (NeverMeantDuckin)

What is the worst thing you’ve ever witnessed at a wedding? We’re not sure if any of these are quite as bad as the story of the poor bride who shit herself in her 15K wedding dress after drinking detox drinks to combat bloating. 

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