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Teacher Plays Controversial Song to Year 1 Students During Crunch and Sip

Teacher Plays Controversial Song to Year 1 Students During Crunch and Sip

Programs like ‘crunch and sip’ and ‘brain break’ have been introduced to encourage primary school students to take short breaks during lessons, stretch their legs, and enjoy a quick snack. However, one particular brain break activity planned by a teacher has sparked a discussion with a parenting group due to the choice of song.

The teacher’s decision to play a “questionable” song has raised eyebrows and concerns among parents. A mother from Sydney shared her perspective in the parenting group:

“My 6-year-old son came to me today telling me about a song the teacher is playing in class, I looked it up and was horrified. It was Timber by Kesha. The teacher plays it regularly during their brain breaks, she accompanies it with a dance video.”

She continues, “Some of the lyrics are ‘The bigger they are, the harder they fall, These big-iddy boys, are dig-gidy dogs, I have ’em like Miley Cyrus, clothes off, twerkin’ in their bras and thongs, Face down, booty up, That’s the way we like to… It’s basically talking about seducing a girl for … Do I have a right to be concerned and if yes what should I do?”

Although the mother’s reaction highlights her surprise at the choice of song, it’s important to acknowledge the evolving nature of music and its perception. The song “Timber” by Kesha does contain suggestive lyrics, but some parents argue that young children might not fully comprehend the adult themes present in the song.

While some members of the parenting group offered reassurance that the song’s lyrics might not register with young children, the concerned mother stressed that exposing children to inappropriate content, even if not fully understood, could have long-term negative effects.

The conversation also introduced the notion of kid-friendly versions of songs, with one suggestion being the Kidz Bop version of “Timber.” Although this alternative may seem suitable, the original question remains: is it appropriate to expose young children to songs with potentially mature themes, even if modified?

Opinions among parents vary, highlighting the diversity of perspectives on this matter. Some believe that children have been inadvertently exposed to catchy tunes with questionable lyrics throughout generations, without significant harm. Others argue for a more cautious approach, emphasising the need to set appropriate examples for children from an early age.

Some parents noted that growing up they too were exposed to some raunchy tunes: “God I used to dance around singing Vega boys boom boom boom boom when I was about that age. No idea what the lyrics meant but I remember dancing around singing and having lots of fun!”

Another added, “In primary schools they use Just Dance on YouTube for brain breaks. They play that song on commercial radio stations, so your kids have probably heard is many times before they did at school.”

Where do you stand on this debate? Should a song like Timba be played at schools or not?


Images: Pixabay

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Chrystal Lovevintage

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