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Woman Takes Revenge on SIL Who Was Purposely Destroying Family Heirlooms

If you have ever inherited something from some special, you’ll know that the gifted item needn’t necessarily hold great monetary value for it to be priceless to you. Things can have huge sentimental value to you, particularly if you associate them with good times and happy memories of deceased loved ones.

One woman, who had inherited a couple of sets of fine china from her beloved grandmother, recently shared on Reddithow her vindictive sister-in-law systematically attempted to destroy her collection. Considering the sentimental value of the crockery, the whole weird story is both baffling and a bit heartbreaking.

My husband and I have family dinners at our house every month or so with our family. I have some sets of fine china that I like to switch out between the seasons that I’ve inherited from my grandmother. When we have our get togethers I serve dinner on these plates. My MIL compliments them everytime. My Sister-In-Law, however, has made comments to me that “they’re not her style.” I honestly didn’t think twice her comment about it until this past February when one of my plates was put in the sink, broken. Chalked it up to an accident.

In April we had another dinner. This time SIL was carrying both her and her boyfriends plates to the sink, & accidentally dropped both. Again, no biggie at all. In May she broke two more plates & in June she broke a plate and a cup. At this point I was catching on. I brought up these concerns to my husband and he brushed it off as accidents. I told my mom and she said she thought my SIL was doing it on purpose & got me a camera to put in my dining room.

In July we had dinner, and I had an opportunity arise. My MIL, SIL and her bf joined us for dinner. While our plates were still ON THE TABLE my MIL asked how my plants were doing and I said I’d show her! I told my husband to follow us outside so he could show her the plant he’s growing, leaving SIL alone with her bf. When we came back inside 5 mins later, her plate was broken. When they left, I pulled up the camera footage. I saw her stand up when we walked out and peek around the corner, and then throw the plate on the ground. I kept this video to myself.


Why anyone would purposely destroy another person’s dinner plates is hard enough to fathom without the added layer of it being a parting gift from their grandmother!!! What sort of person would do that?

Understandably, the woman was both upset and angry, although not wholly surprised as she had had her suspicions, and planned her revenge accordingly.

That brings me to this past weekend, we had our family dinner and we were joined by My in-laws, SIL & her bf as well as my parents, siblings & niece. I served everyone, saving evil SIL for last. I brought her food out on a child’s plate with a sippy cup and got those kid’s silverware with the plastic handles. She looked at me confused and said “I think you mixed my plate up with your niece’s plate” and I said “No, niece’s name is responsible enough to eat on a grown up’s plate. If you’re going to act like a child in my home, I’m going to treat you like a child in my home.” She tried to play coy but I had my ipad ready and played the video to everyone at the table. She started sobbing, swiped the kids plate off the table and stormed out. My in-Laws both apologized and offered to pay for replacement plates but I told them not to worry about it. Despite this we still had a nice time.

When everyone left my husband told me I was out of line and cruel, but I told him that this has been happening for months & I’ve told him it was bothering me multiple times. It’s Wednesday, he’s still being a little cold to me and I also got a text from my S-I-L’s boyfriend asking me if I would apologize to her because “I really embarrassed her.” I sent him the video again and he left me on read. My husband just called me to ask if I was taunting her boyfriend because his sister called him crying that I was. So, AITA?

Predictably, commenters were horrified on the aggrieved woman’s behalf.

She was knowingly destroying HEIRLOOMS. Do not EVER apologize to her, and never serve her dinner on one of your good plates again. She’s embarrassed, not remorseful. (InfamousCheek9434)

Others pointed out how spiteful the sister-in-law’s bizarre behaviour was.

You ever wonder how many “everyday psychos” are running around loose? Not serial killers or terribly dangerous, but take absurd pleasure in harming people in petty ways like this. (Taminella Grinderfal)

Another commenter suggested the behaviour could have been indicative of an issue with SIL and her own mother, and that maybe she needs to seek professional help.

Based on what OP has told us, about her MIL complimenting the plates every time, I would imagine the SIL has some issues with her relationship with her mother and her own self-esteem, and was taking that out on OP because her mother complimented OP, presumably on something SIL is never complimented on (the state of her hostessing).

This is deeply childish behavior, but that usually indicates the issues go back to childhood as well. SIL needs some therapy, stat. (OrindaSarnia)

Many of the commenters thought that the husbands response was equally as troubling, and that he should have supported his wife, not his sister, who after all, was not the victim in the situation.

She embarrassed herself either in spite because she knew it would upset you, or in jealousy because you have something she doesn’t. Either way her behavior was childish, and needed to be exhibited as Hubby had already dismissed your concerns. He also needs to realize that his sister is being an ass and destroying your things that are irreplaceable. His dismissal of the chain of events is confounding as once or twice over a long period can be an accident, more than that on a regular basis is a pattern. His response should have been embarrassment for not listening to you, and for the way his sister behaved. (False-Importance-741)

Although the woman does concede that perhaps she went about things the wrong way, many commenters disagreed and thought that the sister-in-law not only got what she deserved but should be made to compensate her, or find replacement plates. But even if she found identical plates to the ones she destroyed, Op would always know they weren’t the original ones gifted by her grandmother. The thing that gives objects sentimental value is the fact that they can’t be replaced!

What do you think? Did the sister-in-law get her just desserts? Or did the woman take things too far by calling her out in front of the entire family?

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